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Cabins in Germany

Except for being the political heart of the European Union, Germany is a natural heaven right in the middle of Europe. There are more than a dozen national and natural parks in Germany and nature’s preservation is of high interest to the German nation. With so many places to visit and explore, you cannot really make a mistake by booking a nature cabin in Germany. Enjoy the company of your travel companion(s) amidst some of the oldest forests and mountain ranges throughout Europe. Wake up to the sounds of nature and immerse yourself in a day full of the adventures nearby.

The nature around you

With so many parks to choose from, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when booking. Which is where we come in hand without recommendations. If you want to escape the ordinary while visiting Germany, you should head to the less visited provinces and natural parks. The Jasmund National Park is located on the Jasmund peninsula and is essentially a protected area. Except for dense woods and various animal species, here you will witness some of the best views of the Baltic sea. The sea waves are constantly clashing into almost vertical chalk cliffs as high as 160m. The landscape is truly spectacular. The park is the smallest in the country and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians.

For some of the best mountain sceneries in Germany, head to the foot of the Austrian Alps and lake Koenigssee. The emerald-green waters of this glacier lake are a favorite spot for water sport enthusiasts. On the lake and around it there are plenty of activities to enjoy for a full day – boating, jet skiing, hiking, etc.


A great place for nature-related activities is the Müritz National Park along the east coast of the Müritz lake. This enchanting park includes more than 600 km of trails for hikers. You will cross forests, marshes, streams and rivers, and more than a hundred lakes. For the most curious among you, there are even guided tours organized, which provide many interesting facts about the biodiversity of this park. Except for hiking, you could also explore the area by bike on one of many cycling trails, or you could rent a boat or a canoe to discover the park area from the water. If you are worried about getting lost, you could also make use of one of the regular organized canoeing routes.

Hiking is a popular activity among the Germans, therefore there are numerous hiking trails literally everywhere across the country. Recognized as one of the wonderful trails in Germany, if you visit the Heidschnukenweg Trail during the summer month, you will encounter a thriving flora with hundreds of different plant species, including whole fields of lilac and heather. To get to know the German folklore better, opt for the Rheinsteig Trail. On this hike, you will follow the valley of the river Rhine through picturesque old villages filled with history and booming culture.

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