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Been to Drenthe but haven’t experienced living in a bungalow in the middle of nature yet? If you rent one of our modern bungalows in Drenthe, you will have the comfort of a hotel but away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Enjoy total freedom! You can choose from a wide variety of cozy and cheap bungalows in Drenthe. Are you ready for an unforgettable vacation in nature?


The bungalow you book in Drenthe will be surrounded by all the beautiful flora that this country has to offer. Whether it’s spring, autumn, summer, or winter, every season you will get to see new types of vegetation. There will be lakes and ponds right outside your bungalow or even evergreen bushes and trees. You may wake up to beautiful scenes of the Dutch tulips. The country is famous for its flowers. Did you know that even though the tulips are considered a Dutch symbol now, the gentle and vividly colored tulips were imported from the Ottoman Empire (nowadays’ Turkey) in the 16th century? In the past, the flower bulbs were used as money until the market collapsed. This moment in Dutch history is also known as Tulip Mania. While you cycle around or take a hike you may spot different types of trees like acacia, alder, ash, birch, catalpa, Caucasian wingnut, or even cherry! The most common trees that grow in Drenthe are oak, elm, pine, linden, and beech. Flowers such as daisies, buttercups, and the purple heather that blooms on the heaths in September can be discovered while hiking in the Dutch long-distance trails, such as E2, E8, E9 through Rotterdam, and E11 from The Hague.


In Drenthe, mammals such as the red deer, wild pigs, foxes, badgers, fallow deer, mouflons, rabbits, hedgehogs, and bats can be found. In total, 541 bird species have been registered. This sounds exciting for bird-watchers, right? The number composes the ducks and most duck-like waterfowl, such as geese and swans. These birds are adapted to an aquatic existence with webbed feet, flattened bills, and feathers that are excellent at shedding water due to an oily coating. You will be able to see a number of animals while visiting the Dutch national parks or while hiking or cycling across the country. If you are a passionate bird-watcher or animal lover, then what do you think about renting a bungalow in the middle of Drenthe’s nature to discover more of its natural spots and wildlife?


If you’re a hiking enthusiast, then carry on reading to know about some of the places that you must visit. Imagine that it is your weekend trip to Drenthe and you want to make the most of your stay by being outside and exploring the wildlife and natural landscape by going on a hike. If you don’t want to waste a minute, you can book a bungalow that provides you with a b&b option! All you need to do is get ready and step outside. One of the famous hiking areas in Drenthe is Borger, Rodden, and Assen. It is a beautiful area for both professional and non-professional hikers. The climbing area and a national park are situated in the valley. Some more beautiful places to visit are the national parks and reserves namely, Dwingelderveld, the Drents-Friese Wold, and the Drentsche Aa. Dwingelderveld National Park is the largest uninterrupted swathe of wet heath in the Netherlands; as such, it turns completely purple from mid-August until mid-September, a place of great hidden beauty! If you want to go exploring in the woods, there is only one place to be: Drenthe. The Drents-Friese Wold is the largest uninterrupted woodland area in the Netherlands after the Hoge Veluwe. Walk or cycle from one highlight to the next. The Drentsche Aa is a beautiful stream that runs a good 28 kilometres and winds through the beautiful Drenthe landscape. It will take you to all of the prettiest locations in the National Park. The extraordinary thing about this National Park is that it actually contains 21 villages and hamlets, so you’ll certainly encounter one of Drenthe’s many beautiful traditional villages. You’ll be amazed by the highly varied landscape at this unique nature reserve! Apart from these activities, you breathe the healthy air and visit various spas, festivals and learn about the rich culture.


The bungalow is a rather flat and detached house. It usually has a single story. In many cases, a bungalow house also has a converted roof, while others have a cellar or offer space for storage rooms. If you decide to rent a big bungalow home, you can take your loved ones with you. Because you can find all the facilities you need in your modern bungalow, you might be extremely flexible during your holiday. You can choose when you want to cook and when you want to go out. In big bungalows, you have different bedrooms that offer privacy to everyone in the group. The large shared living room and garden of the bungalow are places where everyone can come together and enjoy each other's company. If you rent a modern bungalow, you can have facilities such as a washing machine, a dishwasher, a swimming pool, or even a sauna! Therefore, you will definitely relax during your holiday in Drenthe!

Whether you want to have just a romantic getaway as a couple or a fun vacation with family or friends, a holiday bungalow in Drenthe is the perfect accommodation for you. Spend more time together and enjoy each other's company in a peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, a private bungalow house offers a lot of flexibility. You have your own kitchen, which means that you do not have to rely on the opening times of the restaurants. It is ideal in case you've been away for an entire day and you don't feel like getting in the car and driving to a restaurant. Therefore, you have enough time to explore the beauty of nature without being constrained.

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