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Located between the mountains and the sea, Liguria offers a profusion of breathtaking vistas that you can enjoy from your window. The astonishing landscapes have always inspired the greatest Italian artists such as Paganini, Montale, Mameli, De André, and many more. Book a cottage in Liguria and find peace and relaxation away from the crowds. A holiday house provides comfort and a homey feeling that makes your stay even more pleasant.

The beautiful region of Liguria

After Molise and Valle d’Aosta, Liguria comes as the third smallest region in Italy. It may come as a surprise that it’s also some of the most densely populated regions, taking fourth place on the list after Campania, Lazio, and Lombardy. The population is concentrated on the coast, and half of all people live in the capital city of Genoa. Even so, our cottages and gites in Liguria are situated in remote places, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. You can marvel at the breathtaking views of mountains covered in bright vegetation in complete silence, unbothered by the crowds and masses. In the front of the region you can find the Ligurian Sea, a sanctuary to a rich community of whales and dolphins. The seaside area of Liguria is a vertical landscape of jagged cliffs, and the coastal strip has just a few sandy beaches. That makes it perfect for divers and anyone who loves cliff jumping. Just like most of the coastal regions of Italy, the climate of Liguria is also Mediterranean with continental influences particularly in the highlands. The summer is moderately hot with temperatures often reaching 30°C, while the winters are generally mild along the seaside and cold in the mountains.

Explore the rich flora and fauna of Liguria

The geography of the region creates a harmonious mix of mountains and sea - an epic variety of landscapes that are home to unique ecosystems. The dominant vegetation is Mediterranean. The heavy agriculture introduced various plantations of olive trees, chestnut trees, vines, and citrus fruit trees such as the lemon. Actually, Liguria is the most densely wooded region of Italy. Half of all land is covered in forests! Along the coast you’ll find palm trees and magnolias, reminding of the California environment and South African beaches. The Mediterranean maquis is also present with species like the broom, myrtle, and the holm oak. As for the hilly regions, they are predominantly covered in coniferous forests of firs and pines. Of course, you’ll also find a profusion of herbs growing in the wild - oregano, rosemary, basil, thyme, chervil, marjoram, and more. Are you a passionate bird watcher? In Liguria there’s an abundance of owls and birds of prey like the hawn and beautiful golden eagle. You can also look for the red partridge and the ninfa del corbezzolo, known as the charaxes jasius butterfly. The beautiful butterflies mostly live in the highlands around the mountain valleys. The wildlife is also represented by lizards like the gecko and the large speckled lizard. Among the mammals, they live mostly in the mountains. The common species include foxes, badgers, otters, martens, field mice. You have the best chance to encounter wild boards, which have doubled their numbers in Italy in the past decade. The Apennine wolves are present in the hinterlands, hiding in the most remote inhabited areas. Encounters are rare, but still possible. In total, Liguria has one national park, nine regional parks, and three nature reserves. The Regional Natural Park of the Ligurian Alps is the best place for your hiking trip.

What to do when you’re staying in a Ligurian cottage?

The unspoiled landscapes of the region offer the perfect backdrop for naturalistic experiences and activities in the wild. In the summer there’s nothing better than spending your days by the Ligurian Sea. The beaches are gently drizzling visitors with their crystal clear waters and fine golden sands. Soak up the sun, get tanned, and swim in the transparent waters. You can also go snorkeling and diving or sailing and fishing. There are also places that offer jet skiing and surfing. Are you looking for a real thrill? Go cliff jumping and get your adrenaline pumping! And while the region offers the perfect conditions for a summer holiday in the seaside and nature, there’s a lot to experience throughout the year. Plunge into the bright colors of spring, plan a picnic by one of the roaring rivers or small bubbling streams, take a bike and cycle to discover the charming pastoral views. The climate in Liguria contributes to an evergreen vegetation of maritime pine, the ulivo, palm, and cypresses. Still, the autumn landscape is a good mix of lively green and soothing yellow that can be seen in the undulating forests.

After the busy summer season, Liguria empties from the tourists to reveal its true soul. Walk on the Italian Riviera to discover the picturesque fishing villages and meet the warm-hearted people of the coast. A cultural trip of discovering the cuisine and cultural heritage is another idea to include in your day-to-day planning for Liguria. Even if the wind is blowing, the temperatures rarely fall below 10°C and most of the days are full of sunshine. The spring and autumn are perfect for hiking, trekking, climbing, cycling, and mountain biking. You can also take a sight-seeing hike to discover the five towns of Cinque Terre, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The scenic hiking trails descend through the vineyards in the mountains to reach the sea, passing through each of the five extraordinary towns with awe-inspiring natural features. Hiking is possible even in the winter. Take the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri trail that passes Liguria from west to east, following the arc formed by the Ligurian Alps and Apennines. If the winter is snowy you can also go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains. One of the activities that offer a truly unique experience is olive harvesting. A one of a kind agriturismo holiday. Especially if you’re planning your Christmas vacation in Liguria, because the month that olives are harvested is December. In the Riviera dei Fiori area you can find the Taggiasca olive and enjoy this experience with the guidance of the locals. Are you ready for a soulful retread in nature? Take a moment and find the most suitable cottage in Liguria, and start planning your dream holiday. We also offer glamping homes if you’re up for an adventurous camping trip that still allows you to feel the comfort of staying in a luxury home. Check our b&b houses in Liguria and get advice on the best places to visit in the region. And don’t forget about the breakfast you’ll get every morning! Wake up to the sound of chirping birds, a delicious meal invites you for a breakfast in the garden, and the untamed landscapes around you waiting to be discovered. Enjoy!

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