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Luxury tiny house

Do you want to live the same experience in a tiny house as you do in a luxurious hotel? offers more than 300 luxurious tiny houses to live in around Europe in the middle of nature. By the waters in the middle of the woods or in the mountains, these tiny houses include all the basic facilities and luxury that you need to spend a beautiful holiday with your friends or family. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and book now!


Surround yourself with beautiful flora and fauna wherever you go in Europe. As soon as you step outside you stand under the giant oaks, you hear the rustling of the wind, the chirping of the great tits, robins, and other birds that like to linger around the nature house. If you decide to book a luxurious tiny house, then be ready to experience the luxury outdoors too! Surround yourself with beautiful plants and various species of trees. Whether it be France, The Netherlands, or Belgium, we’ve got you covered! If you decide to book a luxury tiny house in Belgium or The Netherlands then you will be able to see oak, elm, pine, and linden, a few of the most common tree species here. Waking up to the beautiful and calming trees will make your day even more productive but relaxing at the same time! Imagine trees growing through terraces and roofs of your luxury tiny house! These are the few countries that offer so much vegetation but there are more options available for you where you could book a luxury tiny house and enjoy unique floras of those places.

From wild boars to deers and foxes, if you stay in the luxury tiny house, you might spot them right outside your place! Europe is a continent with unique animal life and marine life. Most of the countries that are near the Mediterranean region, offer wildlife that not everyone has seen. For instance, in Germany, you may spot a cute little European pine marten, or European badger. You may even find a pool frog jumping around the lakes! The forests in France are home to polecats, martens, and deers. As you take a hike in the woods, you can say hi to some hedgehogs, shrews, foxes, or even squirrels, rabbits, otters, and beavers. Migratory birds like terms, buntings, and egrets can also be spotted in France. Some of the countries in Europe have witnessed a decline in wildlife over the past five decades however, some are still well preserved and in advantage. Here there’s less human activity and plenty of space for you to explore the wilderness and book a luxury tiny house within the area. Connect with nature to see some of the unique creatures that still exist in these regions.

Fun-filled activities

There are plenty of activities that you can do in The Netherlands, either indoors or outdoors. If you want to explore the diverse nature of the country within one holiday, it’s not a problem! The Netherlands is relatively small, so the distances between its charming villages and natural places can be covered by bike. There are special biking routes that will give you ease to travel around. From forests, rivers, rural areas, and polder landscapes, to the coastal strips and beaches in the Hague and Zeeland, you’ll be surprised by the hidden beauty of the Netherlands. Other popular activities include walking, boat trips, and fishing. More than this, you could go hiking, walking, and kayaking right outside your luxury tiny house. The luxury tiny houses are located in the forest where you can relax but also be adventurous. During summer, you could bike, walk, or go canoeing directly into the woods. Places like Drents-Friese Wold National Park have great opportunities to perform multiple activities. Take your children along with you for some climbing in the nearby high altitudes or visit a unique climbing park. Are you up for challenges? If you go with your friends then try out team building activities in the middle of nature such as archery, tree planting, mountain biking, ziplining, or foot golf. These activities will let you freshen up and enjoy your stay even more. During the summer, you can put flowers outside your hut or stroll along the local markets. If you’re thinking of relaxing in your luxury tiny house and not going out much then you can swim in the pool if you’re hut offers one or enjoy the sun or a spot in the shade right in the backyard of your house. Hit the mini golf courses or visit numerous amusement parks, there are numerous activities you could do if you book a luxury tiny house. All this within walking distance!


Things that distinguish a luxury tiny house from a normal tiny house are the ambiance, luxurious amenities like glass shower, electric boats, and swimming pools as well as the architecture of the nature house. Although it is tiny, it has all the necessary facilities that won’t make you feel like you are out of the home. Some houses will be suitable for two or some for six! Facilities like an oven, dishwasher, internet, washing machine, tv, fireplace, or even bbq will be available in the tiny house you desire to choose. During warmer weather conditions, you can also enjoy the pool if the tiny house offers one. To look for these facilities, you can simply look at the filters on the left side of the page, click on the ones you want and the results will be as follows. Do not worry, we also have simple holiday houses that will provide you with all the necessary amenities and space that will make your weekend unforgettable. As a bonus to all of the houses, the beautiful surroundings and views will keep you busy for a while!