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Cottages in Dordogne

Nature lover? Do you recognize yourself in this statement? If you are one of those people that do recognize themselves as a nature lover, then what you are about to read might be the exact thing you are looking for. Not only looking for but in actual need of. Because we know exactly how important it is to stay in touch with nature and we know exactly how difficult it can be to take the time off of work to actually spend time surrounded by the beauty and majesty of nature itself. It is because we know all this that we at want to extend this amazing offer of cottages in Dordogne.

This one-of-a-kind destination in the heart of southwestern France will bring so many unforgettable memories to you and your family, that you will be telling stories and looking through photo albums for years to come. What you can expect of Dordogne is irresistible beauty when it comes to the nature that it offers. You will be left breathless of its amazing natural wonders. It is a destination that promises a vacation as you have never seen before. You will be left with so much positive energy that you will have the strength to grow in your career and your everyday life for so many and many months to come.

The amazing French nature and the majesty of Dordogne

France is well known for the many natural wonders it offers to its visitors. It is not a surprise that it is one of the most well-known and sought-after destinations in the entire continent of Europe. Amazing golden-sanded endless beaches, beautiful and mysterious mountains. This is just a fraction of everything that France has to offer to you, now! is here to make sure you are given the chance to experience this beauty first hand in your own private Dordogne cottage. Speaking of Dordogne, this amazing piece of land is located in the southwestern part of France. It is located between the Pyrenees mountains and the Loire Valley.

It is a part of France that is so rich in natural wonders, that you cannot possibly visit all of them in one go unless you plan to take some serious time off work! Apart from the many natural wonders that the countryside has to offer, the land is filled with such a rich history, ancient towns, and museums, that you will never feel left out of all the rich knowledge it has to offer. It is home to some of the most amazing museums in the entirety of France. Some ancient towns like Sarlat-la-Canéda will leave you breathless, combining the natural majesty of the country and the amazingly rich history of its people. Rivers, valleys, mountains, walkways, and so many more. Your cottage in Dordogne will be within walking distance of soo many of these natural wonders, all your problems will be what you want to visit first!

All the fun things you can do

Even though we are very positive that you will love Dordogne and your cottage, we cannot hope to tell you about all the amazing things that you will have the opportunity to experience. And we also do not want to spoil the amazing experiences that’s offer will grant you. Regardless of who you choose to take with you, Dordogne will offer so many different opportunities for you and anyone you choose to take with you. Are you planning on taking the entire family, together with your small ones and your elders? Worry not! Dordogne will have walkways and pathways for beginners that want to enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding them while still maintaining their normal breathing.

If you are looking for a more adventurous ride, Dordogne has some amazing bike trails that will leave you breathless with adrenaline. The scenery, the fresh air, and everything surrounding you while on your amazing adventure will be like nothing you have ever seen before. The proximity of Dordogne to the other parts of the country will make it very easy for you to travel. That, coupled with the diversity in destinations of cottages provided by will surely make for an amazing vacation. Dordogne is an amazing place to have a honeymoon together with your loved one. France already has a reputation of being one of the most romantic destinations on the planet, and this place specifically can live up to even that reputation. Star-gazing, picnics out in the open, long walks in the fresh air. Just a few examples of all the things you can do while on your amazing stay. A cozy evening in your own private Dordogne cottage. Getting the picture? We know you do! And we know you will love it.

Wondering what to pack

What you will have to pack in terms of clothing will depend solely on when you plan to visit. One of the many blessings of France is the balance in the climate that it offers. France generally enjoys mildly cold winters to generally warm summers. This means that you probably won’t have to freeze in the cold if you go in the winter and you won’t have to burn in the sun if you decide to have a summer vacation. You can still choose one of the two if you have a preference. If you do decide to visit in the summer, make sure to pack your flip-flops and your sunscreen, but do not forget to pack in a jacket in the meantime just in case.

If you do decide to visit in the winter or decide to have an amazing Christmas time while packing in your new jacket and boots, put in a pair of sunglasses. The sun is not a very rare sight even in the winter months around Christmas. Whatever you decide to pack and whenever you decide to visit, you can rest assured that your stay in a cottage in Dordogne will be worth your while.

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