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Chalet Limburg

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Chalet Limburg

The fact is that the chalet-style interior is inextricably linked with the exterior. They are firmly attached to the landscape, and only nature determines the appearance and interior decoration of the house. Natural materials - stone and wood - are health, coziness and comfort for the whole family! The atmosphere of warmth and comfort is conducive to a serene relaxation. In such a house, every day is a vacation! In the style of "chalet" there is no place for fancy ornaments, gilded decor, bright shades, which are typical of classics or modern interior styles. One of the main ideas of the style is a practically complete unity with the food, therefore in such houses it is usually a simple, but cozy environment. Take a look at our chalet Limburg offers and get ready for the best trip in the Netherlands.

De Meinweg National Park

Meinweg National Park, bordering Germany in the east of the province - as it is called in English - is home to some absolutely stunning scenery. It is a great hiking area, with many different types of fauna and flora to look for. Although it is quite hilly, there are many ponds and forests around the national park, while slowly flowing streams and babbling streams make their way through the picturesque countryside. In addition to the stunning scenery, Mainweg boasts over a hundred different bird species, and wild boars, snakes, foxes and wild boars can be seen from time to time.

De Maasduinen National Park

Comprising everything from sand dunes and lakes to forests and heathers, Maasduinen National Park is a great destination for those looking to immerse themselves in nature. Located right next to the German border, the park stretches out in a long queue. Surrounded by many varied landscapes, you will find campsites and hiking trails for a relaxing stroll. The landscape changes before your eyes, and the vibrant colors of forests and heathers contrast delightfully with the reflective waters of many lakes, and a wide variety of fauna and flora awaits you.

De Groote Peel National Park

Besides the Maasduinen National Park, another natural beauty is De Groot Peel. This beautiful wild landscape is located 30 minutes west of Venlo and can be reached via the A67 motorway. Although smaller than other parks in the Netherlands, De Groote Peel still has a varied landscape and a lot to offer. Abounding in peat and swamps, this is a watery paradise almost untouched by agriculture. A well-developed network of trails runs through swamps and fields and offers the ideal opportunity to enjoy hiking or cycling trips. Moreover, it is a bird that guards paradise, and it is one of the richest areas in Western Europe for species such as grebes and cranes.

Activities, entertainment and nightlife Limburg

A fabulously beautiful region, Limburg is suitable for lovers of a wide variety of leisure activities. Walking through picturesque parks and grottoes, relaxing in ultra-modern entertainment centers and shopping, an abundance of attractive bars and restaurants with a huge selection of Dutch and Belgian beers are just some of the leisure options available to travelers.

The Dutch province of Limburg is located on the border with two states - Germany and Belgium, and offers its visitors a lot of interesting things. These are zoos, water parks, entertainment centers, and theme parks. In addition, the region has a rich history, and for this reason, you can find many attractions and museums here, visiting which will certainly please not only adults, but also children. It is also worth treating young tourists with the famous "Limburgskiy pie" and various fruit desserts.

Tourists who prefer outdoor recreation should not ignore the city of Kerkade. It is here that the most beautiful and well-kept zoo in Limburg is located - Gaiapark. The main distinguishing feature of the zoo is the original African landscapes; many local inhabitants were indeed brought from a distant continent. In many cities of the region, you can find excellent entertainment complexes, which will be interesting for the whole family to spend time in. In the city of Sevenum, there is the Attractiepark Toverland amusement park, where there are suitable attractions for both young guests and thrill-seekers.

Another important distinguishing feature of the province is its luxurious gardens, many of which are well equipped for relaxation. The town of Langraf has a charming garden called Mondo Verde. On its territory there are interesting historical objects, and a fabulously beautiful waterfall with a pond, and graceful sculptural compositions, as well as a huge number of beautiful trees and flowers. The largest amount of entertainment can be found in the capital of the region, Maastricht, as well as in the cities close to it. One of the most popular places to visit with children is in the town of Stein. I am talking about Steinerbos - a park entwined with vegetation, where visitors can try climbing on rocks, feed animals, swim in the pool, ride a boat, toy cars, jump on trampolines, and feel an adrenaline rush while trying bungee jumping. After all of this, you can have a family picnic to share your impressions.


In comparison with the lowland territory of the Netherlands, where a significant part of the land is generally below sea level, the province of Limburg seems to be a high-mountainous country with its own hills and the "highest peak" - the three hundred meter height of the Walserberg hill. In general, the natural conditions here are the same as throughout the country: a light rain is drizzling all year round. However, Limburg was "lucky" to be in the very center of European politics, and for two thousand years there were long wars. The climate is temperate maritime. Therefore, winters are mild here, and summers are warm, but not hot, comfortable for travel. Precipitation falls all year round, mainly in the form of rains, fogs often occur, and cloudy days prevail. On average, the region receives from 650 to 750mm of precipitation per year. In summer, the air temperature reaches up to +22°С, in winter it drops from 0°С to +5°С.