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When you think about Gelderland, you will likely think of the Veluwe. That doesn’t mean this Dutch province has nothing else to offer. In the eastern part of the province you can find the Achterhoek for instance, with its distinctive scenic landscapes and peatlands. Wherever you stay in Gelderland, the forest is always nearby. Lovely if you want to go hiking or cycling with family, partner or pet.

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Cottages in Gelderland

Gelderland, also known as Guelders, is situated in the central-eastern part of the Netherlands. When you hear of Gelderland, you will likely think of the beautiful Veluwe, which is a ridge of hills rich in forests. That doesn’t mean this Dutch province has nothing else to offer. In the eastern part of the province, you can find the Achterhoek for instance, with its distinctive scenic landscapes and peatlands. It is a destination that is highly recommended for those who would like to go on a cycling vacation. Wherever you stay in Gelderland, the forest is always nearby, which is perfect for those who want to escape from the crowded and polluted cities. It is lovely if you want to go hiking or cycling with your family or just your partner. This region is a natural gem of the Netherlands and it is worth paying a visit. Have a break from your daily routine and stress and take advantage of an oasis of fresh air and silence while staying in one of the cottages in Gelderland. The main benefit of our holiday houses in Gelderland is that they are located in extremely beautiful natural surroundings where you can listen to the sounds of nature. Therefore, take a moment and enjoy for a while a simple way of living in one of the farmhouses, apartments, bungalows, or cottages in Gelderland. Check the availability of the properties on and choose the most suitable accommodation for you and your loved ones!

Picturesque flora and fauna

Gelderland is known for the Veluwe, a vast area that is composed of mostly woods. This area, with its more than 91,000 hectares of land, is marked as a protected Natura 2000 site, which is a network of natural areas. Therefore, you are still able to find there the Dutch “Big Fives”, such as the wild boars, roe and red deers, foxes, and badgers. Moreover, you can spot the Highland cattle, beavers, and a multitude of other mammals. If you are a bird watcher, then the Veluwe is the perfect place for you to admire some of the most beautiful species. Also, this region has several beaches and crystal-clear rivers that can be found in “Rivierenland”, which would be translated as “Riverland” or the “Land of Rivers”. Therefore, in Gelderland, you can find diversified and enchanting landscapes. It is the region of the Netherlands that is proud to have so many natural treasures. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the website of and choose the cottage in Gelderland that suits you the best. There are several holiday houses in Gelderland that use green energy, separate the waste, have a swimming pool, sauna, or a BBQ. Furthermore, some of the landlords can offer you fresh vegetables and fruits, which are grown in their garden. If you decide to go on a trip to this Dutch province when the weather is cold, you don’t need to worry because there are several holiday houses in Gelderland that can provide you with heating. Also, you can enjoy your evenings in front of the fireplace while listening to the wood cracking. What a relaxing vacation, right?

What can you do in Gelderland?

The Achterhoek is a region with a relatively high amount of castles and manors. The village Vorden has eight castles and therefore, it is definitely worth a visit. One of the most remarkable castles in the Dutch region is Ruurlo, which dates back to the 14th century. That’s a long time ago… Given that Gelderland is the largest province of the Netherlands, you can still undertake many activities here. Some examples include horse riding, cycling, walking, canoeing, ballooning, visiting a zoo or an amusement park. Sounds like a lot of fun even if you go with children, right? Gelderland is a fascinating region of the Netherlands that has numerous cycling routes around Veluwe, Nijmegen, and Arnhem. Don’t hesitate to take a bike and explore the peaceful Dutch countryside. Also, for an even more unforgettable experience, you can have a trip with the balloon. You would be able to have a spectacular view of Gelderland from above. It is highly recommended to check the weather before planning this. There are plenty of activities that can be done alongside your kids, too. Gelderland is the place that is suitable for going with anyone: your family, friends, or just with your partner. If you wish to go on a holiday, be away from your daily routine and stress, and escape to a place where you can enjoy a simple life, fresh air, and a lot of outdoor activities. Imagine yourself doing all of these and relaxing in one of the cottages in Gelderland that are available on Hurry up!

Magnificent natural sights

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

It is located in Veluwe and has 5,400 hectares. The landscape of the park was created during the last period of the Ice Age. There you can see from dry or wet heaths and grasslands to fens, sand drifts, and forests. De Hoge Veluwe National Park is the paradise of a splendid fauna and flora. Trees such as birch, beech, oak, and pine represent 65% of the total surface of the national park. The marsh gentian and the bog asphodel are the plants that colour and beautify the place. Toadstools, mossels, and lichens are some other examples of what you can see in this natural landscape. When it comes to fauna, if you are lucky enough, you might spot foxes, badgers, pine martens, and even the “big four”: the wild boars, mouflons, red and roe deers. In De Hoge Veluwe, there is also a suitable habitat for several insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Moreover, if you are passionate about bird watching, then this is the right spot for you. There are approximately a hundred species of birds in this national park. Let’s see… The nightjar and the black woodpecker are some remarkable examples that you might have the chance to see. Also, there you can visit the Kröller-Müller Museum, which has an impressive sculpture garden and the largest private Van Gogh collection in the world. Nature and art sound like an interesting combination, right? You can also have the opportunity to spot the wildlife during a safari or by bike. The national park offers 1,800 white bikes to those who want to explore its 40 kilometers of cycling paths.

National Park Veluwezoom

It is the oldest national park in the Netherlands and has been considered a protected area since 1931. Admire the spectacular scenery from the top of Posbank, which is a 90-meter high hill. You can spot the wildlife from two observation points and may be able to see a red deer or a wild boar exactly in front of you. Take your camera with you and don’t miss the chance to take a photo! While you are walking within the National Park Veluwezoom, you can also discover typical Dutch country houses and farms. Now that you have found out all of these… What about booking a cottage in Gelderland? Connect yourself with nature during a holiday in one of our lovely holiday houses in Gelderland. Select the one that you think is suitable for you and your loved ones and enjoy a break away from your daily life.

De Blaue Kamer

It is a natural reserve where you can enjoy some time hiking or simply having a walk through the area. You may spot several species of birds and animals, for example, horses, donkeys, cows, and even deers. This natural sight is named after the farm located there, “Blaue Kamer”, which in English means “Blue Room”. There it was also a brick factory that shared the same name and stopped its production in 1975. Therefore, it is a place full of history where you can definitely spend an entire day. Have a look at the website of and perhaps you can find a lovely holiday house in Gelderland where you can have a perfect time with your family or friends.

Where to go in Gelderland?


It is considered one of the greenest cities in Gelderland because there you can find a large number of parks and green areas. Moreover, on the outskirts of this charming Dutch city, there is the National Park of Veluwezoom and as you go more to the south, you will discover De Liemers, where the River Rhine creates a spectacular scenery as it enters the Netherlands from Germany. That’s not all! Another natural sight that is close to Arnhem is the spectacular De Hoge Veluwe National Park. Also, everywhere you go in Arnhem, you will be able to explore its natural beauty while walking. Cycling is highly recommended in order to have the chance to see even more places. An attraction that is worth visiting especially if you are with your children is the Burgers’ Zoo. There you can spot so many diverse species of animals and birds that live in different habitats, such as savannas, desserts, or seas. On, you can find several holiday houses in Gelderland that are close to Arnhem. Don’t hesitate to plan your holiday now!


It is the oldest city in the Netherlands and centuries ago, it was occupied by Romans, that’s why you can now spot some Roman influences in the architecture of Nijmegen. It is a lovely place with plenty of green urban parks and its charm is given by its position between the Rivers Rhine, Waal, and the Meuse. There are a lot of activities that you can do in Nijmegen, such as hiking the N70, cycling through Betuwe, or relaxing in a Roman spa or sauna. Also, you should visit the village of Groesbeek if you are a wine lover. Take a sip of one of the worldwide awarded wines. Are you looking for a cottage in Gelderland that is in nature and close to Arnhem? Check out the availability of the holiday houses in Gelderland on the website of and select the desired accommodation.


It is a city located in the center of the Netherlands and an important cultural hub in the province of Gelderland. One of the most wonderful attractions that you should visit in the Dutch region is the Het Loo Palace with its absolutely charming gardens. While you are there, you can also have a tour of the Apenheul Zoo, where you may have the chance to see the monkeys exactly in front of you. It sounds like a fun and relaxing holiday, right? Have a look on the website of and choose one of the holiday houses in Gelderland. These are situated close to nature and some of the tourist spots that you have been reading about.

Types of holiday houses in Gelderland

As you have probably figured it out while reading, Gelderland is a province that has a lot to offer. Even if you go for a romantic getaway, a holiday with your family or friends, there are numerous activities that you can do together. Therefore, your itinerary is almost ready, however, you still need accommodation. This shouldn’t be a problem because we come with a solution. On you will see a wide variety of offers that are waiting to be booked by you. Besides cottages, Gelderland has several other types of holiday homes. Imagine yourself waking up listening to the birds chirping and enjoying a lovely breakfast prepared with local ingredients or vegetables and fruits that were grown in the garden of your chosen bed and breakfast accommodation. Another option can be staying during your vacation in a bungalow, which is a small but comfortable house. In case you are looking for larger spaces, you can check out the chalets and villas offered on Also, check out the last minute offers for Gelderland. There are really nice holiday houses in Gelderland that are available at a cheaper price. Hurry up and don’t miss the chance!

How is the weather in Gelderland?

The weather in Gelderland is considered to be the warmest in the Netherlands and the conditions are typical for the Central European climate. From November to March, you should definitely take with you in your luggage the thickest sweaters and jackets because then is the coldest period. However, from June to September, the weather is warmer and better for outdoor activities. Overall, Gelderland is known for having cold weather, rainy days, and reaching an average daily temperature of 15 °C. On the other hand, the weather and landscapes are perfect for cultivating mushrooms and fruits. There are several superb vineyards where you can go and taste high-quality Gelderlandish wines. You can continue your culinary trip and delight yourself with some of the best dishes of the Dutch province, in its Michelin-awarded restaurants. After such a memorable experience, perhaps you will want to return and spend the rest of the evening in one of the holiday houses in Gelderland. On the website of you will find diverse offers, such as bungalows, villas, chalets, and cottages in Gelderland, which are waiting for you!