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Much needed retreat

Have you always wanted to get away to a tiny cottage in a place distant from the city? Thanks to Nature.house you have the chance to experience a getaway in a tiny house surrounded by nature. Perhaps you’re in desperate need of a retreat but you are too tired of the big hotels, crowded resorts, and mainstream destinations. Nature.house offers stays in tiny houses in nature-filled locations in a variety of countries across Europe. Enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere and allow yourself to relax in a tiny cottage.

The surrounding paradise

The nature surrounding your tiny cottage depends entirely on the region you choose. We have places available for booking in countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and Slovenia. Wherever you go, you will feel a part of the beauty that is European nature. Having a getaway in a nature house in Europe is a fantastic choice for vacation whether you’re looking for an alternative way to spend some time off or celebrate a holiday with your closest ones. Thousands of flora and fauna species live in the territory of Europe depending on the area you choose. For example, in Germany you may find the red fox, European badger, and wild boar, In Sweden, you could encounter bears, wolves, moose and in Italy, there is the Eurasian lynx, Corsican hare, and chamois.

Whether you stay in Northern Europe, Central, or the more Southern parts, you will be astonished by the atmosphere simply because nature in all of its beauty is still present in every country, despite each region having its own specifics. You may find yourself in a snowy fairytale that is the Alps in Germany and Italy - countless kilometers of untouched skiing tracks, slopes, and mountain tops. Moreover, you may go to a less cold region in Italy or Belgium for example. There you will find thick forests with breathtaking scenery and crystal clear lakes. Furthermore, if you happen to stay in Sweden or Norway, you will experience a different kind of a snowy fairy tale - one filled with more wildlife such as Polar bears, reindeer, and arctic foxes. Last but not least, you may stay in Portugal, where the environment is as unique as it gets. It may be a small country, but it has much wider landscapes, towering mountains, vast plains, extinct volcanoes, and caves full of natural carvings and sandy beaches - the country has a little bit of everything.

How to stay active during your vacation?

While you’re relaxing on the porch of your tiny cottage, remember to stay active and aware of your surroundings! It’s important to take up some activities apart from sitting around and chill with your family. For example, you could go hiking at one of the many exploration routes, you could take up birdwatching and large mammal watching, depending on the region you are staying in! Just imagine observing the magnificent creatures that are the bears or wolves. Finally, you may go diving in the deep waters if possible or have a picnic next to a charming lake nearby.