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Find a suitable holiday home in Picardy here. offers you several holiday homes in Picardy. These holiday homes are all situated in the countryside. The nature of Picardy is mainly formed by fields and meadows. But there are also interesting nature reserves for birdwatchers. The nature park "Le Marquenterre" is an ideal resting place for marsh birds. 

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Holiday home in Aisne , bookable online now ? View here beautiful holiday homes in Aisne. The holiday homes in Aisne on are all ideally located for a holiday full of nature, tranquility and space. Aisne is a department located in the north of France in the Picardy region.

Holidays in Laon

Aisne is a department with just over half a million inhabitants. The capital of Aisne is Laon. Laon is a town with not much more than 25,000 inhabitants. Despite the fact that the town is small in size, there is plenty to admire. For example, you can see the beautiful Notre-Dame of Laon. But also the "Rue Châtelaine" is worth walking through. This street exudes the character of Laon.

The other four arrondissements in Aisne are Château-Thierry, Vervins, Saint-Quetin and Soissons. The ruins of the church of St. Jean des Vignes, which is located in Soissons, are highly recommended. Would you like to rent a holiday home in Aisne? Take a look at the nice selective offer of holiday homes in Laon, Château-Thierry, Vervins, Saint-Quetin or Soissons. And be surprised by the beautiful churches that can be found in this department.

Nature in Aisne

The nature in Aisne is characterized by the rolling fields with forests. In the Aisne you can see various butterflies such as the Golden Butterfly and the Muzzle Butterfly. The grey harrier and the summer turtle can also be seen in Aisne with some luck. In the woods of Aisne you have the chance to win a singing whistler in the spring. Or perhaps you will see a grey clawier holding his post at the top of a tree. In any case, there is plenty to see in this department. Go on a holiday yourself in Aisne and explore the nature of this lovely region. An ideal holiday home in Aisne for a holiday full of peace and nature can be found at

If you can't find what you're looking for, check out our range of holiday homes in other departments of Picardy. Maybe you can find your dream house there for the summer holidays. We also advise you to contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you find the perfect accommodation in Aisne.