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A relaxing vacation in a tiny house in Europe

If you are in desperate need of a holiday and want to recharge in a natural location then you have come to the right place. Nature.house offers stays in tiny houses spread across Europe perfect for a relaxing retreat. The countless natural locations in Europe have never been more accessible. Europe’s diversity in terms of climate and environment contribute to the perfect getaway. Discover the most beautiful landscapes on the continent and make a reservation in a tiny house in Europe where you can reconnect with nature and yourself.

More often than not the average modern person finds the process of reserving nature-based accommodation quite exhausting, however, this is where the convenience of tiny houses comes. Being in a tiny house eliminates the demanding process of maintaining a big property during your holiday and most of the time people end up not using the whole capacity of it anyway. The tiny house movement has been gaining popularity in recent years exactly due to the convenience of it. Packing a small bag and having a relaxing time off in a tiny house surrounded by nature has never been easier.

The incredible natural beauty of Europe

Europe might be the smallest continent in the world but it’s definitely one of the most diverse and richest in terms of natural locations. Breath-taking views, fascinating scenes, and unbelievable panoramas are all spread around your tiny house and waiting for you to explore during your next getaway. From beautiful Alpine peaks in central and southern Europe to the majestic great white Scandinavia, the natural territories of Europe are once in a lifetime experience. From endless Portuguese coastline on the west to the magnificent dry areas of Gibraltar Europe is a marvelous vacation choice for nature enthusiasts or just anyone seeking unconventional ways to take a break.

Home to more than 200 national parks, Europe has great biodiversity, including thousands of plant species, hundreds of animal species, and countless bird species. In Scandinavia, representatives from the wildlife such as the rare arctic fox and the Northern moose can all be encountered around your tiny house. In central Europe, there’s a variety of badgers, beavers, deers, and otters while in the West you could witness one of the biggest bird migrations. The territories of Scotland are marvelous for whale watching and due to the endless farming highlands, some typical highland cattle will probably roam around your accommodation. In terms of the vegetation and flora that thrive in Europe, there is great biodiversity that spreads across the continent. Oaks, maples, ashes, elms, birches, beeches, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, and hornbeams are some of the most common plant species and you’re probably going to be surrounded by some of them during your stay in a tiny house in Europe.

How can you stay active during your holiday?

There are many things during your vacation in a tiny house in Europe depending on your preferences. Perhaps you have planned to have some family time and want to include your children in various activities. It’s extremely important to introduce children to nature and educate them on the importance of perceiving it. Therefore, the Alpine territories of Austria and Germany are perfect for such a holiday as you can take your little ones on missions to explore the local flora and fauna. Hiking, scavenger hunts, and having dinner by the campfire around your tiny house are all incredibly fun for the kids.

Nevertheless, if you decided to take some time off as a couple, the territory of the Netherlands and Belgium are perfect for soothing walks and due to the flatness of the area, it’s common to take bike rides to the local rivers and lakes where you can have a romantic picnic. The northern Netherlands has been voted for the clearest skies in Europe as the area is extremely preserved, therefore you could enjoy some couple time stargazing and enjoying the beauty of the Groningen natural parks.

For adrenaline seekers, the mountains of Scandinavia are excellent for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Due to large Alpine woodlands spread across Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland you could enjoy some hiking and rock climbing activities. The forests of France are ideal for mountain biking and skydiving. Needless to say, regardless of your area of choice, your expectations in terms of staying active during your retreat will be fulfilled.

What weather conditions to expect?

Located entirely in the northern hemisphere, Europe borders Asia to the East and Africa to the south, contributing to the mixed climate. There are eight distinct climates in Europe varying from the warm Mediterranean to freezing subarctic Europe offers a diversity of weather conditions. In countries such as Spain and Italy, the Mediterranean climate features warm to hot summers and mild winters maintaining sunny skies regardless of the season. The Eastern and Central part of the continent has cold winters and hot summers, while in the North it’s rather cold all year round. Most of Western Europe has an Oceanic climate and four seasons occur there as well.

If you prefer to spend some time off during winter or if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas vacation then you might want to consider reserving a tiny house in Scandinavia as the area is perfect for winter-based vacations. In the northern part of Sweden and Norway, where the month of January is completely dark, you could witness the Northern lights that have been enchanting local and international tourists for centuries. However, if you’re looking for the perfect summer retreat, on the territories of Croatia, Italy, and Spain you will find a great environment for retreating, away from busy streets and crowded places. It all depends on your personal preference in terms of when and where you want to spend your time off.