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Nowadays, everyone is craving for a good vacation. And not only that, everyone is in actual need of a good vacation and a good rest. This is because today’s world has become super fast and often is very quick to change, an ever swifter pace of life has brought us to needing a vacation more than anything. Here comes the offer that wants to extend to you of cottages in Thuringia. A place where you will really have the time and opportunity to rest and take time off for yourself, reconnecting with nature and thus putting your soul and your body to the true definition of a vacation.

The real definition of what nature is

To give you a more clear understanding of what will be waiting for you if you indeed decide to visit the amazing place known as Thuringia, we will aim to give you a sample of everything you can expect of the place. To start off, Thuringia is a German state that is located in Central Germany. A place where nature has truly given most of its blessings and has granted the place some of the most amazing natural wonders that one can look for in a place.

A great example of the beauty of Thuringia is the Thuringian Forest Nature Park. This place covers more than two thousand kilometers. It covers most of the natural areas and forests in Thuringia and has its own biosphere reserve. In the Thuringian Forest Nature Park you can also find the Thuringian Forest. This is a mountain range in the southern parts of Thuringia. This magnificent mountain range forms a continuous chain of ancient rounded mountains with steep slopes to both sides.

All around you will find lakes, rivers, rolling hills, and so many more. Including, if you are lucky enough you might stumble upon some of the most amazing wild creatures inhabiting the forest and the mountain ranges, like beavers, bears, wolves, deer, and much more. These are just a very small example of everything that awaits you on your adventure, should you indeed choose to stay in your own amazing cottage in Thuringia provided by

Just a fraction of the things you can do while on your stay in Thuringia

This amazing land is home to some of the most amazing walkways and pathways that you can find in the entirety of German land. Thuringia is famous for having some of the most amazing mountain biking trails in the entire continent. Respectively, in the winter you can look for some of the skiing and snowboarding trails as well. Should you be looking for a more laid-back vacation, you can explore some of the local eco-roads that surround your cottage. There is something for anyone’s liking in Thuringia and all you have to do is bring your own sense of adventure and you will surely find what you are in need of.

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