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If you are looking for a holiday home where you can actively enjoy nature and at the same time unwind, then the Belgian province of Liège, with its capital of the same name, is a destination that is undoubtedly recommended. In this province you will find the beautiful landscapes of the Ardennes and small quiet villages. Extensive forests to walk for hours to highlights with a great view, attract many a nature lover to this province.

Liège is the most eastern province in Belgium and borders on Dutch Limburg in the north, Germany in the east and Belgium in the south. In the far east there is also a German-speaking community. From the Netherlands it is only a few hours drive, but it seems to you that you are somewhere very far away. It is unbelievable that these holiday homes are so accessible and are located in beautiful green surroundings.


Liège is a combination of a varied landscape with wooded hills, fields, meandering rivers and small streams. This variation makes a stay in one of the holiday homes on our website a party. So you step directly from your cottage into nature, or you get on your bike for a mountain bike tour.

The Ardennes

The largest part of the province of Liège is part of the wooded low mountain range of the Ardennes. The dense forestation makes it an attractive place for all kinds of wild animals such as wild boars, deer, birds of prey and lynxes. The province of Liège is the only province where the lynx can be found, but this shy mammal doesn't easily show itself to the human world. Have you always wanted to see it? Then you need a dose of luck and time, but it's worth it. Recently, wolves have even been sighted in Liège. In the capital Liège you will find the low mountains of the Ardennes. The city is surrounded by hills in which the Meuse and other watercourses have carved out valleys. On many of these hills you can see famous sights such as the citadel of Liège and the St Martin's Basilica.

The Hoge Venen National Park

This beautiful natural park is the oldest in Belgium. In winter this is an ideal place for skiing, snowboarding or a nice snowshoe hike. The Nature Park Centre invites you for a pleasant and educational stay in the area. The love for nature can be clearly seen here by the focus on environmental conservation to keep nature in balance. In the park are several rare plant and animal species to be found. The Belgian part of the park has an area of no less than 700 m2 with a beautiful variety of nature. For example, there are vast unique peatlands and many flowing rivers and babbling brooks that traverse the area. In this special area you can spot various birds, such as the gray-backed shrike, the smack star and deeper into the forest the roughfoot owl and nutcracker. Also in this green environment you can find holiday homes in our offer.

The caves

An exceptional piece of natural beauty in Liège can be found in the breathtaking caves that provide unforgettable experiences for the visitors. Discover the natural treasures such as the stalagmites and the stalactites that nature itself has shaped over many years. The caves will amaze you with their colors and shapes and rich history. In the caves of Remouchamps you can even take an underground boat trip in which the spectacular halls and corridors form a magical backdrop. You can hardly leave here without being influenced by the natural beauty and vulnerability of this area.


As mentioned before, during your stay in a holiday home in the province of Liège, you can relax completely, but you can also actively enjoy the surroundings. Be surprised by the many sights that Liege has to offer!


The region of Liège is teeming with idyllic regions where you can take lovely walks through beautiful nature reserves and small villages. On the way you can enjoy some real Belgian fries and then continue your hike. In the High Fens Natural Park there are also several hiking routes for a day out.

Cycling or mountain biking

Enjoy relaxing moments in the open air on one of the many cycling routes in Liège. Of course, you can also choose your own route, which runs right next to your holiday home. Cross the countryside and forests, pass rivers and impressive castles and make a stop in the picturesque villages and hospitable cities. Mountain bikers can also go here for beautiful forest paths with steep climbs and fast descents.


In the winter months there are several ski resorts in the province of Liège. In addition to skiing, cross-country skiing and tobogganing are also possible at one of the many locations. As soon as the first snow flakes fall, the skis are pulled out and winter sports enthusiasts rush to the slopes. One of the most famous ski areas is Valle de Wanne. This area is also very suitable for families and equipment rental is possible here. But even if you are not a winter sportsman yourself, this pack of snow provides a beautiful panoramic view and a totally different picture of the green surroundings.

The province of Liège, with its varied landscape and beautiful villages and towns, reflect the history and hospitality of Belgium. Its invaluable natural resources make it a favourite holiday destination for many nature lovers. Whether you come in winter or summer, you'll never get bored in this area. But also in your holiday home to relax is no problem here, in the quiet area you can do your thing undisturbed. Take a look at our holiday homes in this green province and be surprised by the numerous sights!

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