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Would you like to go to some destination where you can experience not one but a mix of two cultures? Then Alsace is the place that you must visit! There you will be able to experience Alsatian culture that is the result of a unique mix of French and German influences.

The result of the culture can be explained due to the location. Alsace is a region in north-eastern France that borders Switzerland and Germany. If you are looking for long holidays, then an additional trip to Germany is also a great idea. Why? Because Alsace is so close to Germany that you can travel by tram from the regional capital Strasbourg, to Kehl, the nearest German city, in just 15 minutes. Sounds interesting? Then be sure to check out different types of cottages in Alsace and Germany!

Flora and fauna

Due to the location of Alsace situated between the Vosges Mountains to the West and the River Rhine to the east, Alsace offers - majestic forests, rounded hills, famous vineyards, peaceful lakes and magnificent panoramas. For this reason, the surroundings of the region makes it possible for to offer accommodations in special environments, such as cottages in - forest, mountains, near to the waters or just beautiful cottages with incredible views. In Alsace it is possible to identify 25 different species of trees such as - fir, beech and birch added to various flora such as - orchid, iris, eyelet and daisy. In fact, Alsace forests cover 833 000 ha of the France surface. In Alsace wildlife animals such as lynx, chamois, reptiles, birds, badger, red deers, wild boar, bald and cows from Highlands can be spotted. The main fish that represent the riverlife of Alsace is salmon.


The nature and the climate of Alsace is perfect for vacations all year round. In summer, people can enjoy hiking paths. The destination have - 1,000 hikes, 66 long-distance hikes, 43 pilgrim walks and 14 others are waiting to be explored. Grab a snack when going on a hike and make a picnic with an amazing view. If you love to swim, then rent an apartment, chalet or villa with a private pool. Glamping would also be a fun thing to do. In winter people can enjoy the white wonderland at ski resorts such as - Lac Blanc, Gérardmer, Markstein, le Bresse and Schnepfenried. While being in Salce, you must visit ‘’massif du grand Ventron’’. This natural reserve will be perfect for nature lovers and hikers. To experience the breathtaking view, you must visit the panorama - ‘’ballon d’Alsace’’.

Besides all the fun activities that you can experience in Alsace, also makes sure that you experience an unforgettable stay at one of the unique houses that will fit everybody's preferences. Rent a simple or luxurious cottage in Alsace for your holidays. Be sure to check out house types such as - gites, chalets, bungalows, b&b and much more! Also, checking the last minute offers may inspire you! If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us! We will be happy to help you! Enjoy!

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