Tiny house in the woods

Tiny house in the woods

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Tiny house in the woods

Imagine this – you are in a tiny house in the woods in the southern Netherlands, surrounded by nothing but the sounds of the forest, huddled up in a warm blanket, with a cup of herbal tea in one hand and your favorite novel in the other. How does it sound? Or maybe you’re just looking for a quiet summer retreat in Portugal to spend with your loved one, but you are too bored with the mainstream concept of vacation. Then you have come to the right place.

If you are a minimalist enthusiast or simply seek unconventional ways to spend some time off, you have probably heard of the tiny house movement. Nature.house offers tiny houses in the woods, spread across Europe, ideal for an absolute cozy getaway, suitable for anyone who seeks to escape the demanding urban reality. Thanks to Nature.house’s variety of tiny houses in the woods you don't have to sell your belongings and move away from the city forever in order to experience a peaceful hideaway. Book a house now and rediscover the adventurist within you with a vacation in a tiny home.


There is nothing better than an alternative getaway in a quiet spot where you can recharge and rejuvenate. The innovative structure of the tiny houses is designed to help you connect with nature and it’s a revolutionary approach to modern tourism. Away from the concrete jungle of the city, a retreat in a tiny house in the woods contributes to a deeper connection with the environment around you. Nature.house offers accommodation in tiny houses across all Europe, so you have the opportunity to bond with a wide variety of the flora and fauna of different parts of the continent.

Perhaps you feel drawn to Scandinavia and would like to experience the virgin forests of Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Breath-taking panoramas, frozen springs, and even representatives from the wildlife, such as the northern moose and the arctic fox, can all be encountered around your tiny house in the woods. But even if you’re not a fan of the great white north, you can still connect with nature by booking a holiday in one of the central or southern countries. Maybe you want to enjoy Tuscany’s oak woods, while you sip on a glass of the local wine. Or perhaps you would like to be immersed in the enchanting aroma of France’s pine forests on the porch of your tiny home as you munch on a platter of brie. The possibilities of rediscovering your connection with nature are countless and all you have to do is treat yourself to an unforgettable getaway, where you can experience the flora and fauna of Europe’s best locations.


There are multiple options for activities that you can involve in during your vacation in a tiny house in the woods. If you chose to start a new tradition and take your family holiday on a different level, then you can rest assured that you have made the right choice. The small structure of the buildings allows you to have quality family time as you bond with your little ones. During the day you can take your tribe on a walk in the woods where the youngest members of your clan can discover new worlds by exploring the wonders of the local forest. The whole experience could also be educational for the kids as you can take them on a mission to spot wildlife, determine and analyze local flora or collect leaves to show to their peers and teachers in school as they tell stories about their unforgettable vacation.

If you chose to come as a couple, then an absolute romantic getaway is guaranteed while you’re in your tiny house. The forest surrounding you creates a fantastic atmosphere for activities for couples, such as picnic by the river, hiking, or simply walking around the whimsical environment that the woods can offer. The tiny houses that Nature.house provides are also ideal for an unconventional honeymoon, where you can not only recharge from the fuss of getting married in the 21st century, but it could also be an alternative way to spend some time alone, unbothered by people’s expectations of modern honeymoon experience. Even if you chose to spend some time alone, worry not - a tiny house in the woods is a retreat for anyone. Being surrounded by nature can boost creativity and guide your spiritual journey as you get in touch with yourself. Painting, writing, or simply reading are all activities that one needs inspiration for, therefore, this new experience can provide you with a positive environment for you to grow and embrace your inner self.


The weather during your vacation in a tiny house in the woods depends on your location, nevertheless, Nature.house offers tiny houses in many different locations so you have the option to select your desired climate. The accommodations in the west part of the continent such as the Netherlands and Belgium, for instance, are perfect during the summer, as the countries themselves are colder than the average European temperature, therefore you have the chance to escape from the heat and treat yourself with a refreshing stay in the Dutch forest.

Furthermore, the Central European countries like Hungary, Germany, and the Czech Republic are wonderful during the fall season as the trees start to change color, revealing a breathtaking scenery, which will surely capture your heart. The southern part of Europe, particularly Italy and Croatia are brilliant to visit during the late summer months. The woods during this time can offer an exceptional climate as you are surrounded by the smell of the freshly harvested grapes. Finally, the Scandinavian countries located in the north of the continent are magnificent during the winter season as well as early spring, when you can witness thrilling landscapes and exciting sceneries that the forest endeavors.