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The Ardennes are a favorite holiday destination for travelers who love nature, culture and gastronomy. The hilly landscapes, picturesque small villages and vast forests make the vacation both active and relaxing. Extending over the provinces of Hainaut, Namur, Liège and Luxembourg, there is plenty of choice to spend your vacation in one of our cozy holiday homes in the Ardennes.

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Cottage in the Ardennes

The Ardennes are located in the south-eastern part of Belgium and are one of the richest regions in flora and fauna. This is a holiday destination preferred by travelers who love nature, culture, and gastronomy. The hilly landscapes, picturesque small villages and vast forests make this region an attractive place to visit. Being spread over the provinces of Hainaut, Namur, Liège, and Luxembourg, there are plenty of choices where you can spend your vacation.

Select one of our cozy holiday houses in the Ardennes. Namur is one of the most popular provinces, but there is also the pretty town of Dinant and many other destinations. If you have seen everything above the ground, Han's cave system is definitely a must on your list! Sounds like a lot to see and do in the Ardennes, right? Perhaps now you are looking for a place where you can stay with your partner, family, or friends. Have a look on and choose your favorite cottage in the Ardennes. Treehouses, bungalows, and chalets are just a few examples of the types of accommodation you can choose from.

What a lovely fauna and flora in the Ardennes

Are you looking for a place where you can escape from your daily life and connect with nature? The Ardennes are the right spot for you. The rich flora is mainly represented by oak, beech, birch, and acacia forests. Moreover, ferns, grasses, blackberries, and raspberries beautify the landscape. The Douglas fir and Spruce forests are also part of the Ardennes’ flora. An interesting fact is that the Ardennes is considered to be a paradise of medical and culinary herbs.

When it comes to fauna, the most common species that you might encounter are the foxes, deer, and roes. Are there any enthusiastic bird watchers reading this? If yes, then this region is the place to be. If you go to any forest, you will be able to spot partridges and wild pheasants. While wandering around, you can also listen to the enchanting songs of the Turkish doves, wood pigeons or the blackbirds. Discover by yourself more of what the Ardennes’ fauna and flora have to offer! Check out for the selection of holiday houses in the Ardennes. Perhaps you are planning a romantic getaway or just a family vacation, here you can find the perfect accommodation that fits your needs. Fresh air, birds chirping, peacefulness… You can experience all of this during your stay in your vacation home.

What can you do in the Ardennes?

The Ardennes have something for everyone when it comes to activities. Do you want to explore the many cycling and walking tours, go on a trip in the woods, or just enjoy the peace in a jacuzzi or sauna of a holiday house? Everything is possible!


The Ardennes are a beautiful region that extends through leafy forests, mountainous hills, and picturesque villages and towns. If you spend your vacation here, follow one of the many beautiful hiking routes that go to some of the most impressive parts of the country. The High Fens is a beautiful hiking area, characterized by peat bogs, heath, grassland, and forests. In addition, the Dam of Gileppe and the Semois Valley are also excellent choices for those who want to discover the Ardennes on foot.


If you want to explore the Ardennes a little more, cycling is a better option. The Ardennes have an extensive cycle network, so you can easily enjoy an existing cycle tour or plan one by yourself. The vast forests alternate with small charming villages where you can take a breath of fresh air and taste a delicious regional dish or beer.


Rivers such as the Ourthe, the Lesse, and the Semois are the favorite areas of kayakers, especially during the summer. Although these flows might have a few technical difficulties, they are a recreational way to cross parts of the Ardennes. A kayak trip is a frequently chosen family activity as there are numerous kayak rentals that are located along the banks of the rivers. They also provide tourists with transportation.

Visit a brewery

Slightly less active than the above, but no less fun. Whoever likes a nice beer or wants to try a Trappist beer, this is the right place to be in Belgium. The many local breweries are known for their delicious local beers... Blond, brown, double, or triple, you name it! These breweries can always be visited so that you can learn about the brewing process. Of course, the tasting is also included in the tour! The Chouffe brewery in Achouffe and the Abbey of Orval are two of the most visited breweries. You can also have lunch there. It is highly recommended!

Rock climbing

Those who want to test their fear of heights - or just overcome it - can venture to climb the many rock walls that you will find in the Ardennes. The limestone rocks are ideal even for those who take their first steps in climbing. You will find climbing organizations scattered throughout the Ardennes where you can rent equipment and help you on your way.

Mountain biking

For those who like the terrain a bit rougher, there is also the possibility to go out on a mountain bike. Because of the hilly landscape and the many forests, the Ardennes are ideal for this outdoor sport. The nice thing about this activity is that you can do it all year round.

Must-see natural sights

The domain of the Caves of Han

Would you like to see a natural sight that will definitely take your breath away? Then, the Domain of the Caves of Han is the right place. It is the first UNESCO Global Geopark in Belgium and one of the most fascinating attractions in the country. The Cave is a piece of underground jewelry that has been awarded with 3 Green Michelin Stars and appraised for being Wallonia’s favorite Tourism Heritage. Seems like you shouldn’t miss visiting it! Also, while you are 110 meters underground you can witness a fantastic light and sound show. Enjoy a journey through time during a visit to the PrehistoHan Museum. The Domain has also a Wildlife Park where you can spot deer, wolves, bears, and many other species of animals. Explore the Park on foot or from a Safari-bus. The 250 hectares of unspoiled nature are waiting to be discovered by you!

Parc de Furfooz

Furfooz is the nature reserve that perfectly combines history with nature. Walk 4 kilometers and you will discover not only the natural wonders of this place but also its archeological and geological treasures. Admire the meadows, forest, and Lesse riverbanks while enjoying a lovely day in nature. That’s not all! What makes this area even more unique is the Roman ruins that are definitely worth a visit. Parc de Furfooz is highly recommended if you also come with children. They will enjoy this place as much as you will. Are you ready for an adventure? Now it’s the right time to book one of the cottages in the Ardennes.


Another place that is fun for both adults and children is Forestia. This natural sight is the home of approximately 300 animals. It also has an adventure park with 13 tree trails and a climbing park with 12 climbing trails. Sounds like a lovely place where you can spend your day alongside your family or to challenge yourself, right? Prepare for an unforgettable holiday in this region.

Vallee du Ninglinspo

Ninglinspo is the only mountain stream in Belgium and has some of the most unique hiking routes in the Ardennes. You can admire nature along the 6-kilometer long trails of Vallee du Ninglinspo. This natural sight guides you through some of the most spectacular parts of the Belgian region. Don’t hesitate to go because it is an experience that you will never forget! Do you want to be even closer to nature? We have a piece of advice for you: book a holiday house in the Ardennes at Choose your preffered accommodation, check its availability, and pack your luggage.

The different provinces of the Ardennes


The river Ourthe is the common thread throughout this province. The best place is perhaps Durbuy, which is known as the smallest town in Belgium. La-Roche-en-Ardenne is also an absolute must-see if you are staying in a holiday home in this province. The castle and the pottery are certainly worth a visit and you should definitely taste the original Ardennes ham in the center. Do you have some time left? Then be sure to spend a day in Bouillon. On there is a wide variety of holiday houses in the Ardennes where you can recharge your batteries after a day outdoor.


It is the easternmost province in Belgium and it borders 3 neighboring countries: the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. In Liège, you will find the highest point of the Ardennes and Belgium: Signal de Botrange. Other popular attractions are the largest natural waterfalls in Belgium, which are situated around the village of Coo. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this Belgian province while staying in a cottage.


It is a Belgian province located in the southern part of the country. Moreover, it borders one neighboring country, France. Have fun in Namur while exploring attraction parks, 2,000 years of history at the Citadel of Namur, or practicing some water sports in the Meuse River. There are plenty of activities for anyone. has several lovely cottages in the Ardennes’ provinces, such as Namur, Liège, and Luxembourg. If you haven’t checked yet the offers, you should definitely do it now. On the left side of the website, you can select if you want the location of the holiday house in the Ardennes to be isolated, in a yard, in a small and less crowded holiday park, in a village, or on an estate. You can also choose if you want your accommodation to be in the mountains, by the water, or perhaps nearby some fishing spots.

When is the best time to go to the Ardennes?

The Ardennes are one of the few regions in Belgium where you can admire a beautiful white snow landscape during the winter. It is the only place in the country where you will find ski slopes. Therefore, it is an ideal destination for winter sports. Renting a holiday house in the Ardennes is also an often-chosen option to spend New Year's Eve with family or friends. During the winter period, you can enjoy the magical atmosphere of the various Christmas markets in Liège, Durbuy, Namur, and so on. This region in Belgium is considered to be wetter than the others because of the influence of the south-westerly current. However, even if throughout the year there are heavy precipitations, during the winter the amount is reasonable and it comes in the form of snow. If you aren’t planning to go during the winter, the rest of the year you will be able to see beautiful green forests and lively nature. You can be surrounded by all this natural beauty if you book a cottage in the Ardennes. Don’t miss the chance to spend your holiday here!

Rent a cottage in the Ardennes

Imagine waking up in a cottage in the Ardennes, opening the window, taking a breath of fresh air, and listening to the lively songs of the birds. After that, you enjoy a warm cup of coffee on the terrace or a freshly prepared breakfast in the yard. What a relaxing start of the day, right? Have a walk through the forest or the natural surroundings of your accommodation and later, delight yourself with a picnic in nature. The evenings are definitely magical. Admire the beautiful sunset from your holiday house in the Ardennes or stay inside and relax in front of the fireplace. Have we already convinced you to take a break? Then, you should spend your next vacation in one of the cottages in the Ardennes, which are away from mass tourism, crowded cities, and packed holiday parks. You will experience living in peacefulness for a while and focus on the wellbeing of your body, soul, and mind. Doesn’t it sound great?

On you will find a wide range of holiday homes spread over the different regions of Belgium. All you have to do is to choose the cottage in the Ardennes that suits you best and the period you would like to experience the stunning Belgian region! Perhaps you are looking for a larger place where you can go with your group of friends. In this case, you should check out the availability of holiday villas or bungalows. If you are planning a romantic getaway, types of accommodation, such as chambre d’hote, cabin, or b&b might be suitable for the two of you. For those who are willing to experience something new and adventurous, you can choose a treehouse. If you're up to a more wild stay, with yet all the comforts, you can try glamping. Also, there are numerous cottages in the Ardennes that have the “Contactless stay” green label. Have you wondered what it means? If you choose that accommodation, you won’t have to come into contact with anyone during your stay. Also, the key will be ready and the breakfast will be already prepared without you seeing anyone else.

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