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To be on a vacation is one thing that every one of us always looks forward to, whether we are visiting our parents for Christmas or we are having a summer holiday at the beach. Vacations are what brings us joy and what we think about in times when our job is hard, our bosses are giving us too many tasks, and when the rain is falling and we want to go outside. We wait for vacations like they will be our last and we plan every little detail and every corner that we want to discover and explore because we have a curiosity for natural wonder and we love nature.

A long-awaited journey

If what you just read sounds familiar to you and you want to know what it is that we are talking about, then you should be proud of yourself because you are a nature-lover and what we have in mind might be the exact thing you are looking for. wants to give an amazing opportunity for a vacation in Carinthia, Austria. Not just another vacation, but a getaway that will reconnect you with nature’s wonder and its magic. A place where you will be free to explore, learn about nature, and learn about yourself by exploring the world around you. A vacation in the true sense of the word, one that you will not forget easily.

The natural wonders that wait for you to discover them

Carinthia is a southern region of one of the most beautiful European countries- Austria. It also encompasses the easter part of the Austrian Alps. The nature that Carinthia has to offer is on a whole next level and what you can experience and discover here, you cannot find in any other spot on the map. That is why we are only going to mention a few places that we definitely think you will love and we will let you decide which one will be your favorite.

The first place that comes to mind when we think about what you might love to visit first when you decide to take your adventure at your own cottage in Carinthia, is Austria’s highest mountain Grossglockner. This is surely a place that will mesmerize you and leave you breathless every time you see it and visit it. A good thing about this mountain is that you do not have to climb all the way to the top to be mesmerized by its many sights, natural sceneries, and wonders for the human eye.

Another place that you have to visit and that should be on your list when you arrive in Carinthia is the Wörthersee. You might have heard of this amazing lake before. It is the main tourist attraction in this part of Austria, especially in the summer. The place becomes a bathing ground for anyone who feels like the summer days are too hot and even if they just want to gaze at Austria’s amazing nature.

Tourist activities in Carinthia we think you might like

The geographical location of Carinthia makes it a top tourist destination throughout all the seasons and all year round. It does not matter when you decide to visit, you will have plenty of things to choose from that you can undertake. Hiking is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. Your cottage in Carinthia will be surrounded by many pathways you can choose to explore. Not to mention all the things that you can do while you are on the path. Hunting for wild berries, flowers, trying to catch a glimpse of a wild animal that you can only see in these parts of the world.

Due to the mountainous terrain of the area, mountain biking is very common and is a sport that most tourists always consider, regardless of their expertise. There are mountain bike paths for everyone, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. You will surely find something that you will love while on this adventure. You can even rent bicycles and if you are feeling lucky and in need of a more extreme adventure, you can always look for higher ground from which you can start your descent.

As you probably already know skiing and snowboarding are very popular and are very cool things that you can do here, considering you will find the slopes of the southern Alps. Again there are paths for beginners and for more advanced riders. If you have not picked up skiing or snowboarding yet, what better time to do it than on the slopes of the Austrian Alps. That will make for a great story to tell when you come back home or to tell your children, friends, or family. The new activities you can undertake here are endless, all you have to bring is your natural sense of adventure and feeling of curiosity and you will have a wonderful time with many memories for the years to come.

The weather in Austria is…

The weather in Austria can be quite pleasant. Again, that depends on what you are looking for and when you decide to visit. To give you a rough understanding, in the summer days temperature remains in the middle range, somewhere between 10 and 25 degrees celsius. Rarely you will stumble upon very warm days where you will be sweating in the sun and you will be looking for a fan or air conditioner.

The winters can be cold, with temperatures between October and March remaining roughly around -3 degrees celsius. This makes for a pleasant snowfall that fills the tracks for skiing and snowboarding. A good jacket will do you very well and should be enough to have a great outdoor adventure. Your cottage in Carinthia is provided by and therefore will have everything needed to suit all the weather conditions of the typical and not-so-typical Austrian weather. So you do not need to worry about any of that. What you need to worry is why are you still not packing for the most amazing adventure yet?

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