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Accommodation Ireland

Ireland – a country known for bright green grasslands, flocks of sheep and centuries-old traditions strictly obeyed to this day. The truth is that Ireland is one of the most spectacular places for nature enthusiasts throughout Europe as it provides everything one can possibly need for an escape from our busy lives. For your accommodation, you can choose an area closer to a town in order to be able to meet more people. Irish people are warm and welcoming, as well as nature lovers at heart, so be ready for the possibility of making a lifetime friend or two. Our guest houses also provide the option to choose a more secluded location where you can be the only person in an area of a few miles at least and enjoy the nature surrounding your accommodation all by yourself. Booking a small cottage on a steep green hill, or a villa in a meadow next to a small stream, all of this is more than possible with our great lodging options.

Preserved nature

Irish people take nature preservation very seriously and this is one of the main reasons why they have established 6 national parks and 75 natural reserves in their country. The first national park to ever open is Killarney. A UNESCO Biosphere area since the 80s, this park is home to the highest mountain in the country and numerous plant and animal species indigenous to Ireland.

If you enjoy a nice hike ending with a view of beautiful lakes, consider checking out Wicklow Mountains. Especially, enjoy the panorama from atop Lough Tay – a lake also known as Guinness Lake. The name originates from its location - a private property owned by the Guinness family. The area is also famous as the set for a fictional village part of a famous TV drama Vikings.

Activities to try

To enjoy the best views of the Killarney Region, hop on a bike and take the route through the Gap of Dunloe. This picturesque valley stands between the Purple Mountain and MacGillicuddy's Reeks. This is a beautiful place also for trekking however the trekking path tends to get overcrowded during the summer months by one-day-trippers.

At the same time, the reeks of Macgillycuddy offer hikers the possibility to test their physique and navigation skills even on the easiest of routes. Definitely not suitable for beginners, however the place is adored for the more experienced as it allows for a fun combination of trekking and rock climbing.

Canoeing has become an Irish-favorite sport as of recently and the country has not one but five canoe trails established so far. One is located on Lough Erne and is even award-winning, therefore quite popular and busy. An amazing and less crowded alternative to enjoy nature is the one on the Strangford Lough – a sea inlet in County Down in Northern Ireland. On this trail, there is a small salt island both used for camping overnight. There is a bunkhouse to use as shelter and is becoming a very popular place to visit in the region.