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Do you want to have a relaxing holiday in the Netherlands, and you think that Limburg could be the best choice? Great! Also, have you ever wanted to try out something new and perhaps stay in a tiny house, but you didn’t know where to find the best option? If so, then now you are at the right place! On the Nature.house website you will be able to find a wide selection of tiny houses in Limburg. Keep reading and get inspired to book your holidays right away!

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Tiny house Limburg

The tiny house is an attractively furnished house with many influences from nature. It is suitable for 2 people (most of the time) and has a comfortable bedroom with a double bed. There is a bathroom with a shower and a sink. In addition, the tiny house has a kitchen with a combined microwave, hob, fridge, coffee maker and kettle. The tiny house is next to an open yard, along with other houses. In this outdoor courtyard you will find a variety of hammocks, a barbecue and a lovely hot tub. Let the holiday begin with a reservation for a stay in one of the tiny houses in Limburg. Because when you are out exploring all day, a tiny house is perfect to cozy up after spending the day outside.

Plant species

There are ten reserves spread across the province Limburg. Here it is not the yield of the crop that counts, but the wild plants that are typical of the fields. The weed flora in these small fields usually differs according to the type of soil. In the north of the province, on the Mulderskop and in the Zevendal near the Sint-Jansberg, the fields are on sandy soil. Species such as Cornflower(Centaurea cyanus) and Slofhak(Anthoxanthum aristatum) grow here. De Vogelkooi weed field is located on the Meinweg. Near Linne, on the Berkenweg, there is a weed field that looks white from Vroegeling(Erophila verna) in early spring. A little later, the Handjesere Prize(Veronica triphyllos) also grew. In the summer, all three types of poppies can be found, so the Big poppy(Papaver rhoeas), the Pale poppy(Papaver dubium) and the Shaggy poppy(Papaver argemone).

There is also a weed field in Schwabenhof. In Susteren there is a weed field near the IJzerenbos where a lot of Mouse Tail(Myosurus minimus) and Springwort(Montia fontana) grows. There are a few weed fields on the Sint-Pietersberg, including at the Schark and in the Poppelmondedal. The Waterberg near Heerlen also houses a small weed field. At the edge of the Gerendal, near the Sint-Jansbos, there is also a weed field on limestone soil. A well-known weed field is located on the Kruisberg in Wahlwiller. All kinds of special plants grow here, such as Large Mirror Bell(Legousia speculum-veneris), Small Mirror Bell(Legousia hybrida), Field Butter Flower(Ranunculus arvensis), Wild Larkspur(Consolida regalis) and Narrow Ray(Galeopsis ladanum).

Of course, the more general types are also included here. Unfortunately, the weed field along the bottom edge of the Eyserbos has been converted into grassland. Fortunately, there are still some special species such as the small mirror clock(Legousia hybrida) present.

Animal species

The Dutch province of Limburg is rich in herpetofauna. All 23 species of reptiles and amphibians present in the Netherlands live there. Causes for this are the diversity of the biotopes, the presence of a micro-climate that is not yet sufficient for a few heat-loving species at this northern latitude to be able to carry out their full life cycle.

Four species, namely the Wall lizard(Lacerta vivipara), Fire salamander(Salamandra salamandra), Yellow-bellied fire toad(Bombina variegata) and Vroedmeesterpad(Alytes obstetricans) even only occur in Limburg. A number of other species have the center of gravity of their Dutch distribution in Limburg. This is the case with Alpine Newt(Mesotriton alpestris), Fin-legged Newt(Lissotriton helveticus), Water Frog(Rana lessonae) and Slowworm(Anguis fragilis).

There are 16 species of amphibians in Limburg. Good areas for amphibians include Landgoed Geysteren, De Krang near Weert, De Groote Peel. The Areven, the Beegderheide, the Leudal and the De Doort near Echt. In South Limburg, the Brunssummerheide and the Schinveld forests are rich in amphibians. The valley of the Worm, the quarries on the edge of the Plateau of Margraten and in the southern Geul valley also have a great variety of amphibians. This is mainly due to a number of species that only occur in South Limburg and that live here together with more general species. There are also seven types of reptiles. The best areas with reptiles are the Hamert, the Meinweg and the Brunssummerheide.

Things to do in Limburg's nature

ASP Adventure offers unforgettable activities in the beautiful hills of Limburg. Under these hills there are hundreds of kilometers of tunnels. Valkenburg even has the longest continuous tunnel system in Europe: Sibbergroeve. Discover this mystical underground world in Sibbergroeve, 40 meters underground, with one of the professional guides, on foot or by bike.

Cave cycling is one of the highlights of ASP Adventure. Discover the marl caves of specially designed bicycles. This is a tour for all levels and so different from what you are used to. After descending 163 steps and following your driver's safety briefing, it's time to leave. It's so impressively quiet down here and there's not a gust of wind. The atmospheric light in the reception area continues to lie further behind you until you can no longer see it. The corridors are dark, lit only by your own bicycle light. The caves have a constant temperature of 12 degrees, so this activity is suitable for summer and winter! If 1.5 hours of cave cycling is not enough for you, then take a look at the extensive Cave Cycling Time program.

Walking on an adventure through the Sibberg career. Everyone receives a helmet and the tasks are distributed. Who will be the lamplighter, who will remember the numbers and who will be the leader? Equipped with two oil lamps, you enter the dark corridors. The lamp holders will take you to the first task, while the others stay alert on the route, because you should not miss a trail! Will you be able to return within 1.5 hours? This adventurous cave tour is a fun activity that alternates between mysterious mysteries and exciting obstacles. Complete the tasks well and find your way through the corridors yourself. Teamwork is very important during this activity and there is a task set aside for everyone, young and old. Especially fun activity for families, but also as a company trip or bachelor party, it is highly recommended. The constant temperature of 12 degrees also makes this activity ideal for summer and winter!

Would you prefer to stay above the ground, in the beautiful autumn colors or the light of the winter sun peeking through the treetops? Then put on your walking shoes and get ready for a special walk through the beautiful landscape of South Limburg. No directions or google maps, no colored bars and no guide, because during this tour you will learn to navigate with the help of a compass, map and elements. The assignment brochure takes you through the landscape this way. Its length is approximately seven kilometers(can be shortened) and is suitable for all ages. A delicious picnic during the walk is included!

The climate of Limburg

Limburg is the most southerly situated province in the Netherlands. Limburg gets the largest amount of hours of sunshine per year and temperatures are highest on average. In the northern part of the province temperatures are 5 degrees Celsius higher than in the coldest place in the Netherlands. The province breathes the easy-going and warm atmosphere that characterizes the Burgundy Limburg region.