Wooden lodges

Wooden lodges

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Have a rejuvenating retreat in a wooden lodge

Wooden lodges are perfect holiday accommodation for anyone who seeks to rediscover their connection with nature, as Nature.house offers stays in wooden lodges on leafy locations spread across Europe. The structure of the buildings allows local and international tourists to experience the ultimate cozy getaway, unbothered by the disturbance of the city life. Being surrounded by nature and breathing fresh air has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety levels, which is an important aspect of one’s mental health. Have a refreshing holiday in one of Europe’s most emblematic structures by reserving a retreat at a wooden lodge with Nature.house.

A relaxing nature-based getaway

If you are a nature enthusiast or simply seek unconventional ways to spend some time off, then a vacation at a wooden lodge is a perfect way to relax. Nevertheless, the nature surrounding you during your stay depends entirely on your area of choice. For instance, central Europe has one of the most beautiful natural landscapes and the best time to visit is the autumn months of the year since the forest changes colors and turns into magnificent scenery. At the same time, the territories of the Netherland sand Belgium are a perfect escape from the summer heat and are wonderful for an undemanding retreat, filled with picnics by the lake, soothing walks, and refreshing bike rides. Scandinavia is a brilliant place to be during winter as one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world uncovers before your eyes - the northern lights.

The flora and fauna surrounding your wooden lodge in the forest also depend on where you chose to spend your holiday. In France for example the red deer is a common wildlife representative and it is fairly possible to encounter one around your wooden lodge. In French Alps, the rare chamois and the reintroduced ibex are common species, while if you go north in the Netherlands you will probably stumble upon foxes, badgers, and martens. Nevertheless, Nature.house offers safe stays in the woods so you do not have to worry about being threatened by large specimens.

Staying active during your getaway at a wooden lodge

Although Europe is the smallest continent in the world, it is definitely one of the richest in terms of nature, as it attracts local and international tourists for centuries. Needless to say a nature-based vacation in a wooden lodge contributes to a once in a lifetime experience for any family, couple, group, or lone wolf. There are numerous activities that you can undertake during your getaway depending on the season. In the winter, you can ski, ice skate, or simply enjoy a hot chocolate by the porch of your wooden house. In the summer you can enjoy a soothing walk or bike ride around the territory of your lodge. Springtime and autumn are perfect for short hikes and exploring local natural sights. The possibilities are countless and all you have to do is allow yourself to have a rejuvenating holiday in a wooden lodge with Nature.house.