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You can hardly ignore southern Sweden for untouched and vast nature. The vastness of this country ensures that you can drive or walk around for hours, without meeting anyone else. If you wish to completely relax on holiday and enjoy doing nothing, then a holiday home in South Sweden is an absolute must!

Flora and fauna
The nature in this part of Sweden is impressive and very varied. In the interior you will find vast pine forests, interspersed with fast-flowing streams and rocks. With a little luck you can come across moose here! The moose is one of the largest land mammals in Sweden and can reach almost two meters in height. On the coast of Sweden you will find a completely different landscape in the form of white sandy beaches and coastal strips with beach birds.

The interior of southern Sweden is totally different from the coastline, but certainly no less beautiful. The vast forests that you find in the interior are the ideal location for a long walk or cycle from your cottage. However, you do need good fitness for cycling trips; the landscape is hilly! Southern Sweden has many hundreds of lakes, so there are plenty of opportunities to take a refreshing dip, go on an adventure with a canoe or throw out your fishing rod.

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On our website you will find various nature houses in South Sweden, all varying in price class and luxury level. In this way we hope that there is a suitable house for everyone! If you need help finding your next holiday home or holiday destination, we are happy to help. For questions, bookings and tips we are available by phone, via social media or by e-mail.

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