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Have you ever been to Friesland? This typically Dutch province is located in the far north of the Netherlands, adjacent to the provinces of Flevoland, Overijssel, Drenthe and Groningen. The province has a wide and open polder landscape in which water plays the absolute leading role. It is not for nothing that Friesland is called the water province of the Netherlands. Are you a lover of water sports or boating? Then you will feel like a fish in the water in a holiday home in Friesland. In terms of total area, land and water, this province is the largest in the Netherlands. If you only count the land surface, Friesland is the third largest province in the country.

Friesland has no less than four different national parks, namely: National Park Schiermonnikoog, National Park De Alde Feanen, National Park Lauwersmeer and finally National Park Drents-Friese Wold. In all these parks the water, the peace and quiet and the panoramic views are central. Aquatic animals have already found their place here, including various amphibians, birds, insects, arthropods and of course fish. In the province there are several outdoor centres and nature museums where volunteers and staff are happy to tell you more about the Frisian nature and culture of which they are so proud. Frisian nature is managed by It Fryske Gea ('The Frisian Landscape'). This association ensures that the open and water-rich landscape is preserved and is not too much affected by the actions of people or animals.

Versatile Friesland
A number of noteworthy of the different Frisian landscapes are the Wadden area, the Gaasterland and the Frisian forests. Four of the five inhabited Dutch Wadden Islands belong to the province of Friesland: Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. For a relaxing beach holiday you have come to the right place in Friesland. On the Wadden Sea you can go for walks, swimming, kite flying, cycling, mudflat walking, watching sunsets and surfing. This is different in the Frisian forests. Here it is not about a combination of air and water, but rather about the openness of the scenery. The region is located in the east of Friesland, near the border with the province of Groningen.

And finally there is Gaasterland, a region in the southwest corner of the province, part of National Landscape Southwest Fryslân. Although Friesland consists almost everywhere of flat meadows with beautiful views, Gaasterland is sloping with forests. A holiday home in Gaasterland is a good starting point for recreation on or around the Frisian Lakes. Numerous large and small lakes together form a vast lake district. The area is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, where large boat events that are organized here, testify. Examples are the famous Sneekweek and the Skûtsjesilen, two events that attract many visitors to the province every year.

Go out together
Most visitors of Friesland come here to enjoy the water. Canoeing, sailing, swimming, skûtsjesilen, fierljeppen, fishing and surfing are all possible on the dozens of lakes, ditches and canals in the province of Friesland. Don't have a boat or a canoe? Don't worry, because there are hundreds of locations where you can easily rent this type of transport during your holiday. In the north of the province you will find the Wadden Sea coast, from where you can reach some of the Wadden Islands on foot or by ferry. And what about cycling, horseback riding or walking? It's all possible from a holiday home in Friesland.

Because of the weather conditions, spring and summer are often the two best seasons to stay in a holiday home in Friesland. However, this does not mean that you can't stay here in the colder months. On the contrary! If you are lucky, it freezes in the far north during these months, and from your accommodation you can step on the ice to go ice skating on natural ice. Great for young and old.

Although the various Frisian landscapes have plenty to offer for active holidaymakers and lovers of the outdoors, you should not miss out on a visit to cosy Frisian (Eleven) cities during your holiday. We will be happy to highlight a few of them for you. First of all, Sneek, a huge water-rich city. The city centre is surrounded by city canals, along which you can make excellent city walks. For a water sports holiday you've come to the right place in the vicinity of Sneek. The city is close to the Sneekermeer, where you will find many water sports facilities. The port city of Harlingen is located in the far west of the province, on the Wadden Sea. Here you will find old warehouses, ring of canals and remains of defensive structures. If you are staying in a holiday home near Harlingen, you can easily cross over to the Wadden Islands of Terschelling and Vlieland. The ferry to these islands leaves from Harlingen harbour.

And then there is the Frisian capital Leeuwarden, which in 2018 together with the Maltese Valletta was proclaimed Cultural Capital of Europe. Leeuwarden has the most inhabitants of all Frisian cities. The historic city centre, the dug canals and the hundreds of national monuments bear witness to an enormous history. Nice to visit during your day trip to this city are the Frisian Museum, the Nature Museum Fryslân and the National Ceramics Museum Princessehof. Of course it is also possible to take a guided city walk, visit the many catering establishments or go shopping for a day.

See you soon?
On the website of you will find almost 200 accommodations that are scattered in the province of Friesland. All of them vary in price range and comfort level. Spend the summer in a safari tent in the polder, go to a chalet in the forests of Gaasterland in autumn, choose in winter for a cozy farmhouse in a terp village or celebrate spring in a tree house with a distant view of the Wadden Sea. With the many natural beauties, the ever-changing cloud skies, the beautiful views and the sea within easy reach, you will not get bored here. May we welcome you next year in one of our holiday homes in Friesland?

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