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Want to have a fun family experience? Well, our nature houses are perfect. Choose your favorite destination in Europe and be prepared to be marvelled by all the wonders of Nature. Perhaps a nice cottage in Germany, Italy, or Croatia? Show your kids the beauty of European nature and completely relax in one of our houses.

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Family accommodation

Germany's vibrant landscape is crisscrossed by mountains, trees, rivers, and marshes, and it is home to an equally diverse population of plants and animals. Although some species, such as the River Inn's spawning sturgeon, are endangered, others, such as the capercaillie, flourish. It's also known for its lush forests, towering Alps, and two main rivers, the Danube and the Rhine. Denmark borders Germany on the north and the south, the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea.

Croatia, a fascinating, diverse, and wonderful country, arouses admiration for its cultural treasures and its natural beauty. Those who limit themselves to the country's most famous and popular coastal and island regions, with their stunning bays and beaches, crystal clear waters, and quaint fishing villages, will miss out on some of the Mediterranean's most scenic landscapes and can reside in family accommodation in nearby destinations.

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The cornflower, Germany's national flower, grows wild throughout the region. Green spire and chamomile are also famous in the area. Silver birch and Norway spruce are two common trees. The interruption of the river's flow on the Inn, a tributary of the Danube, has placed many migratory fish species in jeopardy. The Black Forest is a diverse grassland and forest ecosystem. Popular spruce and beech trees provide valuable habitats for mosses, lichen, insects, and birds. The German Alpine area has a rich ecosystem with many animals and plants. Edelweiss, Alpenrose, and gentian are some of the more well-known plant species that live there. Visit those beautiful meadows and don't forget to live in family accommodation by nature house.

The Dinaric Mountains, located in Croatia, are rugged and barren, with coniferous forests dominating the landscape. Between the Danube and the coast, this mountainous region serves as a watershed. You may come across one of the many endangered species that may or may not already be extinct in many parts of Europe in some of the secluded, abandoned gorges, valleys, and woods. The agile mountain goats that inhabit the higher mountain regions are a common photographic subject, particularly when they are seen tackling the steepest slopes and steepest gradients. Croatia's coastal area is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The Mediterranean has shaped the landscape along the Adriatic coast: clear pine forests and Mediterranean sclerophyllous shrubs adorn partially karstic mountains and bays. In contrast, pine trees spread their unique fragrance and provide shade.

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Croatia incorporates a stunning Mediterranean coastline dotted with islands with ancient history and farm-to-table cuisine. Those looking for sun and sand will find them along the Dalmatian Coast from Split. In contrast, those looking for luxurious hotels, fine dining, and trendy parties can head to Dubrovnik or the island of Hvar, which is arguably Croatia's glitziest beach destination. These historic sites provide walking tours covering the key attractions while also offering insider tips from a guide. On a day trip from Zadar, Zagreb, or Split, nature lovers can visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, a forest reserve with 16 interconnected lakes. Hiking, rock climbing, rafting, and biking are everyday activities in the inland Dinaric Alps, a chain of craggy karst peaks stretching from Italy to Albania.

Whether it leads to the castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, a glass of local wine in the Rhine Valley, or through to Austria's Salzburg Lake District, a region associated with the Von Trapp family and The Sound of Music, Germany has a direction for all. Please switch to the destinations tab to browse family accommodation nature houses by us.