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A magical mountain holiday

Spreading across over a thousand kilometers, the Alps are the single most extensive mountain belt in Europe. They stretch across several countries - France, Monaco, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia. When it comes to holidays, wintery and cozy getaways are a fantastic option, and the Alps - a fantastic destination. Our astonishing Alpine homes offer a true wintery experience. Whether you’re looking for panoramic hills, mirror clear lakes, dense forests, or white snowy caps retreating in an alpine home is a marvelous choice.

The exceptional Alpine nature

Alpine nature is one of the richest in Europe. The Alps are home to a variety of plant species within its forest regions and up towards the mountain-tops. Hundreds of the flora species are endemic to the region, which adds to the uniqueness of the Mountain range. Some plants are tiny and grow in the form of flat carpets in order to protect themselves from the harsh winds and heavy snow layers. Others, like the net-leaved willow, grow not more than 15 cm in height and roots down to several meters to serve as a storage for water and nutrients. In other words, your cozy and comfy Alpine home will be surrounded by unique flora, adding up to the magical atmosphere for your relaxing getaway.

When it comes to the region’s wildlife, the more the altitude increases, the living conditions become harsher and harsher. Some animals have adapted to lower altitude conditions, while other Alpine species have found ways to survive in these difficult climatic conditions, resulting in a range of unique adaptations. Some animals have thicker feathers or pelts for the colder winds and their feet are adapted to walking on the cold deep snow. Others like the ptarmigan, the stoat, and the mountain hare change their brown coats to white in winter to avoid predacity. Some more native to the Alps species are the Chamois, the Alpine Marmot, Alpine Ibex, and the European Lynx. One thing is for sure, should you decide to stay at one of’s Alpine homes, you will enjoy the presence of the vast Alpine animal kingdom.

Making use of your time in the Alps

Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are the most popular Alpine activities. Additionally, it’s only natural that the most popular season to visit the Alps is around Christmas time, due to the remarkable view of countless decares of snow, spread throughout the mountain-tops, which also adds to the Christmas spirit. An Alpine home is a perfect place for a Christmas holiday - a comfy nature house with the family gathered around the fireplace and the kids playing outside in the snow. Nevertheless, during the other seasons, the Alps offer many possibilities for activities such as hiking, kite surfing, mountain biking, or even horse riding. However such extreme activities don’t appeal to everyone. There are many alternative activities focused more on relaxation. You can enjoy the phenomenal Alpine nature by going on a calming walk around your Alpine home or for example a picnic along the nearest lake. offers an incomparable Alpine nature experience, whether you are staying with your family or a larger group of friends, we have a variety of Alpine homes that will suit your needs.