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If you want to stay close to nature and the sea, but not move away from the amenities, our renovated single bungalows are the right choice. In the single bungalows you will feel at home, because you will not miss anything. They are located just a few meters from the sea and enchant with panoramic views and first class conditions. You can take a look at our selection for single bungalows in Europe and book your next adventurous holiday. Enjoy your stay in the cosy and functional single bungalow!

Nature of Europe, animal and plant species

Were it not for active human intervention, almost all of Europe would be covered with dense forest. Today, however, there are almost no areas untouched by humans on its territory. The area of ​​distribution of deciduous forests on the continent resembles a triangle in shape. They stretch across the Atlantic coast. Closer to the east, they give way to mixed forests. European tree species are represented mainly by beech and oak, a little less often linden and hornbeam. The flora of Europe also cannot be imagined without alpine shrubs and alpine meadows.

Europe occupies the western part of a huge continent called Eurasia. The area of ​​this part of the world is 10 million square kilometers, and most of the European landscape is represented by plains. The same conditions determine the wealth of wildlife in Europe. In the Arctic and tundra, reindeer and polar bears roam, fluffy Arctic foxes and polar rabbits hide among dwarves, and walruses and seals splash in the waters of the northern seas. There are even more animals in the taiga. In dense thickets you can find brown bears and red deer, lynx and wolverines. From time immemorial, the taiga has been the main "supplier of skins". Here are ermines and sables, squirrels and squirrels.

Wild boars, deer and minks live in the mixed and deciduous forests. In European temperate countries there are hedgehogs and squirrels, diggers and deer, foxes and badgers, ferrets and weasels. Musk oxen are found in Norway, and Poland and Belarus are known for their bison.

The steppe representatives of the fauna are distinguished by their short stature. These are tushuri and foxes, steppe wolves and saigas. The mountainous areas are inhabited by goats, gazelles, porcupines and a huge number of reptiles. The Alps are inhabited by genes and wild goats, while the Pyrenees are inhabited by stone rams and marmots.

But the birds in the mountains are also more majestic: they are mountain eagles and eagles, long-eared owls and wise owls. And the southern part of Europe is the realm of reptiles, amphibians and birds. Seagulls, puffins and guillemots have chosen the shores of the seas. Fewer animals can live in the wild. The rarest, endangered, are listed in the Red Book.

The Azores, Portugal

The Portuguese Azores are suitable for those who are tired of standard seaside resorts and want to visit unusual and amazing places in Europe. The archipelago, consisting of 9 islands, was chosen by those who want to merge with nature - to watch the raging geysers and migrating whales. The Azores are also a great place to visit for diving and water sports.

Piedmont, Italy

This is a truly magical region of Italy with beautiful places worth visiting! It is also a pleasure to walk here in both winter and summer. In the warm season you can enjoy one of the most picturesque places in Europe with beautiful nature and the coziness of small Italian villas, and in the winter you can have fun on the local ski slopes left here from the memorable 2006 Olympic Games in Turin.

Tromsø, Norway

This unusual Norwegian city will appeal to those who love a holiday with a Scandinavian character. Although it can hardly be called boring and unemotional. After all, by coming to one of the best holiday destinations in Europe, you can appreciate the beautiful fjords and mountains that surround Tromso on all sides, go on a real fishing trip and, of course, see the interesting sights. In winter, watch the Northern Lights, and in summer - you will be surprised - to go to the neighboring island on the stunning beach.

Akureyri, Iceland

The old Icelandic town is actually very cozy and unusual. First of all, it is famous for its history, which dates back to the 9th century, as well as incredibly fertile soil. To appreciate it, it is worth visiting and seeing the local Botanical Garden. Despite the small size of the city, cultural life is in full swing here: in Akureyri there is a whole Art Street, where all the museums, theaters and galleries are concentrated. And only 40km from this city is the Waterfall of the Gods(Godafoss) - one of the most beautiful in Iceland.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is almost synonymous with luxury. If you happen to be close to the Principality of Monaco, don't forget to stop here for at least a day. Visit the existing casino located in the palace, dine on fresh seafood in one of the restaurants overlooking the Cote d'Azur and walk to the pier, where expensive yachts are moored. The region is hilly, so if your budget is limited, you will still enjoy the views and architecture. You can also have breakfast in the family café: home-made ravioli with cheese and herbs and fresh fish will not hit your wallet hard. Well, if you are a fan of the Formula 1 race, then a walk on the track, where cars rush at high speed during the Monaco Grand Prix, will give you even more pleasure from the casino or fried mussels with sauce.


Most of the land has a temperate climate with small temperature fluctuations, which has a very beneficial effect on the nature of Europe. There are subarctic and arctic climate zones in the northern parts of the continent. The whole territory of Europe is crossed by a large number of rivers of different sizes, among which the Volga, Dnieper and Danube are the largest. A large number of lakes can also be found everywhere.

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