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Tuscany holidays

We are not sure if there is an Italian region which is more famous and more beautiful than Tuscany. The province has an incredible culture and history, of major significance to the whole country, as well as a noteworthy history in winemaking which has influenced this craft throughout Europe. But if you think you can come to Tuscany just once and see everything you wish to see, you will be surprised. The nature in Tuscany is so varied that you won’t be bored even if you have months to spend here. So, get a notebook and write down our top of the top recommendations for your Tuscany holiday!

Book an accommodation through our website and ensure that you will have a whole experience throughout your holiday. The hosts will welcome you with their arms wide open and will shower you with attention and their personal recommendations for the best sports to visit! The picturesque locations in which our nature houses are situated present the perfect place for a quiet evening watching the sunset with a glass of wine on a beautiful porch somewhere in Italy. It is a true movie-like experience!

Nature to explore

Casentinesi Forest National Park is the perfect starting point for your Tuscan adventure, as the park offers a little bit of everything to its visitors. Don’t miss the stunningly beautiful waterfall Acquacheta! Keep in mind that the park is home to a great variety of animals, so you will never feel lonely while exploring. Similar is the case with Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park – a place filled with natural wonders and four-legged inhabitants.

Tuscany has many natural attractions which are worthwhile, but we can highly recommend the so-called Val d’Orcia. This magnificent location has inspired a number of people from all walks of life who have included the region in their work in one form or another. We can spend hours just walking and enjoying nature and still not get enough! If you want to reconnect to nature, re-charge your batteries and – at least for a while – forget about the challenges posed by day-to-day life, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Adventures in the wild

Cycling is a great way to discover Italy! Number of biking paths are available ranging from easy to extremely difficult. Nevertheless, you can combine this physical activity with some time on the beach! Walking is always a possibility not only in the park premises but also outside them. There are hundreds of kilometers of walking and hiking trails scattered across Tuscany waiting for you on your next holiday!

We love to spend time around water, so naturally here is our recommendation for our favorite waterfalls in Tuscany. Cascate del Mulino should definitely go on top of your list or at least in top 3! This is a beautiful series of cascading waterfalls with warm mineral water flowing from a series of hot springs and geysers. Check out Cascate Riobuti and Le POlle di Malbacco as these two waterfalls have a small reservoir in their bottom, where you will find it particularly refreshing to jump for a quick swim.

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