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Tuscany accommodation

Nowadays the modern lifestyle and endless routine have consumed us and we rarely find time to rest. The stress piles on top of us and we find ourselves in a burned-out state of mind. In order to relieve ourselves from this pressure, we need a break from the city, surrounded by nature in a remote place. Relaxing on a sunny Tuscany accommodation is the getaway you need! Central Italy is a spot full of natural attractions, variations of flora, and breathtaking views. We have a rich assortment of places to stay - from cozy woodland paradises to seaside houses with wonderful atmosphere.

Natural environment

When talking about nature, nature.house offers stays in Tuscany - a paradise-like region with varied terrain and climate, which make it an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway. The coast and flatlands have hotter summers than the hills or mountains. The summer heat in June, July and August is the reason for the popularity of these coastlines and one of many reasons you should book a Tuscany accommodation. There are mountains to the north and east and then there is the seaside to the west. The landscapes are made of hills, plains, and fields, sometimes mountainous areas. Perhaps the most famous area is Chianti with its diverse and amazing panoramas. Moreover, the kilometers-long beaches in the west. Many of the beaches have stretches of woods right behind the coastlines, which add up to the fact that nature never leaves your side. In other words - wherever you may go, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy the relaxing and authentic Italian atmosphere.

Tuscany is home to a variety of native to Italy animals, such as eagles, ibexes, chamois, bears, wolves, and marmots. However, these animals can be rarely spotted if you’re not at a natural park or a protected area, however, luckily Tuscany has two national parks, three nature parks, and over 50 nature reserves, which will be at your disposal to explore and experience. Moreover, you can find Pheasants, snakes, bats, red deer, wild boar, and wolves can all be found near your Tuscany accommodation. Furthermore, the typical Mediterranean landscape vegetation covers vast areas of the Tuscanian land. From broom, citrus, moorland, strawberries to oleander, thyme, and rosemary - these are only some of the plants that define the atmosphere of the Tuscanian shrubland.

Activities in the Italian paradise

Tuscany's astonishing nature makes it an ideal destination for relaxation and stress relief. However, nature.house offers you to make use of the varied terrain and climate which provide many opportunities for hiking and cycling or other activities on land. As mentioned above, Tuscany has an enormous amount of protected areas and nature parks, therefore making it a wonderful destination for exploration, bird watching, or large mammal watching. There are of course the lakes and rivers across the region, which provide the opportunity for picnics or even fishing. Last but not least, should you choose a Tuscany accommodation near the seaside, there are a large number of water sports you may take up, for example - kite surfing, scuba diving and rafting.

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