Coastal cottages

Coastal cottages

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Cozy and beachy getaway

Have you always wanted to quickly retreat to a cozy cottage near the sea, escaping from the modern lifestyle for a while? If so, has a variety of coastal cottages available for booking. We will be happy to provide you with a shoreline cottage or something further away, entirely up to your choice! has coastal cottages, perfect for a smaller family or friends group. Our properties vary on locations and countries, for example, we offer accommodation in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Greece and Spain, and others. It is guaranteed that your stay with will be a fulfilling and long-awaited break, far from all of the stress and responsibilities of the urban world.

The relaxing seaside nature

The nature surrounding your coastal cottage will be a piece of the puzzle, which is your perfect vacation. The seagull’s chirping, waves of the sea crashing onto the shore, vines, and weeds growing along on the beach, all while the hot sun gently touches your skin. Alternatively, you may book a cozy cottage further away from the coast, for example in the woods behind the shoreline or next to a nearby field. Should that be the case, then you will have the privilege of trees and bushes which throw shade on your house, like an oasis, considering the piping hot sun above your head. Wherever you are, you will feel like the dreamy and beachy atmosphere is following you in your steps.

When it comes to the flora and fauna, you will never feel detached from the seaside environment. Along with the aforementioned seagulls, you may encounter other animals, such as pelicans, turtles, crabs, or jellyfish! Sea Turtles use beaches as their nests for the eggs they lay. It's a worldwide event when these eggs hatch and the little turtles hurry to the sea and dive into their new life. Carefully plan your holiday and you may witness this glorious once-in-a-lifetime event. If you’re lucky and if you venture far enough onto the shoreline, you may encounter seals! Seals are marine mammals that feed mainly on fish. They come out on the beaches to rest because they feel less exposed to predators like sharks. Most of the time you won’t be able to get near the seals, since they will runoff.

Coastline activities

Staying active during your retreat is essential to everyone. Whether you’re with family or friends, you will forget about boredom and enjoy your holiday! If you are traveling with your kids, teaching them to crab hunt will keep them busy for quite a while! Additionally, you may show them how to collect clamshells and other seashells. Also, you could hike and explore the beach formations and rocky hills. At night, when the Sun is away and the Moon is shining, you could take your significant other on a romantic walk on the beach, while the waves are crashing under your feet. Otherwise, you can always do something common for the seaside, like coral diving, boat fishing, or the classic beach volleyball.