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Are you looking for a holiday home in the Belgian Kempen? Then you've come to the right place. We have several holiday homes in this beautiful area of northern Belgium. All these holiday homes have one thing in common: they all stand in the most beautiful nature of Antwerp.

The Kempen stretches across several provinces in Belgium. The three provinces in this area are Antwerp, Limburg and Flemish Brabant. Here the nature in the province of Antwerp, an important part of the Belgian Kempen, is explored in greater depth. In this region, Natuurhuisje also offers holiday homes in nature. Nature is mainly characterized by a number of large forests, heathlands and fen areas. The holiday homes of all of us are located in or near these beautiful nature reserves.

An important nature reserve in the region is the Turnhouts Fen Area. This area is located near the charming town of Turnhout. The nature reserve consists of a number of large ponds that house a special flora and fauna. In the summer there are many special dragonflies present near the fens and the tree falcon skims along to catch these dragonflies. In winter there are often many geese on the adjoining meadows and there is almost always a skua on a pole.

Another nature reserve that is less accessible but just as interesting is the Groot Schietveld. This nature reserve is an old shooting range located in the heart of the Belgian Campine. On the shooting range are here and there old tanks set up, this makes it a very special area. What also makes the area special are the large numbers of vipers that are still observed there. The viper is also an endangered species in Belgium and is often difficult to see. When you rent a holiday home in the Belgian Kempen on Natuurhuisje, you can enjoy these natural wonders with your own eyes.

Are you looking for more information about the nature of the Belgian Campine? Or do you want to know more about renting a holiday home in the nature of this beautiful region? Or would you prefer to be prepared for the hike with a map of Antwerp? All that is also possible! With us you will not only find holiday homes, but also a motivated team that would like to help you have a successful holiday. Not only the winter or autumn holidays, but also during the spring and summer holidays we help you to rent a suitable holiday home.

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