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Last minute Groningen

Do you want to escape from everyday life for a short time, but at the same time not travel too far? We have the perfect offer for you. Take a look at our last minute offers in Groningen and pack your bags for an unforgettable holiday. Groningen is a small town with amazing nature, many diverse attractions and a friendly climate. There are a few national parks which will captivate you with diverse nature and calmness.

Lauwersmeer National Park

On the north shore, Lauwersmeer stretches into the Wadden Sea and is considered an area of ​​natural beauty. As a mouth, Lauwersmeer contains very interesting flora and fauna, along with bird species such as the Eurasian shovel, the bearded reedling and the tundra swan. This is truly a paradise for wildlife lovers and the combination of stunning water landscapes and bird species make it a great destination to explore. It has since become a popular recreation area, boasting 50km of walking trails as well as numerous cycling trails, including a 45km road that travels through many beautiful scenic areas and picturesque villages. Water sports enthusiasts are also spoiled for choice with such fun activities as sailing, canoeing and kite surfing, while bird watching is becoming increasingly popular as many dedicated skins and sightings are added over the years.

Prinsenhof Gardens

This beautiful Renaissance garden is a truly magnificent creation and is considered to be the first class garden in Groningen. Founded in 1600, the garden belonged to a monastery and is located in the center of Groningen, near the Martinitoren and Grote Markt. Inside the walls of this magical place you will find a rose garden, a garden herb and other small enclosures - all of which are maintained to a great standard. According to the guests of Groningen, the Prinsenhof garden is a true masterpiece of gardening. It is impeccably delicate and buried in flowers. Labyrinths of perfectly cut bushes, rounded tunnels intertwined with evergreen vines, an abundance of rose bushes and flower beds suitable for the season - all this delights and causes peace.

Here you can relax in the silence of the city noise. Tables and chairs are placed immediately on the green lawn. In the pavilion here you can buy coffee or herbal tea with dessert, popular in the Netherlands - the famous apple pie with whipped cream. Here are often held creative meetings with artists from the Netherlands, poetry evenings. Despite the small size and exclusivity of the garden, rest in it is accessible to everyone. This is a favorite pastime for locals and guests of the city.

Attractions and fun

Groningen is a pleasant city filled with the atmosphere of the old Netherlands, where you can get maximum pleasure by simply walking through the old streets and relaxing in the shady public gardens, where every meter of land takes care of every beauty. But Groningen is attractive not only for its atmosphere and comfort, but also for its sights, which deserve less attention.

Among the attractions there are many museums: Groninger Museum, North Maritime Museum, tobacco, potatoes, graphics, comics, anthropological museum, museum of the University of Groningen. Among the sights of Groningen there are interesting natural places - numerous parks, Lake Paterswoldsemeer. Nature lovers can visit fishing, swimming, boating, picnics or barbecues here. You can go on an excursion to a working windmill on the lake and take part in the process of making bread.

When fifty percent of the population is under 35, you can expect great nightlife. The night birds should head to the Grote Markt - the Big Market - where the whole southern country has become a huge bar complex. De Drie Gezusters(The Three Sisters) is the largest pub in Europe. It has 3750 people and consists of four connected buildings, which house about twenty bars. Jazz fans may want to indulge their passion for De Spieghel in Peperstraat, while fun people will love Buckshot in Zuiderdiep, open until 3am.

Groningen also has countless festivals. Noorderzon is a summer highlight where for eleven days the city attracts an additional 130,000 people who come to enjoy this celebration of music, dance, visual arts, multimedia and theater. In the second week of January, more than 250 pop stocks descend on the city for the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival, which showcases Dutch musical talent.


Groningen has an oceanic temperate climate, like all of the Netherlands, although slightly colder in winter than other major cities in the Netherlands due to its northeasterly position. Weather is influenced by the North Sea to the north-west and its prevailing north-western winds and gales.

Summers are somewhat warm and humid. Temperatures of 30°C or higher occur sporadically; the average daytime high is around 22°C. Very rainy periods are common, especially in spring and summer. Average annual precipitation is about 800mm. Annual sunshine hours vary, but are usually below 1600 hours, giving much cloud cover similar to most of the Netherlands. Climate in this area has mild differences between highs and lows, and there is adequate rainfall year-round.

Winters are cool; on average above freezing, although frosts are common during spells of easterly winds. Night-time temperatures of −10°C or lower are not uncommon during cold winter periods. The lowest temperature ever recorded is −26.8°C on 16 February 1956. Snow often falls, but rarely stays long due to warmer daytime temperatures, although white snowy days happen every winter.