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Visit Umbria for a soul-stirring holiday surrounded by breathtaking beauty. Discover the pastoral charm of Italy everywhere you go. Hills covered in lush green vegetation, colorful meadows and plains, magnificent mountains with soaring peaks, dazzling lakes, sparkling waterfalls, deep valleys. Book a cottage in this unspoiled lively environment and get the best out of your holiday in Umbria.

Umbria - The Green Heart of Italy

You cannot go wrong by booking your home in Umbria with us. Our remote cottages are situated in remote places where you have the untouched landscapes on your doorstep. You have the picturesque Medieval towns and quaint villages in close proximity, if you want to combine your wilderness experience with a cultural trip. Located in the heart of Italy, right in the center of the boot, it’s the only Italian region without a coastal strip or a border with a foreign country. Even so, Umbria lures visitors from all over the world. Rich heritage of historical sites, traditions, cultural events like festivals and traditional local celebrations, delicious wine, all of this attracts many cultural travellers. But what in Umbria makes it such a fascinating region for nature lovers? Well, the region is called The Green Heart of Italy for a reason. It’s a lovely countryside with vast pastures with olive groves and vineyards. Book an agriturismo holiday if you want to respite from city life and get a real sense of the pastoral charm of Umbria.

The natural scene is made up of bright green colors seen in the ancient forests, stretching fields, river valleys and steep hills. Roaring rivers, tranquild lakes, and splendid waterfalls sparkle in the sun, while the mountains create a majestic landscape that can quicken the pulse of any visitor. Umbria has a profusion of awe-inspiring natural features and attractions. It holds part of the Central Apennines that cut right through the region, with its highest peak Monte Vettore (2,500m) reaching the skies. This is also Umbria’s highest mountain. Umbria also harbours the biggest lake in central Italy, Lake Trasimeno. It’s a calming place where you can really come to peace with nature. The Cascata delle Marmore waterfalls is another of the natural wonders of Umbria. They are renowned as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. The waters of Marmore fall down from a height of 165m, a remarkable view situated in the middle of green scenery. If that’s not enough to make you want to soak in the atmosphere of Umbria, we hope to win you over with some of the adventures offered in the region.

What can you do when staying in a cottage in Umbria?

Situated in the best naturalistic places around Umbria, our nature houses are the perfect getaway for a holiday in solitude. Find cottages, chalets, and huts, but also glamping homes and b&b accommodation. So, hide in the unspoiled nature and find the peace and quietness you’re longing for. Meditate in the stillness of the lakes, wake your senses with a morning stroll in the woods, take a strenuous hike, or grab a bike and cycle to discover the scenic nature around you. For a truly relaxing experience you can ramble in the countryside of Umbria, in and around the ancient towns. Immerse in the tranquil pastoral atmosphere and feel like the time has stopped. Swimming, sunbathing, and lazing around the riverside and beaches of the lakes is quite common among the visitors and locals. But if you’re looking for an active trip filled with adventure, that’s also possible. The three rivers Tiber, Topino, and Nerra offer great opportunities for kayaking and canoeing. Have you tried white-water rafting? If you did, then you know how adventurous and fun it is. And if not, it’s a great idea to plan with your family and friends. Sailing and fishing are also possible. So you can discover Umbria by foot, on a bike, with a boat, kayak, or canoe, but also on the back of a horse. Horse riding is a fun activity, especially for the kids. In the mountains you can follow the mountain biking trails or go for rock climbing and get your heart racing to the extremes. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are also popular. Lastly, the adrenaline junkies can find places with hang gliding and paragliding.

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