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Germany, a country that is famous for its history, remarkable architecture, cars, football and beer, it is also surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Bizarre rock formations, fairy tale grottoes, forest that blanket the mountains and calming waters, are some of the natural wonders that you wouldn't necessarily expect in Germany. So what are you waiting for?

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Cottages in Germany

Germany, a country that is famous for its history, remarkable architecture, cars, football, and beer, it is also surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Bizarre rock formations, fairy tale grottoes, a forest that blankets the mountains and calming waters are some of the natural wonders that you wouldn't necessarily expect in Germany. So what are you waiting for?

Why book a holiday house with us?

Longed for visiting Germany with your friends during your holidays? Or perhaps with your family? You came to the right place. provides you with numerous options to book accommodations in Germany with a variety of facilities in and out of your holiday home. Booking a vacation house in Germany would bring you close to the flora and fauna that the country offers. Especially if you live in the city, book a chalet in the middle of nature, spot wildlife and take a relaxing experience!

Our holiday homes on are all situated in the most beautiful places in nature. From your accommodation, you can go straight to hike in the nearby hills, visit nature reserves, ski on mountains, and/or swim in the sea. Yeah, that's right! Our holiday houses are located near these places so that you can get the most out of the natural surroundings. In terms of the interiors of staying in a vacation home, some cottages will offer saunas or jacuzzi while others will offer a private swimming pool and garden furniture. Basic necessities like kitchen, oven, internet, and dishwasher are available in the rentals. Book a long Easter holiday in nature and celebrate life with your loved ones! In our big houses, there are enough bedrooms for everyone to choose from. You can also book a tiny house if you want a more cozy feeling for a weekend trip! So what are you waiting for? Read ahead on what Germany has to offer and book your cottage of preference.

The natural surroundings


Due to Germany's geographical location, the vegetation greatly differs from that of its neighboring countries. Industrialization and deforestation have caused a decrease in the natural vegetation but it is still worth a visit. The holiday houses you choose will be located near areas that are covered by oak trees or in the middle of hornbeam forests. The central uplands of Germany are predominantly covered with Fagus sylvatica or trees with a dense leaf canopy that few plants can survive beneath it. They are also known as beech trees and they survive on weak soils. You will often come across these during your hike. What's more is that conifers such as Douglas, spruces and Japanese larch are increasing as a result of afforestation. Various species of ferns, beautiful and vibrant flowers, fungi and mosses can also be found here. Ever heard of Saarland? This is an area in the southwest of Germany famous for its mesmerizing landscapes. A third of this area is covered with deciduous forest. Together with Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate it has the largest percentage of forest in the country. Mixed forests can also be found in the highest elevations of the Alps. Some forests have been exposed to acid rain pollution, power plants and factory emissions; despite this, Germany has a stunning diversity of natural vistas where you can relax and enjoy its natural beauty.


Say hello to a wide range of wildlife in Germany! If your cottage is located in the middle of fields, in the forests, or on top of a mountain, you will be able to see varieties of deer, quail and pheasant. Chamois and ibex are most likely to be found in the Alpine regions. Red deer, roe deer, wild boar, and wild cats can be spotted in the hilly regions. The polecat, beaver, and badger are found in the central and southern uplands. This is partly due to good hunting management. You may also spot an otter, badger, or fox during one of your hikes! The Black Forest is one of Germany's most famous regions, nevertheless, you will still be able to find many undiscovered spots. The tidal flats of Lower Saxony is a vital area for the European migration of ducks, geese, and waders. You may also come across some reptiles like salamanders, lizards, or snakes! Don't worry, only the adder snake is poisonous, so beware. Various migratory birds cross Germany in the spring and autumn seasons. Silently feeding hidden in the branches above your head... would you be able to spot them? Imagine booking a holiday house and having wildlife as your neighbors!

Let's explore the outdoors!

In the natural environment of Germany, there are plenty of activities that you could do apart from drinking beer! Are you an adventurous person? From hiking to skiing, you can do any activity you like during your vacation in Germany. If you are a cyclist then be prepared to take a wonderful route across the region of Konstanz. Why should you go here? It is embedded in the Alps and passes through medieval villages, castles, green landscapes. During your journey, you will notice the amazing nature with a famous German flare. Not up for biking? A ferry on the lake is always available for you to approach the shoreline.

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, then carry on reading to know about some of the places that you should visit. Imagine, it is your weekend trip to Germany and you want to make the most of your stay by being outside and exploring the wildlife and natural landscape by going on a hike. One of the options for you is a b&b! All you need to do is get ready and step outside. One of the famous hiking areas in Germany is in Saxon Switzerland. It is a beautiful area for both professional and non-professional hikers. Approximately 1,000 peaks will attract you and offer phenomenal views. The climbing area and a national park are situated in the valley. Did you know that free climbing originated here? It is known for its tradition of Baustelle, which is a technique where you climb over other’s shoulders during the difficult sections of the climb. Another beautiful place for a good hike is in the Bavarian Alps. Just like France, Germany also has a good chunk of the Alps. This provides plenty of outdoor activities for you all year round. Whether it’s skiing and snowboarding in winter, to cycling, hiking, or micro camping in summer, the Alps have it all! Hiking up here will take about seven to eight hours, but the views are worth it. Apart from these activities, you breathe the healthy air and visit various spas, festivals and learn about the rich German culture.

Are you thinking of visiting Germany in the winter? Then you can make your skiing holiday a truly memorable experience by visiting some of the best ski resorts. Nebelhorn is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Allgäu region of Germany. Here you have snow trails and expansive snow areas with well-maintained slopes. It also provides a 400-peak panoramic view of the place! If you want to try skiing somewhere else other than the Alps, then the Black Forest is the place to be. The country’s oldest ski club is located here. You will be exposed to breathtaking views of the hills and valleys. During your skiing journey, you may spot wild animals endemic to this region such as deer, foxes, elks, and badgers.

Beautiful sights in Germany

The nature of Germany is at once mesmerizing and charming! From alpine peaks to dense forests and beautiful lakes, Germany will not fail to make you happy! Here are some of the most beautiful sights that you can visit during your holiday in Germany.

Rakotz Bridge (Rakotzbrücke)

Have you heard about the Rakotz Bridge in Saxony? It is a 19th-century bridge that creates a perfect arch from stone, located in Kromalu Park. What’s so special about it? Well, this bridge reflects in the waters below it, and it’s a must-watch! The structure of the bridge is very unique and because of this it is known as the “Devil’s bridge”. Locals believe it is impossible to build such a bridge by people but only by the devil. Don’t worry, it is rather sprawling and beautiful than scary. The park covers 200 acres and is known for azalea and rhododendron flowers. The area is surrounded by small ponds and lakes too!

Sylt, Frisian Islands, North Sea

Have you heard of this place before? Well, it’s a must-visit because it's like a whole other country with rolling heathered dunes and greenery all around. Moreover, beach saunas and the Wadden Sea won’t disappoint you! If you have children, you can also visit the Sylt aquarium to discover some unique marine life. You can travel by bike or could do horseback riding. It’s a very unique experience!

Muskau Park- UNESCO World Heritage Site

Near the Rakotz Bridge, this world heritage site is a landscape park in the region between Germany and Poland. Why is it so famous? It has the largest English Gardens in Central Europe. Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau (1785-1871) created a classic landscape garden on both sides of the Neisse River. It has a very modern touch and its uniqueness stretches over the borders of two countries.

Geierlay Suspension Bridge, Hunsrück Mountains, Rhineland-Palatinate

Are you a person that doesn't fear heights and daring adventures? This place might be for you! With a length of 1180 feet and a height of 330, this bridge offers stunning scenery and greenery! If you want to overcome your fear of heights, then this might be your first adventure! You can also go on a hike after.

Thuringia, The Green Heart of Germany

Thuringia is known for its mountainous and forested region. There are parks, reserves, and many UNESCO world heritage sites that you can visit. About one-quarter of the area is preserved and there are a total of eight protected sites. For instance, the Hainich National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site which covers an area of 7500 hectares. It is protected because it has mixed deciduous forests rich in deadwood. You can take a walk along this park and you will be spell blinded by the exceptional experience of nature. There is also a Treetop Trail which provides an amazing view of the Hainish forests. It is the best place for walkers, cyclists, and children. Another attraction here is the Thuringian Forest National Park. It covers about 2082 km² and it is home to unique natural phenomena and rich culture. Do you want to have a guided tour across the park and theme walks? This national park has it all. You can have cycling tours and also barrier-free programs.

Want to visit UNESCO biosphere reserves in Thuringia? One of them is the Vesser-Valley- Thuringian Forest Biosphere Reserve. It represents the low mountain ranges of Central Europe. 90% of the land is covered with forests and the three highest mountains! The valleys are beautiful and high moors have developed on the lower parts of the ridges. Here, there are multiple excursions, guided tours, animal watching, and hiking trails.

Oh, wait, the list hasn’t ended yet ;)

Another UNESCO reserve is the Rhön Biosphere Reserve which covers the states of Bavaria, Hesse, and Thuringia. It is 185,262 hectares and is a major refuge for many endangered animal and plant species. It consists of extensively cultivated grasslands and arable land. You will find the Rhön sheep here and the area holds a special place in cultural and landscape history. You may be attracted to interactive shows, specialized talks, guided events, hiking, cycling, and another famous point called Alpha Point Memorial in Geisa. So if you want to visit any of these amazing places, then you can check out our cottages available in Thuringia!

Homes in Germany

Did you know that you can choose from more than 1000 nature houses in Germany? If you’re going for that adventure in nature, you can choose among glamping, yurts, caravans, treehouses, and any camping home that can make your stay "glamorous". To make your holiday in Germany even more special, you can bring your pets along with you too! You’re probably asking yourself, where will they stay? We’ve got you covered. There are about 500 houses that allow pets. With other facilities like internet, TV, bbq, dishwasher or even a garden, our holiday houses will make you feel at home but also connected to nature. You can even book a last-minute holiday to Germany! For a longer holiday, you have villas and bungalows too. Large space for your kids to play around, beautiful gardens where you can have a heart-warming dinner outside your home, swimming pools and saunas to treat yourself. Another experience that could be a lot of fun for your kids is staying in a farmhouse. You can learn about organic farming in Germany. It's authentic, unique, and a truly rewarding experience.

The climate in Germany

The weather in Germany is almost the same as the countries surrounding it. There are four distinct seasons but it can be unpredictable. Summers are warm, winters are cold and wet but spring and fall are the best! Read ahead to find out how to prepare for the weather in Germany and what to pack with you.

May through September is the best time to visit the country for good weather! Make sure to take an umbrella with you, however, if you’re travelling during the months of May and June. If you want to avoid the rain and enjoy the sun then July and September are the best months to visit. The temperatures will be between 20°C and 25°C.

Looking for ski opportunities and adventures in the cold? December is one of the coldest months in this country. The temperatures may go as low as -1°C so bring your heavy coats, gloves, and boots for staying dry and warm! This is the best time to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s eve with your family at one of our holiday homes. Imagine yourself sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows and sitting by the campfire and enjoying the views of the snowy hills or fields from your chalet. Oh, how lovely! You can even visit the Christmas markets in Hamburg with all the holiday lights and hot ciders.

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