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A relaxing holiday in a tiny Greek house

Taking a break from the demanding urban reality is important for one’s overall mental and physical health. More and more people prefer to spend their vacation in a natural location away from busy streets and crowded places. Now a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature has never been more accessible as Nature.house offers stays in tiny houses spread across Greece where you can rejuvenate and recharge from the busy city life. The small structure of the houses contributes to the ultimate minimalistic getaway as you feel closer to nature. The convenience of packing a small bag and staying at a natural location has made the tiny house movement so popular. Now you have the chance to experience the full beauty of Greece with Nature.house.

Explore the natural wonders of Greece

Located in the south-east part of Europe, Greece is one of the most popular destinations for nature-based tourism. The countless islands and the variety of stunning and unique natural wonders have been attracting local and international visitors for centuries. 25% of Greece consist of woodlands and forests and two-thirds of the country are mountains, therefore the area is great for vacations on the beach and coastlines as well as mountain and hiking-based holidays. The Mediterranean climate provides mild wet winters and hot summers, making it perfect for spring and autumn retreats alike. The territory of Greece has endless underground caves largely composed of limestone.

From underground lakes to rushing waterfalls, Greece is home to a diversity of flora and fauna. Out of 6000 plant species that occupy the country 750 of them can only be seen on the territory of Greece and nowhere else in the world. The emblematic olive trees, oranges, dates, almonds, figs, pomegranates, grapes, rice, and cotton are among the most widely spread plant species and some of them are probably surrounding your tiny house in Greece. In terms of fauna, the area is a major migratory spot for many bird species contributing to large pieces of protected land. Animals like goats, deers, wild boars, and kri-kri are also common and you might encounter some of them around your tiny house.

Staying active during your vacation

During the migratory period, birdwatching is a major activity in Greece as millions of majestic swallows, swifts, and storks make their way to Africa where they will stay and breed for the next few months. Another activity you could undertake while on a vacation in Greece is exploring caves. Due to the endless amount of caves spread across the country, Greece is a fantastic place for cave enthusiasts or just anyone seeking to experience the true beauty of the country. Greek rivers are rather small but turbulent allowing adrenaline seekers to experience extreme activities such as canoeing, rafting, and river trekking. Nevertheless, if you prefer a more soothing vacation then a simple walk around the coastlines or a trip to the nearest island are fantastic choices to spend your time in a tiny house in Greece.