Are you excited to plan your next holiday? Because is, and we are here to help you make it perfect! Whether you want to relax and explore nature, or take an adventurous trip somewhere in Europe, we have it all. Take a look at our offers and choose the accommodation that best suits you.

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Are you excited to plan your next holiday? Because is, and we are here to help you make it perfect! Whether you want to relax and explore nature, or take an adventurous trip somewhere in Europe, we have it all. Take a look at our offers and choose the accommodation that best suits you.

In the 21st century our lives have become extremely busy. Our holiday time is thus very important, and we need to make it worth it! By staying in a holiday home in nature you can be sure to get the most out of your break . Experience the living environment around you and forget about the everyday struggles. This is the best way to reconnect with yourself and start enjoying the small things in life. Since our mission is to connect people with nature, we are doing our best to eliminate the distraction from the outside world. This is why we decided to offer accommodation without a Wi-fi connection. And to guarantee your privacy during your hideout , our holiday lettingsare situated away from the crowd and mass tourism. If you'd really like to spend your holiday in solitude, book a contactless stay. More about it you can read here .


The possibilities to book a nature house are endless. On this page you can find all kind of houses for rent all throughout Europe. Celebrate Christmas , New Year or Easter in a foreign country and make your experience memorable. Or perhaps you want to surprise your partner with a romantic weekend away in Europe ? Then the obvious choice is France . Of course, you can also find romantic places in Portugal , Italy and Spain . With adventure awaits you cherever you go. If you are still doubting about which destination to pick for your holiday, we can give you some information about what each country has to offer.


Famous for its bikes, The Netherlands is a top destination for cycling. The country is mostly flat and there are cycling routes everywhere. And because it's small, you can travel to other cities by bike while relishing the nature around you. From forests, rivers, rural areas and polder landscapes to the coastal strips and beaches in The Hague and Zeeland, you will be surprised by the hidden beauty of The Netherlands. Other popular activities include walking, boat trips, and fishing. Some of our landlords offer information pack with suggested activities and day trips in the area.


If you prefer the mountain landscape, then you should consider Germany for your next vacation. A walking trip in the Alpine region or Bavaria uncovers breath-taking sceneries you can't forget. Colorful meadows, picturesque valleys and aqua blue lakes are only some of the blessings of the region. Follow one of the hiking trails and discover for yourself the beauty of the Alps. The climate is favorable throughout the year, so just pick the time suitable for you. In the winter you can go skiing in Schwarzwald, also called the Black Forest. This wintersports wonderland has 155 kilometers or slops! Take a look at all our houses for rent in Germany and book your holiday in nature.


France is a country of varied natural landscapes that make it irresistible to tourists and nature lovers. You can find two majestic mountains in South France - the Alps and the Pyrenees. But you should also consider visiting some of the less known mountain ranges in France like Jura, Vosges, Massif Central and the French part of the Belgium Ardennes. You will find peace and adventure walking through hills, rock formations, caves, and canyons. But don't forget the beaches and especially the Pink Granite Coast in Britanny. This is a 30 kilometer long coast with pink rocks, which can only be seen in France and China. If you still haven't visited France, this is your chance! Book a nature house and enjoy a peaceful, romantic, adventurous or cultural trip in this diverse country.


Croatia is like a fairytale. The towns with their ancient city walls and buildings can carry you over to the Medieval times. This fairytale continues through time, leading tourists to the period of Socialism manifested in the sculptures or former leaders. Another way to experience the rich culture of Croatia is through the amazing cuisine, which is different for every region. With more than 1000 islands in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a perfect holiday destination for the summer. The summer is dry and very hot so you might want to stay in the shadow! In such cases, you can escape the heat and have fun practicing different water sports. Chek our villas in Croatia here .


Greece is another country for beach lovers. Actually, the Southern European country offers something for everyone. Unique culture, rich history, amazing beaches near cities and on the islands, mountain peaks and nightlife. It is not surprising that Greece is one of the most visited destinations in the whole world. Equally so, in a nature house you won't be bothered by other tourists. You will be able to enjoy Greece in private and make this a one-of-a-kind experience. Check some of the houses in Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Corfu and pick a perfect place to share special moments with your family or partner.


With our wide range of accommodation types and houses for rent there is something for everyone. Group accommodation , intimate treehouses , unique Italian trulli , and more. If you want to make your holiday in nature as authentic as possible, you can rent a tent , bungalow or even a yurt . You can also have an agriturismo holiday in farms and country houses .The b & b type of accommodation is also available on our site. In a log cabin or cottage in the mountains and forests, you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere. But even in nature you can still have a luxury holiday , which is called glamping . So, pick the accommodation that's right for you and make your vacation memorable! If you have any questions or you need advice about your choice, we would be happy to help.

One last thing ... Remember that when you book a holiday with you contribute to the preservation of nature! For every night booked and a subscription to our newsletter we are planting one tree. So, let's make a small step together to change our future for the better. Check our last minute offers for more inspiration.