Unique, special, magical - this is what staying in a trullo feels like. Italy is home to some amazing architecture, but this particular type of accommodation is unlike anything else in the country. Take a break in the heel of the Italian “boot”, where the picturesque region of Puglia offers visitors the one of a kind experience of trulli holidays.

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Are you looking for unique accommodation in Italy? Then staying in a trullo is really something for you! Trulli (the plural of trullo) are structures in Italy characterized by pointed roofs and white exterior. In this special house, you will discover a side of Italy that you have never experienced before. At you will find some beautiful trulli in Italy, in the middle of nature!

A trullo is actually a typical Italian building that mainly occurs in the southern Italian region between the cities of Bari, Brindisi, and Taranto, in the Puglia region (Apulia in Dutch). Especially in the Valle d'Itria, you will find many trulli, especially in the village of Alberobello. The look of a trullo is very typical and unique, something you have never seen anywhere else. The shape is actually like that of a cone, often decorated with Christian or primitive symbols, because these are historical buildings. The trulli in Italy are made of limestone and are very suitable for both summer and winter holidays.

It is very interesting to learn about the history of trulli in Italy. They date back to 1500 in southern Italy and the story goes that the residents built the houses without cement, so that they could be demolished again quickly. This was smart because it meant less tax had to be paid. Fortunately, many trulli in Italy have now been refurbished and made available for tourism and some even as accommodation! You will see from a distance that it is a trullo because of the typically pointed roofs that characterize the trulli. Many tourists have gone before you to experience this unique experience in Italy. In a trulli in Italy, you will also experience much more peace than in a large-scale hotel or apartment complex, so you can fully charge in your trullo. The trulli in Italy are also located in beautiful places,

All trulli that you find here at, just like all other types of accommodations, are very small-scale and unique in their own way. Because you do not stay in a large, impersonal hotel, you will see that you will find many beautiful details in the accommodation. The peace, space, privacy, and greenery around you are amazing, so beautiful! A trullo is very suitable for different travel groups. Usually, trulli are suitable for 2 to 7 people, so you can stay in a trullo with a partner, family, or group of friends. Are you going on holiday to Italy with your partner? Then a trullo is a very romantic, unique, and cozy accommodation. A trullo is great fun for a romantic holiday or weekend away. With a family, a trullo is also the end. Children, in particular, will not get bored easily with this special shape of the holiday home! Trulli generally have their own kitchen and bathroom. This makes you extremely flexible during a holiday in a trullo. You can cook and go out whenever you want to discover the area to the fullest! Depending on the level of luxury, you may also find a swimming pool, bathtub, or washing machine in trulli.