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When people go on holiday to France, they tend to go all the way to the South, while on the way there are so many other beautiful places to stay in a holiday home. Like in the region of Brittany, the most western province of France. Brittany is a variety of pristine coasts with rugged rocks and a green and hilly interior. The people of Brittany want visitors to draw their inner strength from the power of Brittany and have their own official slogan for this: "Be Breizh!".

Brittany has something to offer everyone

Brittany is a perfect holiday destination if you prefer to travel by car. This has the additional advantage that it makes the trip to your holiday home a lot more sustainable. If you have the opportunity, don't forget to bring your bike, because you can enjoy it on the beautiful cycling routes in Brittany. In this region you can escape from everyday life, whether walking, cycling or relaxing on one of the beaches, Brittany has something to offer everyone.

The Breton cuisine

Are you a fish lover? Then you've come to the right place in Brittany: fish is abundant in this French region. Brittany provides no less than 80% of all fish in France! In some harbours you can even buy fish directly from one of the colourful fishing boats and then prepare it to your liking in your holiday home. If you are a lover of oysters, we recommend going to Brittany between September and April. Although oysters can be eaten all year round, they are the most delicious in these months. The oysters are usually served with salted butter, rye bread, lemon and a mix of, among other things, red
wine and vinegar, which you pour over your oysters in advance. A true culinary experience!

Besides fish, crêpes are also very popular in Brittany. These thin sweet pancakes must be tasted once during a holiday in France. The crepes are filled with simple fillings such as cheese, egg and ham (this combination is called "La complète"), but you can also make it sweet with chocolate, whipped cream and almonds for example. There's even an official label in Brittany to make sure you enjoy the authenticity and quality of its products, namely the "Crêpes Gourmandes" label that you can check out in a restaurant.

Flora and Fauna

Since Brittany is a peninsula with more than 2500 kilometers of unspoiled coastline, there is a mild maritime climate with a mild summer. Along the coast you will find the emerald green sea and picturesque seaside resorts where the typical cozy atmosphere of the region is clearly visible. In the North and West, the coast is very rugged and wild and there are often small beaches in the bays between the rocks. The walls of the brutally high cliffs are coloured by the great diversity of flowers. For the longer beaches you have to be in the South, here the coast is more charming.

Mysterious interior
The interior of Brittany is green and hilly with fields and meadows. It is a surprisingly soft and constantly changing landscape. Land and sea merge in such a way that it is hardly possible to make a distinction between coast and countryside. The heathlands in the interior form a mysterious landscape and can be admired from several observation towers or from one of the holiday homes.

Due to the location of the region, there is a wide range of marine animals, including dolphins. The schools of dolphins follow the boats in the Iroise sea. But also the grey seal can be seen in some places! In terms of poultry, there are various species of gulls to be spotted, including the well-known silver-coloured seagull, the great black-backed gull and the kittiwake. In the nature reserves you can also spot all kinds of animals such as the great reed warbler and the kingfisher in Parc Naturel Régional de Brière, a marsh reserve of no less than 40,000 hectares.


Visit the pink granite coast
On the north coast of Brittany is the Côte de Granit Rose. These rare pink granite blocks cover only 30 kilometres off the coast of Brittany and seem to come from a postcard. These pink granite blocks can only be admired in three other places in the world, namely Ontario, China and Corsica. So if you are in Brittany, you should definitely take the opportunity to see this unique place.

Bicycle enthusiasts have come to the right place in Brittany. With more than 1700 kilometres of cycling routes, there is plenty of choice for one or more trips. For example, you can cycle part of the Tour de Manche on beautiful roads through the green interior, but also along the coastal areas. This route also comes along the pink granite coast, two birds with one stone! A second famous route is the Vélodyssée. This route runs through England, France and Spain. 80% of the route runs on quiet green roads so for the nature lover certainly a beautiful route.

Visit lighthouses
Along the coast of Brittany there are many lighthouses, also called the guides of the sea. Some of them are on the mainland, but some are in the sea and are accessible with a guide. There is even a real lighthouse route with a museum that you can follow. After a day of walking up and down all those stairs in the lighthouses, it's time to rest in your holiday home.

Take a nature walk
As mentioned before, Brittany has a very diverse landscape, experience it for yourself and put on your shoes for a long walk in nature. The breathtaking views will surprise you and you will often think back to this moment of unspoilt nature and tranquility. Walking along the capes when everything is in bloom is definitely an experience not to be missed.

Experience for yourself how Brittany's culture and nature is. It is almost a shame to drive on to the South, while this place has so much beauty to offer. Load up your car and don't forget your hiking boots and possibly your bike! And hopefully you too can draw inner strength from the power of Brittany. Be Breizh!

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