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Norway is inviting you to explore its wilderness and lose yourself in nature. This country captivates any visitor with the surreal landscapes of the fjords, glaciers, lofty mountains, and sparkling waterfalls. On this page you’ll find Norwegian houses situated in the middle of the unspoiled nature. A place to respite from city life and discover in peace the best that Norway has to offer.

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Norwegian house

Norway is inviting you to explore its wilderness and lose yourself in nature. This country captivates any visitor with the surreal landscapes of the fjords, glaciers, lofty mountains, and sparkling waterfalls. On this page you’ll find Norwegian houses situated in the middle of the unspoiled nature. A place to respite from city life and discover in peace the best that Norway has to offer.

Would you like to discover the untamed landscapes of Norway?

Norway is lucky to be home to some of the most astonishing natural scenery there is in the world. Take for example the famous fjords. A magical place where land and sea connect through sheer rocky walls that proudly mount the skies. The blue waters of the Norwegian Sea remain still as a frozen glacial lake, reflecting the spectacular views of brightly colored forests, vigorous rivers, and the thrashing waterfalls that adorn the mighty rocks. There are more than a thousand fjords in Norway, each unique and beautiful in its own way.

The jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, breathtaking landscapes of the fjords

If you’re travelling to the west of the country, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord. The two fjords are part of Fjord Norway, and they create the most iconic, almost unbelievable display of fjord landscapes. Walking around a place so majestic feels like entering a completely new world. Your sight shifts in every direction, revealing views beyond comparison. The majesty of mountains, the playful waters, the calming sea, the colorful forests… While the fjords are the real gem of Norway, the country takes even greater pride in its immense mountains.

The powerhouse of Norway

Knowing about the unparalleled beauty of the fjords, you probably think that Norway will fail to amaze you further. Far from true! Norway is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, with the mighty Scandinavian Mountains towering almost all land from north to south. Close to 90% of all landscapes in Norway reveal mountainous or hilly terrain. Not only does Norway have an abundance of craggy ridges, but it is home to more than 230 peaks soaring on a height of 2,000 meters and more. Impressive, right?

Having a nearby mountain calling out your adventurous spirit at any given moment might be tempting. Perhaps this explains why Norwegians are eager to leave the city for the weekend and spend quality time in the mountains. Fishing, skiing, or just meeting with friends, outdoor recreation in the mountains has become part of the Norwegian national identity and customs. There’s no other place where the people of Norway feel more at home than the precious Scandinavian Mountains. And you? What would be the natural surrounding most suitable for your dream holiday?

Ideas for an active retreat in nature

Skiers, hikers, climbers, and nature lovers everywhere are drawn to the wilderness of Norway. This wilderness is protected in 47 national parks, accessible almost everywhere by anyone. According to Norwegian law, roaming the untamed landscapes is a basic human right of all people. You’re allowed to go anywhere in the countryside as long as you are true to the role of leaving everything exactly as you found it.

Protect nature by following the basic regulations and safety rules, and you are free to encounter the wildlife of Norway (almost) without limits. Please check this information further because there might be areas with forbidden entrance for seasonal visits, such as breeding locations for endangered animal species. Wild unspoiled habitats are actually found easily, as most of Norway remains unexplored. Check our offers to find a charming Norwegian house situated in the middle nowhere.

Reach the top for Norway’s greatest stone structures

The landscapes to be discovered at high altitudes range from sharp and steep snow-capped summits, to rounded rock formations and cliffs that are particularly outstanding. Kjerag, Preikestolen, and Trolltunga are the best examples of such natural creations. Gladly, all three of them are situated in the Fjord Norway region. Reaching these spectacles of the mountain requires good physical condition from the hiker. Challenge your abilities to the fullest because the views from the top are definitely worth your efforts.

The hike to Trolltunga, the hallmark of cliffs in Norway, follows the most demanding trail of all three. It takes around 12 hours to complete, and is suitable for experienced hikers. If you’re still a beginner, surely the views from Trolltunga can motivate you to attain the strength and stamina needed to reach the top of the rocks. The mountains of Norway can be conquered with a tremendous hike, but also with your skis and snowboard. To experience the finest arctic snow, plan a trip for December, March or April. January and February are dark and icy-cold for a fine skiing holiday.

Reconnect with nature and keep your body moving

Being so close to the wonders of nature can be a truly eye-opening experience. Even if you just sit in the garden of your Norwegian house you can still soak in the naturalistic atmosphere. Wake your senses with a morning stroll through the woods, or sit in the stillness of the lakes to find the peace you’re longing for.

You can then go for a swim, a day of fishing, or a boat trip to the nearest sight-seeing. Other aquatic activities for warm weather include canoeing, kayaking, rafting, surfing, and diving into the underwater world of Norway. If you are brave and adventurous in nature, the best activity to elevate your body and spirit is canyoning. Scary jumps, sledding through downhill paths in the rocks, adrenaline pumping climbing, and more!

When is the best time to indulge in the nature of Norway?

This northern country is famously beautiful in all seasons, but the activities you can safely enjoy differ depending on the weather. The climate in this prolonged country varies per region. Northern Norway and the mountain ranges experience lower temperatures than the rest of the country, even in summer. The winters are harsh as well, having heavy snowfall, winds, and frost. The temperatures can drop to -40°C, so be prepared with your warmest clothes!

The inland areas are spoiled with warmer summers, but they have to deal with colder winters as well. Coastal Norway experiences the mildest climate throughout the year. Luckily, the temperatures in winter fluctuate around and just above the freezing point (0°C - 5°C). Snowfalls occur more rarely, but skiing in the regions of Fjord Norway and Southern Norway is always possible in the mountains.

The magic of the Arctic

It is also wise to consider whether you want to observe the magical dance of the Northern Lights. If that’s part of your plan, you should book a holiday home in the autumn or winter, ideally between October and March. The best opportunity to observe the colorful Northern Lights comes with dry and cold weather, so check the forecast before you make final plans. As for the place, look for a Norwegian house in the region of Northern Norway. The further north you go, the greater your chance is to observe an utterly colorful performance of the magical lights. If the skies are clear from the clouds, you’ll be able to admire the northern sky colored in deep blue shades.

The “Land of the Midnight Sun”

In contrast to the blue winter skies, the summer in Northern Finland shines in a red-shaded palette. The summer nights in this part of the country, between the south and north of the Antarctic Circle, do not exist. Norway shows another exquisite natural phenomenon, this of the midnight sun. In the most northern parts of the country the sun doesn’t set for a whole 76 days (10 weeks) in the three month period between May and July. The midnight sun offers a one-of-a-kind experience to explore the wilderness at any time of the 24-hour day. It might be a bit cold for a night swim in the lake, but you can definitely indulge in a sun-drenched midnight skiing down the slopes.

Spring highlight: the lively colors of the fjords

The spring starts around May and stays until May. Like everywhere else in Europe, spring is very unpredictable, but the weather slowly starts to get warmer and warmer. It’s one of the best seasons for sightseeing - the snow melts to start a natural flow of the many waterfalls, the flowers bloom in beautiful colors, and the trees around the fjords blossom to create one of the most incredible vistas of the Norwegian fjords. Marvel at the forest coming back to life! Remember to prepare clothes for warm and rainy weather, and don’t be surprised if a random snowfall occurs during your visit.

Short and light summer nights!

Getting into the months of June, July, and August, you can really enjoy the warm summer weather. The temperature in this season usually stays around 20°C, but you’ll be happy to learn that this number can rise to a hot 30°C! As you’ve probably guessed, summer is the most suitable time for adventures in the water. In the period June-August the popular places in Norway are crowded with visitors, but you can stay calm. Your remote Norwegian nature house will save you from the flowing tourists, finding you the coolest hideout in nature.

The “kos” autumn feeling

Saying goodbye to the summer and greet the coziness of the autumn months. From September to November the landscapes transform in the warm red and yellow tones. The glowing spring trees lose their leaves to create a scenery just as beautiful. Windy and rainy, the autumn days are urging you to stay home and admire the views from your window. The Norwegian people have this concept of “kos” - the cozy feeling you get together with others in a warm-hearted place. After an active day of wandering the woodlands, snuggle in a comfy blanket in front of the fireplace and enjoy the company of your loved one. In your homey Norwegian cabin you will find your own way to “kos”.

Make the most of your winter holiday in Norway

The winter weather in Norway reveals the raw coldness of the Northern countries. To escape freezing temperatures of -10°C and lower you can travel to the coastal Fjord and Southern Norway regions. If you’re motivated to survive the uninviting weather in the rest of the country, Norway’s skiing terrains and snow-covered mountains will reward you with an exceptional experience. Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing can be practiced almost anywhere you go. Dog-sledding is another fun way to discover the wild icy landscapes of the Arctic. The vivid woodlands toned down to the pastel palette of the autumn, ending the season cycle dressed in the cool white. The sparkling snow covers everything besides the shining lakes. The harsh mountains mirrored in the polished waters, what a magnificent glassy view!