Last minute bungalow

Book a sustainable last minute holiday in a bungalow. Cheap or luxury, our bungalows are always placed outside the packed holiday parks, so expect no neighbours or crowded places. Enjoy the freedom, plan your stay as you wish, and explore the pristine nature that surrounds you. You have a variety of choices between bungalows in the mountains, forests, near water and the sea, in the middle of colorful meadows and rolling hills.

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Last minute bungalow

Book a sustainable last minute holiday in a bungalow. Cheap or luxurious, our bungalows are always placed outside the packed holiday parks. Expect no neighbors or crowded places. Enjoy the freedom, plan your stay as you wish, and explore the pristine nature that surrounds you. You have a variety of choices between bungalows in the mountains, forests, near water and the sea, in the middle of colorful meadows, and rolling hills.

The bungalow is a rather flat and detached house. It usually has a single storey. In many cases, a bungalow house also has a converted roof, while others have a cellar or offer space for storage rooms. If you decide to rent a big bungalow home, you can take your loved ones with you. Because you can find all the facilities you need in your modern bungalow, you might be extremely flexible during your holiday. You can choose when you want to cook or to go out. In big bungalows, you have several bedrooms that offer privacy to everyone in the group. The large shared living room and garden of the bungalow are places where everyone can come together and enjoy each other's company. If you rent a modern bungalow home, you can have facilities such as a washing machine, a dishwasher, a swimming pool, or even a sauna! Therefore, you will definitely relax during your holiday in nature!

Picturesque landscapes

Plan a romantic getaway in a mini bungalow or a fun weekend with friends in a big bungalow house. There is something for everyone! Discover the beauty of nature while hiking or biking in the woods, near the sea, or lakes. During your trip, you will see a wide variety of species of birds or animals. Some common examples that you might spot are the red deers, bears, foxes, woodpeckers, or the nutcrackers. There are numerous national parks and nature reserves close to our rentals in Europe, where you can spend an entire day. Also, you can practice a multitude of outdoor activities or just admire the charming landscapes in a slow-paced way. Nature is breathtakingly beautiful! We hardly think about it in our daily lives but there is so much to discover in a last minute vacation in Europe. From thousands of species of plants to the fascinating wildlife that differs from one region to another.

Perhaps you are used to choosing your holiday accommodation in the center of the cities. Now it’s the right moment to experience something new! Book a modern bungalow with a garden and you will immediately fall in love with this concept. Nature has so much to offer and you won’t have time to get bored at all! Being away from stress, hectic schedules, and electronic devices means more time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. This will have a great impact on your well-being! The mission of has always been to reconnect people with nature. Are you ready to reconnect with nature? On the website of, you can find the perfect house for you. That’s not all! There are plenty of other destinations that are waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance!

What activities can you do during your last minute bungalow holiday?

Venture out into the mountains for challenging hikes, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, paragliding, and more! You can visit the Netherlands for a cycling trip or Denmark if you'd prefer mountain biking. Or perhaps you'd like to book a bungalow at the seaside? Visit the French island of Corsica for activities in the water. Think of boat trips, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling. Thanks to the great winds, surfing is also possible. Or you can just go sunbathing in the bay or city beaches. Corsica's great geographical diversity makes the region a favorable place for more than just water sports. Hiking, canyoning, exploring the amazing jagged coastline and landscapes by walking through the Gulf of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Do you feel like you need a break? But you also want to go somewhere away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the cities. Perhaps while you were dreaming with your eyes open, nature came up to your mind. Seems like a great place where you can escape for a while from your daily life. That’s why is the best way of making all these wishes become reality. Check all our bungalows in Europe that are exclusively located in the heart of nature. Maybe you just want to relax while reading a book in the garden of your rental or play some fun games with your friends inside your big bungalow house. This can be possible! You also have a multitude of other activities that you can do, especially outdoors.

If you are wondering what your children can do during this kind of holiday, you should know that they won’t get bored at all. Take your kids with you and have a picnic together in nature, collect mushrooms, make crafts, or visit natural reserves where they will be able to see wild animals in their natural habitat. The advantage of a holiday bungalow with a garden is that the little ones have the freedom to play outside the accommodation, in nature, while you are enjoying the view and peace.

For nature lovers

Gran Paradiso National Park

Would you like to explore breathtaking landscapes and unique flora and fauna? Stay in an Italian bungalow in the Aosta Valley, and you'll have plenty of opportunities for wildlife encounters. The Gran Paradiso National Park is a homeland of various Alpine animals. Hike in the mountains and you'll most likely encounter the ibex, roaming proud and impressive with his curved horns. This animal is the symbol of the park. It's also possible that you meet chamois along the way, but these animals are rather shy and thus more difficult to observe. The park also harbors the marmot, lynx, and some predator bird species like the golden eagle and the lammergeyer. As for the fauna, the lowlands of the valley and woods are filled with larch trees, red spruce, pines, and silver fir trees. Going up to the mountains the trees are replaced with pastures, blossoming with color in the spring and summer.

Zoom-Kalmthoutse Heide National Park

Are there any passionate bird watchers reading this? Then, you should know that Zoom-Kalmthoutse Heide National Park can be the right place for you. It takes a part of the Dutch region of North Brabant and goes to the Belgian region of Antwerp. There you will see all the species of woodpecker and you might also have the chance to spot the nightjar, hawk, stonechat, and many more. This natural sight can be easily explored while hiking or cycling. You will discover diverse landscapes of pine woods, marshland, heathland, and drift sands. What are you waiting for? Get ready for a last minute bungalow holiday with your loved ones in the Netherlands.

Caves of Hotton

What a magical place located near Hotton in Belgium! It can be a fun activity to do with your family or friends. These are speleothem caves that have a length of approximately 6 kilometers and are 70 meters deep. They were discovered some time ago, more exactly in 1958. Also, Syphon is a stream that runs at the bottom of the caves. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in Belgium and book now one of our available last minute bungalows in this beautiful European country.

Perfect destinations for booking a last minute bungalow


Belgium will astonish you with the amount of greenery that it has to offer! How about mountain biking in the woods? You may spot wild arum, hyacinth, beautiful lilies, strawberries, and other plants that are common to this country. More than 20% of the landscape is covered by forests, mostly found in Wallonia. Since the population density is lower, nature is very extensive in the region of Ardennes. Belgium has plenty of nature reserves like High Fens where nature is preserved and untouched. You will find many rare plant species in this area due to the harsh climate and long winters. While hiking in the woods you can observe beech and oak trees that are predominant in this country. So what are you waiting for? Book a bungalow and you will have nature at your doorstep. Imagine coming across mammals like boar, fox, badger, squirrel, weasel, or a hedgehog during your hike in the countryside!


Italy is located in the south-central part of Europe and surrounded by the wonderful Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ionian, and Tyrrhenian Seas. The north of the peninsula offers the tourists breathtaking views from the Alps and a splendid natural environment. The country has also sublime islands with white-sand beaches and a bright blue sea. When you think of Italy, what instantly comes to your mind are its well-known ancient cities, delicious cuisine, and spectacular natural landscapes. You can go sight-seeing in Rome, Venice, or Milan, enjoying some pizza, pasta, and ice-cream or other gastronomic delights. However, there is a large variety of other amazing activities that can be done in nature. You can explore picturesque views while hiking in the Alps or biking around the Tuscany region.

Moreover, if you would like to have a unique experience under the water, Capri and Sardinia are the perfect places for scuba diving and snorkeling. In case you are not an adventurous person but you are still willing to discover some of the natural treasures of Italy, it is recommended to take a cruise trip to Naples and the Amalfi Coast or Sardinia. If you are a wine lover, then for sure you will enjoy Italy’s superb vineyards. Veneto, Tuscany, and Piedmont are just a few of the regions where you can savor the taste of a high-quality red or white wine. gives you the opportunity to escape from your stressful daily life and enjoy Italy’s wonders by booking lovely bungalow houses in Italy. What are you waiting for? Go to Italy and enjoy “la dolce far niente” (“the sweetness of doing nothing”) alongside locals.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, large animals are practically nonexistent. While hiking in the woods you will see mammals such as the red deer, wild pigs, foxes, badgers, fallow deers, mouflons, rabbits, hedgehogs, and bats. In total, 541 bird species have been registered. This sounds exciting for bird-watchers, right? The number composes the ducks and most duck-like waterfowl, such as geese and swans. Stroll in the woods and enjoy the splendid nature. If you are a passionate bird-watcher or animal lover, then what do you think about renting a bungalow in the Netherlands and discover more of its natural spots and wildlife?

What kind of weather should you expect?

In this case, it might be easy to predict. When it comes to last minute breaks, you can just check the weather forecast and decide what kind of clothes to pack with you. Therefore, one of the advantages of this type of holiday is that you quickly know if in a few days it will rain or not, while you are on your last minute day trip. Depending on the weather, you can choose to have a promenade or to relax inside, in front of the fireplace. Don’t forget to check out the deals for Christmas, the most magical time of the year. If you are reading this and it’s not the winter season anymore, perhaps you can find some cheap last minute offers during the spring, summer, or autumn months. What are you waiting for? Get ready for a memorable last minute holiday!

In contrast to camping or other types of accommodation that depend on the warmer months, you can stay in a modern bungalow all year round. If you want to enjoy the summer months, then this is the best time for you to rent a bungalow with a garden and have a lovely time while preparing a barbeque or admiring the sunset. You can also rent a mini bungalow in autumn when you are able to have beautiful walks in nature. Then the trees lose their brown leaves and the wind blows around the house. In winter, you will enjoy the cosiness of your tiny bungalow while sipping a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream, by the fireplace. Choose to book a private accommodation in spring if you want to admire the breathtaking landscapes that are becoming colorful again and the trees that are showing their green leaves.

Enjoy a last minute bungalow trip in solitude

While there's plenty of options for outdoor activities in the wild, you can always just have fun near your home. Our rentals are the perfect getaway from the fuss in the city, so you can finally find some peace and quietness. Read a book in your garden, enjoy the sun by the pool, do some meditation, and immerse yourself in nature. There are many places you can visit for a restful, soul-stirring retreat. Hide near one of the tranquil forest lakes of Croatia, swim in the turquoise waters, and say hello to the resident wildlife. Greece is another country with stunning natural beauty. Avoid the crowds in one of our remote bungalows and enjoy the pristine beaches, towering mountains. and green forests. And if you really need to get away from it all, Iceland is a perfect destination. Live in the middle of nowhere and you'll probably not get to meet a single soul. Be amazed by the serene landscapes of the vast wilderness and enjoy a soulful holiday in solitude. Rent a luxury bungalow with a sauna or a swimming pool and combine your experience in nature with some spa.