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Find a suitable holiday home in Hesse here. Beautifully situated holiday homes in Hesse can be found here. Hesse is a region full of nature and was not for nothing an inspiration for the fairy tales of Grimm. The nature is often still unspoiled and that makes it very interesting for the nature lover. The region is close to the Netherlands, which makes it a perfect holiday destination for people who don't want to travel too long.

Hesse is located in the middle of Germany but in the western middle. This makes it a nice holiday destination for shorter holidays such as the autumn holidays or a long weekend, for example during Ascension or Whitsun. But Hesse also has plenty to offer for a longer stay. The holiday homes in Hesse on offer an excellent starting point for a stay in this fairytale state.
Hesse is the state with the most forest in Germany. There are many elongated forests that are called "Wald" in Germany. So you can often walk straight into the woods from your cottage. For the walker there is much to do, through the many nature, in the form of forests, but you can also find lakes and peat bogs. For those who also love culture, you can visit the big city of Frankfurt, which has over 700,000 inhabitants and is therefore the largest city in this state. The square in the centre of Frankfurt is one of the cultural attractions in this city.

The river Main flows through Hesse, this river flows along Frankfurt and is the second longest river in Germany. Are you looking for a rural holiday home in Hesse near the Main or near one of the beautiful forests? Then we recommend that you take a look at the holiday homes in Hesse on this page. has already selected the most beautiful holiday homes in Hesse especially for you.

Can you still not find a suitable holiday home in Hesse on our website? Then ask if one of our staff members would like to give you a helping hand in finding a beautifully situated holiday home in Hessen. Our staff can help you directly with their experience in this area. Otherwise, you can of course also take a look at whether a neighbouring state of Hessen has that ideal holiday home to offer. Or maybe our other neighbour Belgium! Would you also like to explore Hesse? Then take a look at all the holiday homes in Hesse.

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