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Holiday homes Aquitaine in nature? The Aquitaine region covers more than 41,000 km2 and consists of five departments: Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The capital Bordeaux is well known to everyone. Aquitaine is made attractive by its location. To the west lies the sea and to the south the province borders on Spain.

Its oceanfront location makes it a popular holiday destination for surfers. But for you as a nature lover there is also plenty to do.

Cottages in Aquitaine also has a nice selection of rural gites in this region. A gite in Aquitaine must be quietly located and ideal for nature lovers before the gite ends up on

The nature of Aquitaine is very diverse. Because part of the region is adjacent to the national park the Pyrenees and also adjacent to the coast, the altitude difference in the region is great. If you like hiking in the mountains we offer you a holiday home Pyrenees or Dordogne. But we also have a holiday home Dordogne for you near the sea.

Aquitaine has 3 protected natural parks. The Pyrenees National Park is the best known of these. But the regional nature park Périgord-Limousin and les Landes de Gascogne also have a lot to offer. When you think of Aquitaine, you are in fact thinking of the Dordogne region. This region is very popular with holidaymakers and a holiday home in Dordogne is the perfect place to explore this natural region.

National park the Pyrenees

A large mountain range that is partly located in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The mountain range is located in both France and Spain. A trip to Spain is thus easily made. The Pyrenees have enormous mountain peaks and large lakes. The high mountains provide habitat for a special bird species such as the rock creeper. But also for various other scarce flora and fauna. Enjoy the beautiful views that the peaks of the mountains offer you. After a brisk hike in the mountains, you can relax in your holiday home and enjoy the nearby natural surroundings that the holiday homes Aquitaine on nature house have to offer. The mountains in the Pyrenees are mainly known for their varying character. The mountains sometimes have very steep stretches that are a challenge for hikers and cyclists. Visit a holiday home Dordogne or a holiday home Pyrenees! And you will be amazed by the stunning surroundings.

Périgord-Limousin Regional Natural Park

When you explore this natural park you will wonder if the Pyrenees are really in the same region. Périgord-Limousin is completely different. The park located in the Dordogne gives you a beautiful example that nature and culture together can form something very beautiful. Look around in an old chateau or take a walk through the hilly green landscape. Make the experience even more complete by spending the night in a bed and breakfast or holiday home Pyrenees near this area. Natuurhuisje gives you the opportunity to choose between unique holiday homes Aquitaine that show you nature.

Regional natural park Les Landes de Gascogne

The Landes de Gascogne area is an enormous protected area of about 290,000 km2. It is an area that is entirely man-made nature reserve, of the time for ecological reasons. That it is man-made is often no longer visible. Nature has gone its own way and that gives it a unique character.

Near all these parks we offer you an Aquitaine holiday home. So you have the choice of what kind of nature you prefer to spend the night in. It is also possible to make a small tour through Aquitaine and different holiday home Aquitaine.

The nature near the holiday homes Aquitaine certainly have a lot of beauty to offer. Look at the advertisement of the holiday home to see what that particular holiday home has to offer.

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