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Tiny house Portugal

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Tiny house Portugal

Being able to take some time off and rejuvenate surrounded by nature is crucial for one’s mental health. It has been proven that taking a holiday away from busy streets and large crowds decrease stress levels as it also eliminates anxiety. A popular approach for nature-based tourism is the tiny house movement as people consciously chose a minimalistic and undemanding way to spend their vacation. The small structure of the houses allows people to feel closer to the environment as they recharge from the busyness of city life.

Outstanding views, marvelous panoramas, and breath-taking sceneries are the reason why the country of Portugal is one of the most popular destinations for nature-based tourism. Located in the southwest of Europe, Portugal is perfect for a summer retreat as well as a winter vacation for anyone seeking unconventional ways to take a break. Nature.house offers stays in tiny houses in Portugal, providing every nature enthusiast with an accessible way to experience the beauty and grace of the Southern European area.

The outstanding nature of Portugal

The nature of Portugal is quite diverse and it has been attracting local and international tourists for decades, giving nature-based tourism a leading role in their economy. Portugal has a large coastline with an exit to the Atlantic Ocean contributing to a variety of beautiful natural sights perfect for summer vacation. The Algarve region specifically, located in the south of the country is probably the most popular Portuguese summer spot, as it has no shortage of sunny beaches and provides visitors with incredible views and remarkable experiences.

However, the northern part of the seashore should not be underestimated as it also has many virgin beaches and hidden spots that are worth visiting. For instance, the Esposende Coast is a north coast natural park and includes astonishing beaches and dunes, home to large fields of beach grass and sea cudweeds as well as species such as the maritime thistle. Some other vegetation like the acacia and the exotic weeping willow can be found in the transition zones with the woodlands.

Nevertheless, the coastline of Portugal is not the only natural sight of the country. Home to 9 natural reserves, the area is a marvelous choice for a relaxing holiday in the forest. The territory of Portugal comprises nearly 40% woodlands and over the last century, they have grown by more than 80%. The cork oak has become the unofficial mascot of the country, therefore it is possible to be surrounded by cork oak forests during your holiday at a tiny house in Portugal. In fact, since it is a common practice, your tiny house itself may be made of cork oak.

What can you do during your retreat?

Choosing to spend some time off in a tiny house in Portugal is a great choice for a relaxing retreat since the small structure of the house is undemanding and does not need much maintenance, therefore you can focus on recharging and enjoying your holiday. However, if you want to experience the country of Portugal in its full beauty, there is a wide variety of outdoor activities that you can undertake. If you are an adrenaline seeker then you have come to the right place. Portugal is fantastic for sky-diving around the flatter territories, surfing on the surface of the windy Atlantic, skiing and snowboarding in the high mountains, and scuba diving. In Portugal, there are a few places that visitors can bungee jump and one of them offers a water-touch jump which can be experienced in only four more places worldwide.

However, if you’re not a fan of extreme sports or if you chose to take a vacation with your family, making it unsuitable for children to get involved in such activities, worry not as Portugal is perfect for soothing and calm holidays as well. Taking your little ones to explore the local flora and fauna surrounding your house is a great way to introduce them to the natural wonders of Europe’s best locations. A retreat in a tiny house in Portugal is a great way to spend some time with your loved one as well. Regardless if you want to invest in an atypical honeymoon or if you simply seek a relaxing way to reconnect, being together in a small home contributes to the absolute romantic getaway.

Portugal’s weather and climate

By definition, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, however, it is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. In the south, the climate is generally mild and warm, while the north you go the rainier it gets. For instance, the region of Algarve is dry and sunny, making it perfect for a summer holiday as well as a sunny winter one. The winters of Portugal are not extremely cold but sometimes powerful winds might blow from the ocean bringing rain and making it unpleasant especially in the north. Nevertheless, the average temperatures vary between 9 °C and 12 °C, which is relatively warm compared to other parts of Europe. At the same time, the summers are also not terribly hot with average temperatures from 20 °C to 28 °C depending on the location. The mild climate of the country makes it perfect for a summer escape from the heat and winter break away from the cold.

The best time to visit the country in good weather and spend some rejuvenating time in a tiny house is definitely April-June and September-October otherwise you might be stuck between rain and wind unable to leave the house. However, the wind is not always bad especially if you want to surf around the virgin beaches of the country. In this case, you might want to consider visiting around the months of October and November where the Atlantic wind combines with relatively sunny weather. What is more, September and October are grape harvest and you can enjoy some fine wine on the porch of your tiny house in Portugal while you witness the woodlands changing color and turning into beautiful picture-perfect scenes.