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Tiny house Finland

Vacation means peace, space, and time for yourself! Visiting Finland is one way you could do all of the three things. Book a tiny house in the middle of nature in Finland with us! Whether it is in the mountains, by the waters, or in the middle of nowhere, you will get the best of the best holiday experience! You will be able to enjoy not only the northern lights but also the unique nature that this place has to offer!

The serenity of Finland

With over 180,000 lakes, in the Land of a Thousand Lakes, you can expect to find water everywhere you go. Boglands, shallow lakes, open waters broke down by small islands… This makes Finland an attractive fishing destination, just like Norway. The water is also attracting many bird species - a shoutout to all passionate bird lovers. Visit the region of Lapland if you want to get away from it all. Comprising almost a third of all of Finland, only 4% of the population lives in that area. In one of our secluded cottages, you can observe the unique landscapes of Lapland from your window. Vast snow and ice fields alternate here and create a true feast for the eyes. Those views cannot be compared to the rest of Europe. It's also interesting to learn that Finland is the European country with the highest percentage of woodlands - a whole 70% of its territory is covered in coniferous trees. Even in that cold, you can find some animals wandering in the forest, such as reindeer or the snowy owl. Your tiny house will let you experience all of these! You may find unique bird species or even wildlife right as you step outside of your tiny house. Amazing, isn’t it?


You can do indoor activities in your tiny house in Finland or there are plenty of opportunities for you to do outdoor activities too. The presence of thousands of lakes makes it easy to find places in Finland to go canoeing, fishing, or swimming during your holiday. A popular way of fishing here is fly fishing, where you use a little fake insect as bait to catch fish such as salmon or trout. But you are not alone! The fish hawk is also interested in these fish. From its nest high in the trees, he occasionally swoops down to catch a fish. Book a cabin by the lake, or a Finnish tiny house near the sea, and compete for the best fish. And if you’re not feeling like fishing, then take a long walk or discover the Finnish nature parks whilst cycling on a mountain bike. In some areas you won’t encounter a single human being, so be prepared for a true soulful retreat in nature’s paradise. Go for cross-country skiing or dog-sledding in Lapland, or take a magical Christmas holiday and pay a visit to Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

Inside your tiny house

The tiny house in Finland is fully equipped to give you the best holiday experience. Although it is tiny, it has all the necessary facilities that won’t make you feel like you are out of home. Some houses will be suitable for two or some for six! Facilities like an oven, dishwasher, internet, washing machine, tv, fireplace, or even bbq will be available in the tiny house you desire to choose. During warmer weather conditions, you can also enjoy the pool if the tiny house offers one. To look for these facilities, you can simply look at the filters on the left side of the page, click on the ones you want and the results will be as follows. Do not worry, we also have simple holiday houses that will provide you with all the necessary amenities and space that will make your weekend unforgettable. As a bonus to all of the houses, the beautiful surroundings and views will keep you busy for a while!

When to visit Finland and what's the best time to book your tiny house?

Finland is a dream holiday destination for relaxing breaks in nature throughout the year. But if you’re planning an active holiday in the outdoors, then you should book a tiny house either in the summer or winter monthsThe winter landscapes uncover breathtaking views of snow-covered lakes and forests, especially in the northern parts of the country. The first snow in Finland comes in the early autumn and stays until March - April. This way you can still enjoy the winter atmosphere in spring, with even longer daylight hours. Spring and summer are the best time of the year for observing wild animals, between May and September in particular. Take a long Easter holiday and witness plenty of small rodents, birds of prey, and the arctic fox in their natural habitat. And don't forget about the magical Northern Lights. You can observe their theatrical performances on roughly 200 nights a year. The perfect timing is from August to April, and the further north you go the chances to catch the dancing start to increase. The Finnish Lapland is definitely the best place to observe the Northern Lights. Check our tiny houses in Lapland or the whole of Finland, and get some inspiration for your holiday.