Cottage in the woods

Cottage in the woods

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Cottage in the woods

You may have visited the woods and had the most relaxing or adventurous experience. But have you thought of living in the woods for a couple of days or weeks or months? If you want a getaway from a stressful life or just be away from the crowd and explore nature, then book a cottage with us in the beautiful woods all around the world! Explore wildlife, all kinds of vegetation, do some fun-filled activities, and make yourself feel at home in our cottages!


The nature around your cottage will be extremely diverse. The vegetation that you will be surrounded with will change depending on which time of the year you choose to go on a holiday. In the colder north of Europe, you will find coniferous forests and tundra regions. Deciduous woods, swamps, and polders will be found in Central-Europe. The highest plant richness in Europe is in the Mediterranean region. So what are you waiting for? We have plenty of cottages in the woods available near this region. Most of Europe’s trees in the woods and forests are related by genus and are not members of the same species. You will find maples, pals, birches, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, and conifers. Did you know that some native tree species of Europe have been brought to North America? For instance, Sycamore, a long-lived tree, is found in Europe but also brought to North America. Like this, the mountain ash and horse chestnut are also found in Europe. The olive tree originates along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is found in the woods and has been cultivated to increase the size of its fruits. It’s the main agricultural resource in Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. Lastly, herbs or wildflowers like dandelion are immigrants but can be found in Europe. Moreover, violets, cinquefoils, and the marsh marigold are some of the species found in these regions. So if you step outside your cottage, you might be able to take photos with these unique species! White clover, red clover, and even the alsike clover are natives of Europe. Does this make you even more excited to live in the woods?


Imagine wild boars, deer, foxes, or badger passing by your cottage! Marine life is also very distinct in Europe. If your cottage is near the lake or river then you find beautiful aquatic animals. Most of the countries that are near the Mediterranean region, offer wildlife that not everyone has seen. Eurasian wolves can be found in the wild lowland forests of Europe. They are the biggest predators of the European world. The wild boars in Europe are medium sized and native to Denmark, Poland, Germany, and France. So what are you waiting for? Book a cottage in the woods now! Have you heard of the European bison? They are the heaviest surviving wild land animals in Europe. They are classified as vulnerable, so if you find one near your cottage, don’t forget to

European Bison is one of two big species of bison and the heaviest surviving wild land animal in Europe. The European bison is classified as vulnerable and survived in a few natural forests in Europe. You will get to see all these unique creatures around you and when you come home you can share your experiences with your friends and family. You will spot reindeer, rabbits, or foxes during the winters too!


From swimming, cycling, walking, to staying at home, there are so many activities that you could do outside or inside the cottage, you book in the woods. Hit the mini-golf courses or visit numerous amusement parks, there are numerous activities you could do if you book a cottage in the woods. The cottages we offer allow you to do indoor activities. Some cottages may have swimming pools while some may have gardens. Take your kids to the nature parks or reserves around you and show them what this planet has to offer. Go on a hike in the woods and return to your cottage in the evening for some relaxation. You can also play treasure hunt games in the woods if you don’t want to go near the city. For instance, gather some big sticks and crunchy leaves from the ground and lay a secret trail for your friends/family to follow. You can go on a tree hunt or cycle in the woods to breathe in some fresh air for your lungs to stay healthy. Rest in nature, away from the hustle and bustle. Some houses are located near the river or lakeside, so you could also go and visit those places. As a peace seeker or nature lover, you can relax and take a brisk walk in the forests via recognized tourist routes. Places like Vallée d'Hermeton in Belgium are best to spend a few hours just exploring. Don’t forget to take a backpack with water and snacks with you! You can visit churches and caves in the nearby vicinities or stroll around the most beautiful villages near the forest and interact with the locals to get to know more about the woods. Sports enthusiasts can also rent a kayak or go rock climbing.


The weather varies depending on where you are! In Europe, the weather is completely different in the south and the north. It fluctuates and the average temperature of forests is around 23°C in July to -2°C in January. However, there have been years when temperatures have gone below -15°C or above 35°C. Make sure to take an umbrella or a raincoat with you, because it might rain in spring! Summer is the ideal season to visit a forest as there are plenty of adventures that you can do during this weather. Fall is also a great time to stay in the woods. Although you will see the sun, the weather is cooler. Warm days but also be prepared for rain. You don’t need a heavy coat for this weather but you might need your sunglasses and a hoodie/jacket. It’s a great time to attend wine festivals or go hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities. Winter can be a lot of snow but if you’re into winter sports then this season is perfect for you to come to visit.

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