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Tuscany is a popular tourist destination for holidays . It is known for its influence on high culture, artistic legacy, history and its landscapes. For this reason, there you will find not only many popular tourist spots but also many undiscovered rural spots in this region. If you are staying in the middle of the rolling hills, you can enjoy beautiful views and lovely views to villages where time seems to have stood still. Together with the pleasant climate, this makes Tuscany a very pleasant holiday destination for young and old.

Flora and fauna

Tuscany's surface covers around 120 nature reserves. If you are a nature lover, is the right place to be! The Tuscan vegetation varies widely - from the alpine flora, which is high in the Apennines, to the subtropical vegetation of the island archipelago and the southern coastal areas. In the Tuscan landscapes you mainly can spot three tree species - the vine, the olive tree and the cypress. In fact, around 50 of the nearly 250 species of olive trees worldwide are found in Tuscany. Each of the olive trees produces an average of 30 to 80 kilos of olives annually.

In the Maremma and along the coast dominates macchia, with among other things the juniper, citrus rose, cork oak, holm oak, hawthorn, mouse thorn, myrtle, broom, affodil, heath, stab broom, laurel trees, rosemary and the yellow poppy . On the coast you will also find extensive pine forests, with mainly umbrella pines and maritime pines. In this region the ponds and swamps are partially covered with water lilies and dense reed fields. Chestnut forests can be found throughout Tuscany, and on the Monte Amiata, in the Casentino and in the Apennines, silver firs and beeches grow between 1000 and 1700 meters. Beautiful spruce forests can be found in the Abetone, Vallombrosa and Camaldoli region. There are many fig cacti, agave and chestnut trees on Elba Island. In the Apennines, among other things, the alpine rose grows above the treeline.

Small numbers of wolves live in the Apennines, near the border with Umbria. Remarkably, the island of Montecristo is the only place in Tuscany where wild goats occur. Tuscany is on the route of the large bird migration, so the number of bird species are distinctive. The partridge is the most common native bird species. The Pheasant is also quite common. Especially between November and March there are many migratory birds. You can spot songbirds like - the kingfisher, nightingale, magpie, swallow and thrush. Also, birds of prey such as the owl, kite, buzzard, falcon, sparrow hawk and the king eagle. The various wading and swimming birds that occur include - the stork, crane, snip, blue heron, wild goose, coot, mallard and cormorant. Do you want to see flamingos? Then you must go to the Orbetello lagoon.

Parco della Maremma is one of the well-known protected nature reserves in Tuscany. This park varies in height because it lies partly on the coast and partly belongs to the low mountains. In addition, the park is partly covered with forest. Parco della Maremma is known for its pigs. With a little luck, you will come across a group of pigs. There are of course several other types of mammals to be found, such as - deer, roe deer, badgers, foxes, porcupines, stone marten, weasels, the wild, the otter, the small Maremma horse and the massive Maremmarund. A significant number of bird species also live here. You can also visit Monte Amiata, the only volcano in all of Tuscany. This Park is definitely worth a visit!


Tuscany is the place where everyone can plan and fulfill their vacation based on their preferences. Since Tuscany offers a unique combination of nature and culture, you will find a wide range of trips and activities. A short weekend away from home, or a long holiday in nature, you will not get bored! When you go to Tuscany, you should not forget to visit places such as - Pisa or Florence. View the Tower of Pisa or the buildings by artist Michelangelo. For beautiful views, visit the elevated town of Cortona. The medieval city of Lucca has surprising churches and squares and has completely intact city walls.

Visit to the town of Pitigliano is a must for photographers. In fact, this town is located on a block of tuff. According to many, the town of Siena has the most beautiful square in the world - the Piazza del Campo. This medieval town also has a beautiful Duomo, this is seen as the highlight of Italian Gothic. The town of Volterra is a remote town where you still can discover an Etruscan gate, a beautiful city palace and a Roman theater. Some of the most beautiful monasteries in the world, including the abbeys of Sant'Antimo and San Galgano, are located in the Tuscany region. Discovering the cuisine and wine of Tuscany also can be a fun activity!

For people who prefer more active holidays, the mountain paths are perfect for people who love long walks or hiking. Also, bringing some snacks can turn your hiking adventure into a picnic with an amazing view. Have you ever dreamed of staying at home in the mountains? Then with it is possible! Rent a mountain cottage or chalet especially if it's your Christmas or New Year holiday. Places with the rolling hills will be the most favorite place for cyclists. For the people who love to swim, the sea cost and lakes will be it! If you do not want to swim at public places, be sure to check out the cottages in Tuscany with a private pool. holiday houses differ in their level of luxury. Therefore, before booking the cottage in Tuscany, think about this: how long are you staying in the home, and what kind of activities would you like to enjoy? If you just need a hideaway for the weekend, then pick a more simple dwelling, like a tent or a yurt. Glamping is also a great idea for your holidays. Glampings and agriturismo in a farm are great ideas for alternative accommodation for your Easter holiday in Tuscany! Autumn or winter, it doesn't make a difference. Just check which camping homes are equipped with general heating, and you won't have a problem with the cold. Even though Tuscany does not get so cold in the autumn and winter months, it will be nicer to get back to a warm and cozy place after a full day of adventures.We also have many cottages and apartments, along with tree houses, villas, b&b , country houses and other type of accommodation . The next choice you have to make is about the natural surroundings you most prefer. You can pick a home that is deep in the woods, where you can watch the wild animals from your cottage. You can wake up to the sound of waves and the smell of sea breeze, if you choose a home near the sea. That would be a refreshing experience, not only for the summer months. Or perhaps you want to enjoy a peaceful environment of the fields or a lake with fishing possibilities nearby? Choose an option from the boxes on the left side of the page. Combinations are also possible! Also, be sure to check out our last minute deals! If you have any questions, send us a message on our Facebook account and we will help you right away. Enjoy!

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