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Cottages Lombardy

Once you have gotten past the Alps' jaw-dropping views, you would learn that Lombardy has much more to offer than spectacular landscapes, and the northern sparkling blue lakes are the jewel of Mantua's old town. Many visitors only visit Milan and maybe one of the lakes, but the best way to experience the region is to explore it comprehensively. If you stay here for a week, you will find it quite difficult to leave. Our affordable cottages in Lombardy are one of the reasons to enjoy a trip here.

Nature and Landscapes

Three strips of vegetation can be seen from the base of the Alps to their highest peaks. The evergreen cork oak, European olive, cypress, and cherry laurel are the most prevalent trees around the Lombard lakes. The prolonged presence of humans in Italy has greatly restricted the diversity of animal life. Many species in the Alps hibernate, such as marmots, ermine, mountain partridge, and Alpine rabbit change their protective coloring according to the season.

The ibex, which is protected in Gran Paradiso National Park, the chamois in the Central Alps, and the roe deer in the eastern Alps are among the larger mammals. The lynx, stoat, and brown bear are currently endangered species. The black grouse, golden eagle, and capercaillie, or wood grouse, are among the Alpine birds. Species found in the Alps can also be found in other high alpine regions, albeit there are more foxes and wolves there.

The brown bear can be spotted in Abruzzo, and the fallow deer, mouflon as well as wild boar can be found on Sardinia's island. Brown trout, sturgeon, and eels are examples of aquatic animals. Apart from typical species like red mullet and dentex, there are white sharks, Bluefin tuna, and swordfish can also be found in the sea, particularly in southern seas. On the warm southern waters' rocks, there is an abundance of red coral and commercial sponge among invertebrates.

What to do here?

While Lake Garda, which is spread over a large area, is one of the country's most well-known tourist destinations, the commune of Sirmione offers such an unique attraction that you shouldn’t think twice before going on a trip here. Varenna is a notable location on Lake Como, and getting here on one of the little ferries that go between the lakeside villages is a unique experience.

Azienda Agricola Villa Carla is located in Scanzorosciate, a tiny village near Bergamo. Their horses are very gentle, and no prior horseback riding experience is required to have a ride, you just need an equestrian spirit. Also Monte Isola, Europe's largest lake island, is located within Lake Iseo near our cottages in Lombardy. This Island, known for its sundried fish and wine-flavored salami, will bring you to another era. Because there are no cars on Monte Isola, it is a haven for individuals seeking tranquilly. Switch to the destinations tab to explore a variety of cottages in Lombardy and enjoy a great time without worrying much about accommodation.

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