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Are you looking for a holiday home by the water? Then Zeeland is the province par excellence for you! The many estuaries and long coastline with large beaches make it a favorite holiday destination for many tourists, where you can go in all directions. Rent a holiday home overlooking the water, for example, or go for a cottage in the countryside where you can relax completely!

Flora and fauna

The province of Zeeland consists of six different peninsulas, namely; Tholen, Sint Philipsland, Schouwen-Duiveland, Noord-Beveland, Zuid-Beveland and Walcheren, plus the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region, which borders on Belgium. Because a number of these peninsulas used to be isolated, each region has its own dialect. Water plays a major role in Zeeland and is seen as the common thread in the history of the province. The entire province, isolated from the dune stream, lies below or at sea level. The landscape in Zeeland can be seen as a patchwork of dikes and polders. The geography has changed a lot in recent years. Many small islands have grown together over time to form larger peninsulas. There are also inhabited areas that are now under water, such as the Drowned Land of Zuid-Beveland and the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe.

Zeeland's animal life mainly takes place under water. The many ponds, including the Grevelingen and the Oosterschelde, form the habitat of all kinds of animals: shrimps, oysters, crabs, lobsters and various other types of fish. In the Grevelingen there are no ebb or flow movements. Here live mainly animals that need calmer water, such as the various species of sturgeon shrimp. In the Oosterschelde the underwater life is more interesting. There is an enormous supply of plankton by the current, which makes life under water overwhelming in some places. The western part, which is closest to the North Sea, is very popular with fish such as cod, sea bass and the dead man's thumb, a plankton filterer. In quieter places, you can encounter tubeworms and flatfish on the sandy bottom.

The province is also known for its Delta Works. These have been carried out since 1960 as a result of the flood disaster that took place in 1953. By introducing the delta works, Zeeland is less isolated and it is easier to reach the province. The delta works are definitely worth a visit. They are located in a beautiful area surrounded by beautiful beaches, beautiful nature and many good restaurants.


Zeeland is, of course, the province par excellence for a visit to the beach in the Netherlands. You can also get a breath of fresh air in the dunes or on the beach, with or without the dog. You can relax in one of the many beach pavilions. Zeeland has divided its beaches into three categories: natural, family and water sports. On the natural beaches you will find unique plants such as sea holly and sea fennel, and animals such as the nightingale and highland cattle. At the beach 't Zwin you can even find old shark teeth! Visit the Zwarte Polder beach to go on a guided tour of the beach. On the special family beaches there are play facilities for the children and lifeguards to keep an eye on everything. At the beach of Ouddorp you can spot seals when it's low tide! On some beaches it is allowed to do various water sports. Go surfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding or blokarting. The most famous beach among water sports enthusiasts is the Brouwersdam, where the waves are usually high and it is easy to reach. In the vicinity of Renesse are also several suitable beaches to find!

Interested in something educational? Then pay a visit to Deltapark Neeltje Jans, where you can learn everything about sand, wind and water, the elements that characterise the Zeeland landscape. This theme park is very nice to visit with the whole family, but even without children it is very interesting. You can learn all sorts of things about the flood disaster of 1953, and it is certainly a must-do when you visit the delta works. Would you rather do something adventurous and active? Then take a mountain bike ride through one of the forest rangers, a snorkel or dive excursion in the Zeeland waters, make a canoe trip on the water or rent a boat and go fishing in the North Sea. Along the North Sea coast you can even spot seals and porpoises!

Discovering Zeeland's nature from a holiday home is not only possible by bike or on foot, but also by boat or by horse (and cart). For example, you can cycle along one of the cycle routes near the delta works or visit the Oosterschelde National Park or the Brouwersdam, where you can enjoy a wonderful walk. The most enjoyable thing to do is to discover the landscape of Zeeland with the help of a guide. He or she can tell you everything about the plants, animals and places of interest that you will encounter along the way.

Holiday Home in Zeeland

In Zeeland, our nature houses are situated away from the masses and in the middle of nature. With 650 km of dikes, dunes and dams, you are never more than 15 minutes away from the water. Because nature and water are never far away, you can enjoy this special province in peace and quiet and still have all the necessary facilities and recreation not too far away at hand.

Whatever kind of nature house you choose, you will always spend your holiday in nature and away from the masses. This ensures that you are completely free to make your own plan during your holiday in Zeeland. During your holiday in a nature house you automatically contribute to a greener earth. For every night booked, we plant a tree on your behalf, so that together we can ensure that the nature on our planet is preserved.

On our website you will find dozens of nature houses in Zeeland, all varying in price range and luxury level. So we hope that there is a suitable house for everyone! If you need help finding your next holiday home or holiday destination, we will be happy to help you. For questions, bookings and tips, we can be reached by phone, via social media or by e-mail.

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