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If you have been feeling down lately, exhausted by all the energy that your everyday life is consuming from you, if you are feeling drained and a normal weekend from Friday through Sunday is no longer enough to give you the break that you need and deserve, we might have something that you will like. is proud to present this offer of cottages in Luxembourg, where you will be given the chance to take some time off in a proper manner, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

A vacation in your own private cottage in Luxembourg might be the thing that you are looking for exactly at this moment. Or you might not even know that you need it because you are too occupied with everything that your job requires of you. This is your chance to take some time off of work and enjoy a truly rejuvenating experience in the heart of nature itself, while still taking advantage of all the pleasantries of your normal home. Say no to the bleak feeling of all the stagnant accommodations offered out there and say yes to staying in your own private cottage surrounded by the majesty and beauty of nature.

Now that we mentioned the beauty of nature

Should you choose to take advantage of this amazing offer of cottages in Luxembourg provided by, you will be exposed to so many different natural wonders that you will have the chance to explore, that your only dilemma will be what to explore first. We will give you some examples of what we think you should definitely go for. We promise we will not spoil too much!

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what to mention first when it comes to natural wonders in Luxembourg is definitely the Barrage de Nisramont. This amazing place offers so many different types of natural wonders that you will be mesmerized from the moment you set foot in it. It is easily accessible and it takes a fairly short car ride from anywhere in Luxembourg to be able to reach it. In Barrage de Nisramont you will find many different paths and walkways where you can have a wonderful time. Behind every corner of every path you can find mesmerizing natural landscapes with rolling hills, trees, and last but not least a lake that many people use for kayaking and conneying.

Since we promised we will not spoil too much, we will only mention one more place we think you should definitely go for. The Mobage beach offers an amazing opportunity for a one day trip, where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of the running water, surrounded by the natural rustle of trees covering the entire area. Many people choose this destination especially in the hot summer days, since the trees in combination with the water make for a most pleasant cool breeze in the hot summer holidays.

The many opportunities you will have of staying active

The diversity in activities you can undertake while on your vacation matches the diversity in the landscape that the area has to offer. The best thing about having your own private cottage in Luxembourg is that you basically have your own home at your disposal, rather than a single hotel room where you are only supposed to sleep. On your amazing adventure you can choose to go out and about, exploring the wilderness and everything that nature has to offer, or you can choose to spend the time in your own private home, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a cozy cottage. Or why not both?

Imagine this- a slow morning where you make coffee, take a deep breath, have breakfast. You put on your walking shoes and go about exploring the natural wonders all around you. You hike for a few hours and you find a cozy spot to have a picnic together with your company or alone. You go on for some time after that, exploring and discovering more hidden natural treasures in the area. You end the day back in your cottage, tired but grateful for everyone that you have had the opportunity to visit and see, ending with a warm bath and a hot chocolate.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the area is very friendly towards cycling. There are many trails where you can hop on a bike and you can explore without getting off the bike. You can even rent bikes from local rental stores for a day or even a few. People in Luxembourg are very fond and used to bikers. There are also designated alleyways for bikes even out in the wild, so you don't have to worry about your small ones.

Something about the weather

The weather in Luxembourg can generally be categorized as mild. Meaning that sumers are not extremely hot and winters are not extremely cold. This makes for a very easy choice when deciding when to visit.

If you do decide to visit in the summer, you can expect somewhere between 25 to 30 degrees celsius. Light showers can also be expected sometimes but they will seldom go on for much longer than ten minutes and will serve as something to look forward to on a hotter than usual day.

If you are looking into visiting Luxembourg around winter, you can expect a maximum drop of the temperatures to 0 degrees celsius. This however can be chilly when combined with some windy days and can make for somewhat colder days. Snow isnt a very common sight in Luxembourg, however it is possible that light snowfall can be expected. Your cottage in Luxembourg will be equipped with everything needed to handle such weather conditions. Make sure you are also equipped and you are not caught off guard by some chillier days while on your vacation.

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