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Forest lodge

Are you the type of person that enjoys fresh air and cool temperatures? Then our forest lodge is what you need! It's a perfect escape from the city noise and the day-to-day routine that we all fall into if we don't get the well-deserved holiday from time to time.

Relax, meditate, walk around and enjoy the quietness. In a secluded wooden cabin, you are completely secluded from the world. Or perhaps you are looking for an adventurous holiday? The mysterious forests offer plenty of wild experiences to get your heart raising. Whatever you are planning for your trip in the woods on this page you can find the perfect forest lodge. From playful treehouses to charming wooden cabins, the choice is endless.

Your forest lodge offers incredible nature on your doorstep!

What you will see from the window of your holiday home will amaze you. Dream-like mountains covered blanketed by trees, endless woodlands in bright green colors, quaint villages hiding in between the trees. You have a variety of choices for a forest lodge in the Netherlands with the country's beautiful woodlands. For example, you can book a nature house in the middle of the biggest and oldest Dutch National Park Veluwe in Gelderland. The province of Gelderland is famous for its sweeping scenery. During your walk-through fascinating itineraries and paths, you can even encounter wild horses and deers.

But of course, you can also choose to travel to another country and stay in a more mountainous forest region. What about the famous Black forest in Germany - Schwarzwald? With its high mountain peaks, it offers a profusion of incredible views. It is filled with all kinds of animal life from deers, rabbits and beavers to bobcats, wolves and mighty eagles. The Scandinavian white forests are also a great place for wildlife observation. For example, Finland. Did you know that it has the highest percentage of woodlands of all countries of Europe? A total of 70% of its territory is covered in coniferous trees.

If you choose the right time of the year you might even spot a brown bear with its little cubs wandering around the vast landscapes. Just be careful, you don’t want to be near the king of the forest after, as the natives call it, the end of the hibernation season. Or if you want to go somewhere warm, pack your bags and book a forest lodge in Greece with its forests reaching all the way to the seashore. This way you are getting close to the calmness of the sea and the adventurous spirit of the forest. No matter which destination you pick they all have something special and unique to offer you.

Adrenaline-fueled activities or a quiet getaway

From hiking through the vastness of the forest to sitting on the window with a nice book in one hand and a tasty herbal tea in the other, you decide what your holiday will be. It’s a great opportunity to have a late afternoon barbeque with a couple of friends. Are you travelling with your family? Take a warm afternoon to go on a picnic next to the close by lake. Your kids will have a blast exploring all the different plants and bugs around the forest lodge. They might even become friends with some of the playful and curious squirrels around. Getting a retreat with your loved one can also be a time for more intimate experiences and even a romantic way of asking “the question”. Or are you a bird lover? Take your camera and go for a birdwatching trip.

If you’re in the Netherlands the first thing to do is get on a bike and explore the greenery around you. A holiday in the forest would be perfect if you have a pet. Take your dog and go throughout the many hiking trails on a mushroom picking walk. Your fluffy friend will love it! Get away from it all and immerse yourself in the deep forest. Wake up early to the beautiful rising of the sun and mesmerizing songs of the many species of birds or have a hot cup of cocoa while enjoying the colorful sunset at its finest. Forget about your phone and technology and choose a perfect spot for meditation and tranquility.

A heart-warming holiday by the sun or the fireplace in your cabin

No matter which season you choose for your ultimate getaway, Europe’s climate guarantees that you will have a great time. It varies from the green spruce, pine, downy birch and silver birch of the Finnish fauna, with its cool and bright summers and harsh, but wonderful winters to the hot and long summer days of Italy or Spain. European continent is blessed with all four seasons, giving you the freedom to decide what your dream holiday will be. Are you a fan of ski or snowboarding? Then take a look at our forest lodges in Austria and Germany for the winter. With majestic Alps peeking through the clouds the right slope for you is always nearby. Or take a trip to Belgium in the spring and watch one of its oldest and largest Sonian Forest come back to life from a long winter sleep. With its exotic trees and fungi reaching more than 400 species it’s the perfect location to wonder around.

Summer is coming and you still don’t know where to go? Why not Croatia? It's becoming more and more famous for tourists but with our secluded cottages you can stay away from the crowds and enjoy its marvelous nature. You can decide to go in oine of the prettiest seasons for a forest lodge holiday. Autum. Watch the colorful palette of leaves falling in front of your window like a live painting on the wall. It’s the perfect time to get creative with a painting brush or just writing your thoughts with your favorite pen and a piece of paper. So cold or warm blooded we in Nature House have the perfect forest lodge for any taste.