Cottages with pool

If you really want to pamper yourself during your holiday, then a holiday home with a private swimming pool is for you. Jump from your bedroom into your own lovely warm pool and time will fly by. Nowadays, a holiday home with a private swimming pool does not have to cost as much as in the past. This is because more and more holiday homes have their own swimming pool on site. Sometimes holiday homes even have an indoor pool or both an indoor and outdoor pool.

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Cottages with pool

If you really want to pamper yourself during your holiday, then a holiday home with a private swimming pool is for you. Jump from your bedroom into your own lovely warm pool and time will fly by. Nowadays, a holiday home with a private swimming pool does not have to cost as much as in the past. This is because more and more holiday homes have their own swimming pool on site. Sometimes holiday homes even have an indoor pool or both an indoor and outdoor pool.

How wonderful it would be to go on a holiday where you do not have to share the pool with other holidaymakers. First of all, it is nice that you only have to share with your own family, friends or relatives. Because you've probably experienced that you arrive at the pool during your holiday and there was no place left! Or that the pool itself was overcrowded and you couldn't even swim a single lane... When you book a holiday home with private pool, you won't have to deal with that.

Secondly, it is simply wonderful to be able to walk straight from your living room to the pool with your partner or with your children. You don't have to worry about which bikini or swimming trunks to put on, because you are the only ones who see it! You can also swim laps at your leisure or just float in the water for hours without 'occupying' the pool. To give you some tips about holiday homes with private swimming pools, we have listed a few things on this page. To be on the safe side, always check that you have the pool to yourself!

Europe's beauty

The nature in Europe knows no boundaries; amazing landscapes varying from mountain ranges to dramatic cliffs, to vast forests with turquoise lakes and pristine beaches. What kind of nature you will be surrounded by is extremely depended on where you are planning your trip. So, let’s give you a few examples.

If you want to see one of Europe’s most stunning water landscapes, make sure to visit the Plitvice lakes National Park in Croatia. These 16 lakes are linked together and form a pathway of waterfalls and streams. For dramatic cliffs, head to Ireland. Their limestone cliffs on the west coast are very impressive and are famous locations for many movies. For the fairytale lovers, the black forest in Germany is a magical place to visit. More than 4000 square miles make up this forest, mainly consisting out of fir and pine trees. A lot of the Grimm Brothers’ fairytales were inspired by this forest.

There is also no lack of special animal species in Europe. Are you booking your holiday home with private swimming pool somewhere in Western Europe? Then you will often encounter animals such as wild boar, wild cats, deer, otters, beavers and foxes. Are you going to a country in Southern Europe? Here you may encounter animals such as flamingos and lynxes and in the south of Spain, near Gibraltar, even monkeys! If you choose a holiday home with private pool in a country in Northern Europe, you might encounter whales, moose, bears, polar foxes or even killer whales! That Europe has all this to offer!

Relax or explore

With all its diversity, there are plenty of things to do in Europe. Whether you want to go to the beach and relax, go on a hike, or climb a mountain, it is all possible. Besides all the architecture, culture, and gastronomy, there are plenty more things to discover. Hiking, mountaineering, canyoning, rock climbing, and skiing are just some of the outdoor activities you can undertake on your holiday in Europe.

Each country has its own hiking trails, multi-day treks and hikes of varying degrees of difficulty. So every hiker can indulge himself or herself here. And there is no shortage of bicycle tracks either. Are you a real adventurer and would you like to go mountain climbing on your holiday? There are plenty of places with beautiful mountains in Europe where you can do this! Whether you are looking for a route for beginners or advanced climbers, there is bound to be a route for your goal and journey! Places to visit for mountaineering are of course the Alps, but places like Norway and Switzerland are also good destinations for it.

Europe is also a great place for divers. When you think of diving, you might think of distant destinations outside of Europe. But Europe is also a great place for diving. How much fun is it to take a nice dive from your holiday home with private pool? Croatia, for example, is a beautiful diving destination. Here you will find many cliffs, shipwrecks and fascinating fish including squid, starfish, coral and sometimes even dolphins.

Highlights of Europe

National Park Eifel

The Eifel National Park has extensive forest areas in which both beech and oak forests can be found. This national park offers the ultimate opportunity to get close to nature. The Eifel National Park is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the northern part of the Eifel. It is one of the first beech forest areas to receive national attention in Germany. The forests in Eifel National Park used to be mainly used for timber production. Today, in many places in this national park, nature has taken over again. This has created wild and untouched forests. The park provides an important habitat for more than 230 endangered plant and animal species.

Sierra Nevada

In 1999, the nearly 86,000-hectare area was declared a national park, the largest in Spain. It is located in south-east Spain and consists mainly of mountains, forests, rivers and lakes.

Spain's highest peak is also in the park at 3479 metres, so there can be snow in winter. From the high mountains you have a beautiful view of the whole area, Granada and on clear days even Morocco across the Mediterranean Sea. One of the characteristic animals in the area is the ibex, and with a population of 15,000, there is a good chance that you will see one if you go hiking in the high mountains. There are also badgers, rabbits and the wild cat. Sierra Nevada is a very rich flora area with 2100 species described of which more than 60 are endemic to the area.

Cevennes national park

The region is characterised by a wonderful Mediterranean climate with relatively high precipitation, which makes the land fertile and has been used for centuries. These beautiful pastoral lands give the region its character and that is why the Cévennes has been included by UNESCO on the world heritage list as a Mediterranean agro-pastoral cultural landscape. The low mountain range is interspersed with valleys carved by the rivers. The valleys are mostly planted with chestnut trees, which are the bread tree of the people of this region.

The Cevennes, despite the human influences, has a very rich flora and fauna with many rare species. Especially a large diversity of birds of prey is characteristic for the region that has a varied landscape with grasslands, forests, rivers and rocks. On the grasslands, the peregrine falcon hunts hares and rabbits and other birds such as the summer tortoise.

Places to stay in Europe

To make it easier for you to choose a holiday destination in Europe, we have listed some of the top destinations for you here. The destinations are varied, so whether you like hiking in the hills, relaxing on the beach or spotting flora and fauna in the woods, there is a destination for you! We have selected holiday homes in all of the most beautiful natural locations in Europe.


Greece is a very versatile holiday destination in Europe. When you think of Greece you probably think of the typical white houses on the islands, the rich history of the ancient Greeks, the beautiful beaches with azure seas and the rocky landscapes. All these things are very characteristic of Greece! Whether you like nature or culture, Greece has a lot to offer. Especially on the islands, you can enjoy the ultimate sun, sea and beach holiday. We have holiday homes on the islands of Crete and Kos, among others, where both pebble and sandy beaches can be found. The typical villages on these islands are also really worth a visit! On the mainland you will also find beautiful beaches, but more inland you will also find impressive ruins from ancient Greek times.


Portugal is another destination that offers many opportunities to experience the perfect sun holiday in Europe. The beaches here are magnificent, especially in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal. You can count on golden beaches with blue sea and impressive rock formations in the background. Due to the seaside location, fish is an important part of the Portuguese menu. A delicious fresh fish dish is therefore not to be missed in Portugal! How about a pastel de nata afterwards? The possibilities for trips in Portugal are endless. For example, you can take a dolphin cruise on a boat, where you are guaranteed to see many dolphins! Portugal is also a suitable destination for a holiday where you are not lying on the beach. There are many mountains and hills which are great for hiking and cycling, especially in autumn and spring when it is not so hot.


How about Norway as a destination for your next holiday in Europe? This beautiful country has the most unspoilt nature in Europe. For nature lovers and adventure seekers it is a true paradise! The further you go into the wilderness of Norway, the more beautiful the landscapes seem to become. You can admire this natural beauty perfectly from an accommodation in the middle of nature. How about a Nature cottage by a Norwegian fjord, in the mountains or by a sparkling lake?

The possibilities for a successful holiday in Europe are endless. Don't feel like taking a plane and want to stay closer to home? Then you can of course also find beautiful nature in the Netherlands where you can stay! Our little country has beautiful nature reserves and National Parks where it is lovely to stay. Wherever you go, at Nature house you can count on your perfect accommodation in the middle of nature where you can enjoy pure peace, privacy and space around you. Take a look at the complete offer and book your unforgettable holiday in Europe!

A climate with multiple influences

Europe's climate is influenced mainly by the surrounding seas, the Alpine mountains and by influences from the Arctic. The weather in Western Europe is influenced by depressions. In the summer this means cool weather with rain, in the winter you will have relatively mild weather with rain or winter showers. The weather in Northern Europe can be influenced especially by polar air or the supply of warm (summer) or cold (winter) air from the former Soviet Union. In Scandinavia, large high-pressure areas can develop which are almost impossible to move.

Southern Europe, thanks to the fact that this area is closer to the equator and is under the influence of a rather warm Mediterranean Sea, already experiences dry warm summers and mild wet winters. In some places, even in the coldest months, the weather can be spring-like for weeks on end. Eastern Europe is the most capricious in terms of climate. In winter, the Balkans can be freezing cold, in summer it can be sweltering hot, and the area is regularly hit by floods due to heavy precipitation, sometimes combined with meltwater runoff from the mountains.

Your cottage with private pool

Nature house has a large and varied selection of holiday homes with private pool. So you will always find one that fits your budget and other wishes. We summarise the most important information about renting a holiday home with private swimming pool.

Why rent a holiday home with private pool?

Choosing a holiday home with a private swimming pool means having the freedom to take a refreshing dip whenever you like. You do not have to walk or sit in the car for several minutes before you reach the water. When you go to a colder country like Norway or Sweden, some of their cottages have a private swimming pool. In some cases there is a heated pool, but don't think it is too cold to book a holiday home with a private pool in Scandinavia during the summer holidays! In summer, the weather in the south of these countries is lovely for a quick dip in the morning.

A holiday home with sauna or hot tub

Holiday homes in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany sometimes also have a hot tub or sauna. This allows you to book a holiday home with private pool in the colder areas in winter as well. If you go on a winter holiday to northern Sweden, you can enjoy the warm water in the hot tub and maybe even see the northern lights from your own pool!

Plenty of choice in cottages with private pool

As you can see, there is a wide selection of holiday homes with private swimming pool. If you are looking for a holiday where you can enjoy privacy and your own swimming pool in the garden, then a holiday home with private swimming pool is the perfect choice! Take a look at our overview and be surprised by the many possibilities. Easily select your wishes and look at the results. When you have a holiday planned, you always have something to really look forward to. Especially when you can enjoy your own private pool of course.

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