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Have you ever wondered what the Northern Lights would look like in person? Well, now you have the opportunity to answer that question of yours with our cabins in Sweden. With stylish design and cozy interior, it’s sure that you’ll have a great holiday here. Find yourself in the middle of nowhere, on a hill surrounded by trees, fresh air and unique wildlife. Most of the accommodations allow pets and have everything your needs. Some of the cabins have their own swimming pool, fully equipped kitchenette, and internet. With more than 100,000 lakes in Sweden, be assured that you will have some crystal-clear blue lake nearby.

Discover Sweden

As we mentioned earlier Sweden has an enormous number of lakes scattered all around its territory. Lake Vänern is the biggest in Sweden and third biggest in Europe. It has formed 10,000 years ago from glaciation. This huge lake is home for many fish and that’s why it’s a famous hotspot for sport fishing. While in the area you can check out Lake Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle as well. Lake Storsjön is the deepest, reaching 75 meters from top to bottom, but that’s not what its famous for. Legends say that the Storsjöodjuret monster roams these waters. It is similar to the Loch Ness monster with reports of sightings every year. But lakes are not the only water bodies in Sweden. Many rivers run throughout these plains. For example, the ancient river Klarälven. Long 460 km, with sandy beaches, it runs through the forests of Värmland and Norway. It is of great value for power generation, because there are hydroelectric power plants in the river.

Sweden has a few archipelagos, protected from UNESCO as Biosphere Reserves. Some of them are Blekinge Archipelago, Gothenburg Archipelago and Stockholm Archipelago. Many National parks and reserves are located throughout the country. One of the biggest and oldest is Sarek National Park. It is located nearby Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta National Parks, meaning you can visit all three of them in one day. Stora Sjöfallet National Park is home of the Stour Muorkkegårttje waterfall. Many tourists come to this park just to catch a glimpse of the power of Mother Nature. Padjelanta National Park is different from the ones above. It contains mostly flat and open lands with a vast plateau around 2 large lakes, Vastenjávrre and Virihávrre. Nature Reserve Glaskogen is famous amongst hikers with its thick forest and 300 km of hiking trails. If mountainous terrain is what you are looking for, then go visit Sweden's biggest Nature Reserve Vindelfjällen . It consists of glaciers, snow peaks and mountain heaths. Arctic fox and gyrfalcon can be spotted in this region.

Most of Sweden is covered mainly by spruce and pine. The southern part of the country has beech, oak, elm and maple trees. In the higher mountain areas, there are forests of birch, with some aspen and mountain ash. Some of the bigger representatives of the fauna in Sweden are lynx, wolf, brown bear, European elk, reindeer, great grey owl and the mesmerizing white moose. And in the middle of all this beautiful Swedish nature is you very own cabin. Away from all the fuss of the city and day-to-day problems. Lay down on the comfy couch near the fireplace and look out the window to the night sky. If you catch the right moment, you might even witness the dancing Northern Lights lighting up the sky.


The activities you can enjoy in Sweden vary depending on the season. Summer time is mostly for enjoying the nature walks between lush forests and rocky hills. Or taking on a dirt road with your mountain bike. You can take your family out for a picnic near the lake or camp for the night out in the open. You can use the opportunity to go on a fishing trip with the kids. Or have a romantic day with your partner, cycling in the charming Swiss countryside. Did you know that Sweden has a lot of blueberries growing everywhere? So be sure to keep a look for that yummy treat while hiking through the woods. Summer season is perfect for renting a kayak and challenging yourself on fast flowing rapids, or canoeing on a calm and quiet lake. And if you want to try something different you should check out the rail trolley cycling trips, available for hire all over Sweden, as long as there is a disused rail track nearby. This is a great way for you and your family to explore as much as possible from the Swedish countryside. Bouldering is also an option in the Bohuslän province, Västervik, Kjugekull and the Niemisel area in the north of the country.

In winter you can try ice fishing or take it up a notch and jump in the freezing waters. Ice-swimming is a tradition in Sweden, but make sure you wear a hat, because that way you retain 50% of your body heat. Try out ice skating on a frozen lake or check some of the many ski slopes in the mountains. Try the traditional way of transport – the dog sled. If a more modern approach is what you are looking for then rent a snowmobile and explore the vast snowy planes.

Weather in Sweden

Weather can be very different depending where in Sweden are you located. The country could be divided in three regions. In central and southern Sweden, the winters are short and cold with average temperatures reaching 0°C. Summers are mild and sunny. In the northeast the winters get even colder, but summers are still with pleasurable temperatures. In the far north the winters become freezing and summers are short. Because Sweden lies at a high latitude much of the country has very long hours of daylight in summer and very long nights in winter.

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