Holiday homes Italy

Holiday homes Italy

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An alternative holiday

There comes a time when we realize that even during our days off we are bound to the city, where the stress doesn’t go away even when we rest. Every year we gather with our closest ones to celebrate the annual holidays. Whether it’s a winter holiday like Christmas or the wonderful Easter springtime, it’s important to be with our friends and family. has a simple, yet a fantastic alternative to this situation - we offer a variety of Holiday homes in Italy, surrounded by nature that will make you relax and lose yourself within the magical environment. Come with your family and friends and book a vacation in the beautiful Italian environment.

Nature’s kingdom

If you stay at one of our holiday homes in Italy, one thing is for sure - nature will be in your presence throughout your entire vacation. Italy is a country with a huge list of natural wonders and natural parks! Whether you want to relax or explore, we’ve got it covered for you. You may visit the wonderful National Park of the High Murge Plateau, Gargano National Park, the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Alburni, or the splendid beaches of La Maddalena in Sardinia.

You will observe the rich plant life, thousands of native and rare species to surprise you with their exceptional colors and scents: primroses, orchids, lilies, live oaks, chestnut trees, red and white firs, and even spruces, myrtle. Additionally, one of the oldest and most important archaeological sites in Europe is located in southern Italy, due to the discovery of human remains that date back more than ten thousand years!

Similar to the flora, Italy’s fauna is rich and full of variety. During your stay at our Holiday homes, Italy, you may encounter some of the unique to Italy animals like the Corsican hare, the Sardinian long-eared bat, the Apennine shrew, the Udine shrew, the Calabria pine vole, or the Sardinian deer. In addition to these animals, there are hundreds of mammal, bird, and invertebrate species. One thing is for sure, should you stay with us at our holiday homes in Italy, you will feel the closest to the animal kingdom you’ve ever been to! Just imagine, for example, how your mornings would take place - a hot coffee or tea on the porch of your cozy house, birds singing and the sun shining through the leaves of the forest. It’s a dream come true.

Staying active during the holidays

While you’re celebrating the holidays, it’s important to take breaks in between the feasts. Perhaps go on little hikes or bigger expeditions. Explore the magical Italian forests, be on the watch for wild animals in the distance, observe nature as it exists in peace and become one with that peace. Additionally, If you happen to book a holiday home on Italy’s beaches, dive into the clear sea and explore the deep waters filled with marvelous marine life. Climb the famous Mont Blanc in the Italian Alps or visit the Apennine Mountains. Whatever you do and wherever you go, nature will follow you in your steps.